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I can't believe that I didn't play enough the Rimi event (EN) to get the sticker or the 3* ;__; kick me please! I'm so sad!

May 09, 2018 20:49:15 +0000 (UTC)



May 09, 2018 21:25:38 +0000 (UTC)


I'm making an English guide for people who need help playing the Japanese version of Bandori! I haven't really added anything yet but here's the link if you want to take a look (I spent a whole heck load of time customizing it because I'm just that picky)

May 09, 2018 21:05:03 +0000 (UTC)


hewwo hewwo, i've decided not to only use thos site to keep up with my accounts, but i dont know how posting works :D!

everything starts with an (awkward as all heck) introduction :0, hi im claude! im a male, and im so american that im eating mcdonalds as i type this. anyways!! my best girl is kaoru, what a wife honestly, my favorite band is harohapi (what a surprise). kokoro used to be my best girl purely because yellow is my favorite color. aside from bandori, i really like ensemble stars!, love live!, i-chu (i stole my username from ichu shiki best boy dont @ me), and im a massive weeb so i like a LOT of anime (ask me about it. please.).

im a mess. i hope we get along, regardless!!

and he was never seen again

(also, i didnt know if i should tag this with "not bang dream" or not i decided not to but hh....)

May 09, 2018 18:57:30 +0000 (UTC)


My friend joined! She doesn't play the game yet but she probably will. She mostly plans on drawing the Bang Dream girls and posting her art here ^^

Here's the link to her account:

Please check her out!

PS) She's also going to be doing art commissions so she can save up for a figure of her [email protected] waifu, Kanzaki Ranko!

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Ну и какая хадость меня выкинула на 11167 место? м?

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KAORU cewe terpavorit ganteng pulak <3 <3 <3

May 09, 2018 16:32:38 +0000 (UTC)


Like this post if you like to spam the "full combo is easy" sticker after getting a full combo in multi live

April 30, 2018 10:10:04 +0000 (UTC)


Since evryone is preseting themselves I guess I should as well.

Hi everyone I'm Kompaku, my best girls are both Eve and Tae, I can't really decide. I love Eve's design and cards and love how she is different from other foreign characters, and I love O-Tae's design and personality, since I can relate to her personality, as in I look like a quiet and serious person for everyone at first, but when they know me, they see that I'm actually an airhead and kind of a dork.

I started playing Bandori since it was released in ww. I used to play SIF before Bandori, but now I don't play it as much as I used to, but is still love Love Live. When I saw Bandori I thought It would be a great Idea to try out a new rythm gacha game, and honestly i will never regret having tried Bandori. I love the gameplay, the characters, the cards, the stories, the interactions,the songs and cover songs and I especially love that there is no stamina system and can just play it all the time you want. I have also been really lucky with this game. I did 6 gachas so far and got a 4* in all of them, except for one (one of them was a dupe unfortunatelly). I remember my first pull wich gave me a 4* Rimi and I was honestly really happy. I didn't get O-Tae wich was a shame, but I was still really happy and quickly got really atached to Rimi and she became one of my most liked characters.

My favourite band is without a doubt PoPiPa. I love it's cheerfull songs, and I especially love it's cooler songs like TearDrops or Time Lapse. it's variety is really great and it's characters are some of my faves. I also really love the solos, and are some of my favourite songs. My dream card would be For Eve either the natural wind 4* or the Bushido 4*, and for O-Tae her recent 4* in ww in which she wears her bunny pajamas.

Thta's all I have to say. I may have done a long introduction, but this way I feel like I didn't forget anything. I hope everyone can have a good time in this page and to make soem fiend maybe. Good bye and I hope everyone is smiling like O-Tae is.

May 09, 2018 15:41:35 +0000 (UTC)


unpopular opinion Am I the only one who hates kasumi's voice? it's very inconsistent and not smooth. (1000 crying smiles is a good example). It kinda sounds like she's just screaming as loud as she can to sound excited and it makes her voice almost crack. On a related note, is kasumi the singer in "Your Gift To Me" cause if she is WOW her voice sounds pretty different and I wish she'd sing like that more.

May 08, 2018 21:40:54 +0000 (UTC)


I'm trying to drag my friend into Bandori hell and so here are her favorite girls apparently (according to her anyways)

Other than those she listed she also likes Eve

EDIT: My friend's going to join this website!

May 08, 2018 18:47:23 +0000 (UTC)


some unpopular opinions i have:

  1. popipa needs more attention, they're really good

  2. i dont like arisa

  3. i love the fuwa fuwa harohapi set it makes me feel happy (especially kaoru and kokoro!)

  4. i dont like that the two stars are getting live2d models, they should make it to where you have to either unlock them, or just don't put them in the game because it makes the 3 and 4 stars feel less special

  5. ran's singing voice isn't that good

  6. roselia songs are boring because they all sound the same to me

  7. pastel palettes deserves more attention


  9. i dont know if this is unpopular but i like the michelle bear costume i find it cute

  10. i dont get the appeal of afterglow's songs