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banpa: let's make lovechilds!

craftegg: y'all want a shy mayaeve lc? yes? no? take it anyways!


March 22, 2019 17:54:54 +0000 (UTC)


And I think to myself... — part 1

Long post warning!!

I really like how, coincidentially, the Hikawa sisters were born on the International Day of Happiness, especially if we think about the conflict they went through.

I think Hina would especially be happy to know this since she would have the occasion to talk about how much she loves Sayo and how she's inspiring and the latter might thank her sister for helping her go through her inferiority complex and sibiling struggles.

Speaking of their feelings, I also really loved how they bonded over their inspiration they had for each other in the Past Aspirations and Pastel Futures — that was, in my opinion, a small, but extremely significant moment for their story, especially since is what made Hina mad a lot later (in the Umbrella in The Autumn Rain event story) because Sayo never kept the promise.

Sayo also thought that something wasn't going well, because her sound always seemed something recited from a notebook and dull, with no inspiration behind it, which made her even more jealous of Hina, who had that something to her sound.

But after Sayo joins Roselia, and Hina PasuPare, they learn more about people — and their growth separetely is amazing, but when they're together, Sayo learns to appreciate Hina's skill and boppin' ♪ genius qualities, while the younger twin learns better about feelings and people's diversity, with both being thankful to their bands and each other.

Despite their conflicts, step by step, they grew up and grew to love each other even more and inspire and teach each other more — and all everything over the thing that separeted Sayo from Hina: the guitar.

By the way, happy late birthday to them!!

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whenever I listen to Black Shout or R I like to imagine how Yukina persuaded Rinko to sing solo lines.. like fr this girl has difficulty talking on the phone (relatable). buT I'm totally here for it, her voice is so precious and i'm excited to hear more from nonchan too

March 22, 2019 18:59:49 +0000 (UTC)


some... stuff happened today

it's all good stuff so dw!! first of all it's Friday, and y'all know what that means. Ich habe Deutsch am Freitag :) (apologies if that was wrong qwq)

TALKING ABOUT GERMAN... the teacher gave us our grades (not the ones we got in the exam, the trimestral ones) AND I GOT A 10 JDHSJSJA I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF AAAAAAAA I DID IT!!! (A 10 equals full marks, A++, 100% it's different on each country so just in case jdhshs)

and then I just... I love Ran??? holy shit I LOVE RAN MITAKE AAAAAAAA

can you tell that I'm on a really good mood today?? may you get a 4☆ and be happy in life @ people reading this... I'm so cheerful right now hhhh

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oh mY GOD im so happy passionate anthem is finally on spotify

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so i did the garupa sorter thingy and poof my top 5 are in their proper place ^^ ! the only reason...

so i did the garupa sorter thingy and poof my top 5 are in their proper place ^^ ! the only reason ras isnt in here is because of my lack of time to get into the anime

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i almost got the new kaoru card thro the event and my phone decided to die can we get an f...also i...

i almost got the new kaoru card thro the event and my phone decided to die can we get an f...also i love the untrained kaokanon is so cute it's my second fav hhw ship.....