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"Do you ever look at someone and wonder, what is going on inside their head?"

-camera zooms in on Kokoro-

-Wii shop channel music-

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imagine a bandori au where the band aesthetics are swapped with one another

May 24, 2018 02:59:55 +0000 (UTC)


im addicted to drawing bandori outfits theyre so FUN

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Shuwa dislikes me ‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚

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wonderland kanon please come home... i love you so much please

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Ranking titles: another way to judge people

(Excuse me, I'm slightly salty about closely missing out on top 1000.)

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good morning

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Spoilers for Roselia’s episode 2 story, because I have to talk about my feelings for it ;w;

Can I just say how much I love Roselia’s development in the new story? First off, the new story gives us insight as to what kind of band Roselia is. It’s so easy to miss (which is why the members themselves missed it), but half of the members don’t really see Roselia as a band in the same way that PoPiPa or Afterglow do. They’re not in Roselia for the sake of being in the band. Rather, they just see the band as a means of achieving their own goals. Sayo, because of her complex with Hina. Yukina, because of her complex with her dad. Lisa, to help Yukina achieve her goals. Sure, they’re friends and they care about each other, but they’re not really thinking about how to move Roselia forward as a whole, but thinking about how to move themselves, as individuals, forward.

And it’s just really realistic to me, the way they thought about Roselia. It’s like sometimes in real life, “I’m doing this volunteer work to make my resume look better, not because I actually care about this cause.” But in the story, the members of Roselia actually moves past that to appreciate Roselia and its members as one, cohesive unit. They’ve definitely been feeling the unity all along, but the new story is them realizing it. Like, “I knew this volunteer work is meaningful, but I’ve learned to actually appreciate it.”

Bandori’s writing is top notch and it gives me so much emotions ;;

Edit: ALSO SO MUCH DEVELOPMENT FOR SAYO. I was so happy that when Yukina went back to being strict, Sayo was able recognized that what Yukina is doing isn’t right, and instead worked with Lisa to try and figure out how to fix everything.

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top 2000 for this event is pain... 1.2 million points on the third(?? fourth?? i don't even know at this point) day... but i got to do this for rinko...

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Change My Mind Challenge


My best girl is Sayo. In my opinion she is the most interesting character to be explored in Bandori because her background and......her conflicted relationship with Hina.

This is my list of reasons why Sayo is my best girl :

  • She has feminine voice (not too cute, which is my favorite type of voice). She is one of the most polite character I think (I prefer characters who is polite). Plus, she looks very graceful
  • Her hardworking personality is her positive trait, though she is known as strict person.
  • From the start of story, she is skilled at guitar, made Yukina got impressed with her guitar play. (although in her opinion Hina is better. But don't worry, Sayo! For me, you're the best!)
  • Her personality is very unique (known for her bitter personality), considering Bandori (and idol theme game) have a lot of cheerful/sweet/friendly characters and if there's any not-too-friendly character, it's just calmer or cooler.
  • Sayo's problem is relatable in real life (a lot of people have said this). I get the similar problem as her, I find myself being inspiration to my closest friends only to have them outshine me in things we're into together. At the same time I'm envious but I also can't truly hate them (not even I can distant myself like Sayo did to Hina)
  • In Roselia story she frequently was in conflict with Ako regarding "admiration-to-your-older-sister". However, she willingly helped Ako to study in one conversation, implying she care about her.
  • [MINOR SPOILER] I love how the staff explored her story and her relationship with Hina, from beginning until the resolution (Umbrella in The Autumn Rain). Even in 3* Sayo 's first story (from Umbrella in The Autumn Rain) told the reason why she dislikes carrot.
  • [MAJOR SPOILER] And the notable part is................about her relationship with Hina, which became the major point of her story. We know that Sayo has been envious with Hina for long time. However, as a sister, obviously, she still care about Hina. The first development occured in Tanabata event, when she wished to spend more time with Hina. And yes, she make it herself. (implied in Umbrella in the Autumn Rain event)
  • [MAJOR SPOILER] And the best point is.............HER CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Sayo realized that Hina always be there for her, even though she often became mean to her. In this moment, she decided to express her frustation to Hina, leading to her resolution. Later, Sayo became warmer and nicer. The notable example is when she decided to learn how to bake cookies in order to make cheer Roselia like Lisa usually do (Mismatched!? Silly Sweets Classroom Event Start! event). tl;dr : She goes from "Angry girl who quit herself from her band after performing" to "Nice girl who bakes cookies to cheer you up".
  • Along with Hina, she actually likes junk food, especially french fries (yes, who doesn't?)
  • I remembered in one time she said that she doesn't really care about appearance, which is her similarity to me.
  • Bonus : She actually likes animals (maybe dogs)
Her picture is from card of the new Roselia event. I edited it with template from canva
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Why do I have followers, I've never posted anything

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Mini rant:

I'm feeling a bit salty because this happened. So LOUDER got picked as the multi-live song. I picked Expert and someone disconnected a few seconds after.

My probably wrong interpretation: The disconnector assumed I was a noob that couldn't beat LOUDER and would ruin the score, so they quit to avoid losing boosts.

I know it could've been an accident or something, but my overimaginative mind is self-centered and salty because I can actually beat LOUDER on Expert. It's definitely a hard song, but I've practiced on FREE lives and can actually beat it. Of course, I might die in the last few moments of the song, but that won't really affect the score much.

I'm a bit upset that someone might've disconnected, but I'm even more upset that there are people who pick Expert on songs they can't beat (they usually die immediately, let's ignore the rare accidents and internet lags), causing people to feel the need to disconnect.

Instead of challenging a difficult song you've lost to many times and have never beat before, wait until you have no boosts and go spam a couple of free lives to practice. I'd advise you to not select a difficulty you can't beat or get close to beating in a multi-live.

Practice makes perfect... sometimes.

Thank you for reading my rant/advice.