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hi im kyn! i'm 16 and i like cute things ♡

feel free to ask for my discord!



don't know!

STARS: 2400 (no current saving goal, just saving in general)

LAST SPENT: 40k on summer dreamfes


best girls

my top 5 girls ~



favorite band


afterglow! i'll be honest, at first i didn't really like afterglow! i liked himari, but i found tomoe, tsugumi, and moca boring and i didn't like ran. however, as i grew to like himari more, i learned more about afterglow and read some of their stories and i've grown to love pretty much all of them!! although himari and tomoe are my favorites- i love afterglow's backstory! the childhood friends trope is one of my favorites! but, not only do i like them, i love their music! i think afterglow has my favorite music in the game! to conclude afterglow has usurped pasupare as my favorite band and i dont regret it ♡♡♡




now misc rankings ♡

pastel palettes > afterglow > poppin party = roselia > hello happy world

not adding morfonica or ras because i dont know enough ;_;

pasupare; aya = chisato > eve > maya > hina

aglo; himari > tomoe > tsugumi > ran > moca

popipa; arisa > rimi > tae > saaya > kasumi

roselia; ako > sayo > rinko > lisa > yukina

harohapi; kanon > kaoru > hagumi > misaki > kokoro

morfonica; nanami > touko > rui > tsukushi > mashiro

i like pink haired girls okay,


dream cards!

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