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July 15, 2018 09:20:28 +0000 (UTC)


LISTEN when are we gonna get the "Magia" from PMMM cover we deserve.

July 14, 2018 12:32:13 +0000 (UTC)

i thought afterglow was doing persona 5?? i feel so sad and dejected, at least roselia is doing p3

i thought afterglow was doing persona 5?? i feel so sad and dejected, at least roselia is doing p3

July 14, 2018 22:49:26 +0000 (UTC)


Ok so my aunt got me a purple hippo pool floaty for my birthday and told me to name it and after some thinking I'm really tempted to name it Kaoru because it seems oddly fitting in my opinion lmao. Also i fell off of it yesterday in my regular clothes and who doesnt want to ride Kaoru- okay i’ll leave it there.


June 26, 2018 07:24:56 +0000 (UTC)


I finally realized which cover I would really like on Bandori: Ah, what a wonderful Cat's Life starring Kasumi and Yukina.

July 14, 2018 21:18:45 +0000 (UTC)


So i was on a trip to france and i drew these cursed images on the plane Image Image Little did you know france and kasumeme have thier bday the same day... so here, have a french kasumémé™️ Image Because yes. Image Yeet😂👌💯

July 15, 2018 04:26:11 +0000 (UTC)

bandori persona collab page: "mitake ran with joker and arsene!" me: "oh cool, another cursed...

bandori persona collab page: "mitake ran with joker and arsene!"

me: "oh cool, another cursed edit opportunity"

July 14, 2018 06:43:36 +0000 (UTC)


i’m bAcK whats good fam we got the next part of our tier list, the A tier

i was gonna add it to the last post but i dont want it to end up being this massive block of text u gotta scroll through just to see other people’s posts. so heres A tier lol


Hina: hina is CRAZY y’all im not even joking. she can master anything she tries, and this includes snatching some poor fool’s weave. but hina doesnt stop there, cause she gets bored of everything. hina the type of chick to walk up, grab somebody head and slam it on her knee. but shes already learned the ultimate power of life and death, she enlightened already, she found all the dragon balls, chaos emeralds, she got all three triforce pieces, so dudes heads just be exploding instantly when she knee them. and she just wipes it all off and says “LOODOODOO” or whatever the hell sort of evil chanting she be saying that translates to boppin. like this chick walking around with a super saiyan glow and just dissolving peoples faces instantly. the only reason she aint higher is cause she gets tired of killing everyone in one hit so shes not always down to fight. ol zappin headazz, instant death headazz, omae wa moe shindeiru lookin headazz, sailor moon + jojos bizarre adventure headazz, saitama heada—

Sayo: the thing with sayo is that shes always associated with hina. hina be eviscerating dudes and they families hurt so dudes be getting their homies for revenge & they go after sayo cause they think she aint bout it. like EVERYBODY know sayo aint as strong as hina, so people always startin fights with her. bur if you’ve seen sayo’s angry face ingame u know she cursed as hell and bout that beatdown life. but sayo the hella graceful type and she the thinnest character in the game by a wide margin. PLUS she dances. u ever tried to fight the cinnaman stick dude from those applejack commercials? same thing. u throwin jabs but she does the splits & breakdances on ur ribcage, shattering each bone... u try to grab her & she just slips thru ur fingers like some prison bars. here i come i am hikawa-san headazz on some capoiera type crap

Kaoru: y’all thought i was finna do this girl dirty cause im trying to delete her. i dont pick fights with fictional characters unless they bout it. and kaoru is down, she literally thinks shes an actual oldschool prince. and u know those ancient dudes were jousting each other and runnin up on fools with swords and maces. remember the wedding dress event? kaoru was not messin around, she was finna chokeslam ako on saya’s behalf. on some “GET BEhInD ME DOCTOR” type ish, she might have caught some 1s from tomoe but she was so down y’all. why u think im trying to delete her in the first place??? she finna give someone a fleeting headbutt on behalf of some little kitten. kaoru mad crazy but depending on her role she might not be bout that life, so i cant put her higher

Eve: eve is like hina, she could be higher but shes too sweet to want to destroy the world. first of all eve is from europe so automatically she a giant. attack of the 50 foot shark headazz. but more importantly eve has the souls of 1,000 ancient samurai trapped in her body. she feeds off of the bushido in other people & drains their energy. eve is literally cell, stickin people with her braids & sapping them til they all flat, eve on some straight up demonic ish. this girl slices mid-air petals in half with a wooden sword, and she was finna break a whole damn tree in half with a wooden sword too if she hadnt been stopped. she told aya to swing a sword down at her head so she could catch it with her eyebrow muscles. “THIS IS MY HUG OF TRUE LOVE” she screams as she instantly decimates every scientifically known bone in chisatos body with the force of a gorilla. chisato aint walkin right after that and everybody know about it lmao

Arisa: LMAO yes i love arisa and she is hella down but she not really bout it. arisa the type of character that always gets beat up by the new villain to show how dangerous they are. like she talks so much trash but then she get the same black eye everytime lmaooo theres always some stupid reason why she loses

the villain makes her keyboard explode and one of the keys hits her eyes so she cant see, then she gets knocked out

one of her pigtails gets caught on a hook so she cant dodge & she just eats an entire knee to the face

she trips and lands on a venomous snake, gets paralyzed & the villain just body slams her soul into the 4th dimension

arisa always taking Ls every fight but her mouth never gets any smaller. she got the quickest smack talk but cant do anything when she actually gettin smacked. shes the type to go and snitch on u to tae so tae will come and knock u into next tuesday. but arisa on her own aint bout it. she got little t rex arms so she cant block incoming hands fast enough, & her legs are so short that she cant jump high enough to slap ur face. she got a fighting spirit but every time a new fighter shows up, arisa finna end up in the corner covered in the broken pieces of keyboard. every episode. somebody gotta put her parts back together everytime. shes that cyborg dude who always getting bodied from one punch man

next is b tier lmao and the b tier is for girls who can be about that down chick life but they don’t live it