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August 17, 2018 02:02:11 +0000 (UTC)


How To Full Combo Redo On Expert: A Guide

  1. Play the first half of the song flawlessly
  2. Hey this beatmap is pretty fun actually
  3. Wait
  4. wHAT
  6. HELP
  8. STOP
  9. WHY

  10. Throw iPad across room
  11. Throw self into void
  12. Success!
August 13, 2018 00:33:53 +0000 (UTC)


How did I full combo this song on Expert oN MY FIRST TRY-

July 10, 2018 22:53:58 +0000 (UTC)


Anybody who hates Hello, Happy World! is cordially not invited to talk to me.

August 26, 2018 11:12:32 +0000 (UTC)


i had a dream last night where i got cheerleader hagumi, some arisa 4 star, and at least one or two other 4 stars in the same ten pull. jesus fucking christ.

August 23, 2018 07:16:14 +0000 (UTC)


so i’m coming to understand that many people here, myself included, seem to not be getting the new himari card. a coincidence? i think not. in fact, i’ve just come back from my laboratory after many intensive sessions involving complex calculations, exhaustive formula testings, and the study of the laws of currently known physics.

i’ve reached my own conclusion, and of course i must share it with you all, especially those who haven’t yet dared to try and get this particular card.

if you look closely at this card, you may be able to discern that the himari depicted is moving at a rapid velocity. however, shes not merely ‘running fast’; by measuring her surroundings compared with her currently known height, as well as the tomoe nearby, ive discovered a shocking fact.

himari is actually moving at the speed of sound, a flight response triggered no doubt by only the most aggressive and dangerous of the currently known himari predators; moca. although i havent been able to confirm it, it may be possible that this tomoe we see being depicted is attempting to pursue and consume the himari as well. this would give the himari even greater reason to reach such dangerous speeds.

if you look furthermore, it may appear that himari is running towards you as you gaze at the card. this is very much true, and is likely the leading cause of so many people believing that they would have been able to roll for her. however, due to her destructive speed, she merely zooms past and out of your grasp, immediately dooming most attempts to pull her out of the gacha. as it stands, she is far and away the fastest card within this system, something like a cheetah amidst a group of wildebeests.

i could be wrong, but probably not. i am a scientist, and therefore im usually completely correct. if you have any doubts as to my findings i recommended that you check yourself before you inevitably wreck yourself. and if youre still considering trying to get this himari, keep my groundbreaking discovery in mind.

August 26, 2018 23:21:29 +0000 (UTC)


You've heard of Elf On The Shelf, now get ready for

May 02, 2018 01:05:57 +0000 (UTC)


Appreciation for Tae being her adorkable Tae self and not a stereotypical traditional serious strict pretty girl with long black hair that's in every show ever.

May 23, 2018 12:29:09 +0000 (UTC)


Change My Mind Challenge


My best girl is Sayo. In my opinion she is the most interesting character to be explored in Bandori because her background and......her conflicted relationship with Hina.

This is my list of reasons why Sayo is my best girl :

  • She has feminine voice (not too cute, which is my favorite type of voice). She is one of the most polite character I think (I prefer characters who is polite). Plus, she looks very graceful
  • Her hardworking personality is her positive trait, though she is known as strict person.
  • From the start of story, she is skilled at guitar, made Yukina got impressed with her guitar play. (although in her opinion Hina is better. But don't worry, Sayo! For me, you're the best!)
  • Her personality is very unique (known for her bitter personality), considering Bandori (and idol theme game) have a lot of cheerful/sweet/friendly characters and if there's any not-too-friendly character, it's just calmer or cooler.
  • Sayo's problem is relatable in real life (a lot of people have said this). I get the similar problem as her, I find myself being inspiration to my closest friends only to have them outshine me in things we're into together. At the same time I'm envious but I also can't truly hate them (not even I can distant myself like Sayo did to Hina)
  • In Roselia story she frequently was in conflict with Ako regarding "admiration-to-your-older-sister". However, she willingly helped Ako to study in one conversation, implying she care about her.
  • [MINOR SPOILER] I love how the staff explored her story and her relationship with Hina, from beginning until the resolution (Umbrella in The Autumn Rain). Even in 3* Sayo 's first story (from Umbrella in The Autumn Rain) told the reason why she dislikes carrot.
  • [MAJOR SPOILER] And the notable part is................about her relationship with Hina, which became the major point of her story. We know that Sayo has been envious with Hina for long time. However, as a sister, obviously, she still care about Hina. The first development occured in Tanabata event, when she wished to spend more time with Hina. And yes, she make it herself. (implied in Umbrella in the Autumn Rain event)
  • [MAJOR SPOILER] And the best point is.............HER CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Sayo realized that Hina always be there for her, even though she often became mean to her. In this moment, she decided to express her frustation to Hina, leading to her resolution. Later, Sayo became warmer and nicer. The notable example is when she decided to learn how to bake cookies in order to make cheer Roselia like Lisa usually do (Mismatched!? Silly Sweets Classroom Event Start! event). tl;dr : She goes from "Angry girl who quit herself from her band after performing" to "Nice girl who bakes cookies to cheer you up".
  • Along with Hina, she actually likes junk food, especially french fries (yes, who doesn't?)
  • I remembered in one time she said that she doesn't really care about appearance, which is her similarity to me.
  • Bonus : She actually likes animals (maybe dogs)
Her picture is from card of the new Roselia event. I edited it with template from canva