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Hewo, I'm Code GAME, GAME is just fine to be called by.

My favorite bands are Hello Happy World and Roselia.

Favorite members from each band:

Poppin' Party: Tae, Rimi

Afterglow: Ran, Moca

Pastel Palettes: Maya, Chisato

Roselia: Yukina, Sayo

HaroHapi: Kaoru, Misaki

Current name: pp extendus

Favorite songs:

Poppin' Party: Original: Boom Through Summer! Cover: Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan

Afterglow: Original: Hey Day Capriccio Cover: Lost one's Weepings

Pastel * Palettes: Original: Survivor! Never give up! Cover: MOON PRIDE

Roselia: Original: ONENESS, Determination Symphony (love them both ;v;) Cover: red fraction

Hello Happy World: Original: Kimi ga Inakucha! Cover: Romeo

2 accounts: