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November 13, 2018 14:11:07 +0000 (UTC)


Hello hello nothing new here, just another round of appreciation for this community!

I feel like there's a whole range of great people here and I love that we all just come to scream about Bandori to our heart's content regardless of age, background, whatever

To the youngins: I'm so glad that you guys get to experience being in such a friendly welcoming community because too often the internet is one wild vortex and you never know what you might run into

To the high-schoolers: Being roughly the same age as the Bandoris is the best thing and I hope you cherish that. You guys are super great and talented, keep being you!

To the uni kids/older folk: If it weren't for you guys I'd probably feel out of place so thank you for being here! If you ever feel like you should grow out of liking band girls just remember that I will likely proclaim my love as a cane-wielding grandma

Aand that's all for now, go back to grinding/saving dem stars/petting your cat/pondering existence

November 14, 2018 22:40:08 +0000 (UTC)

I've been a little discouraged since the prints I worked so hard on have yet to make any sales in...

I've been a little discouraged since the prints I worked so hard on have yet to make any sales in the 2-3 months they've been up, I haven't even started on the next set. Should I even continue?

August 16, 2018 15:34:05 +0000 (UTC)



This is the Myth of why Hatsune Miku was in Hello, Happy World! band!

November 14, 2018 16:50:39 +0000 (UTC)


oh yeah, i just figured it out (idk if its right tho) i think that the garupa episodes will be 25!!! cause thats the number of the girls, and also cause everytime an episode aires the bandori (jp) twitter gives away an autograph by one of the character's seiyuu! so to give away all the 25 autographs of the 25 seiyuus there might be 25 episodes?? idk thats what i tought xd

October 09, 2018 22:58:39 +0000 (UTC)


Hi there, I'm very new to this site. Been a lurker for a bit, but decided to make a acount because this series is comsuming me. I hope to be part of the ducky family. :3

October 14, 2018 21:00:15 +0000 (UTC)


Today i went to a small event in my country, and there I faced the most difficult choice I ever had to make.

There where only 2 Bandori Merch things, and they were both Nendoroids. I wanted them, but I only had enough money to buy one, since they are expensive. Seems like there isn't any problem. I just had to choose whoever I liked better and that would be it, right? No, because the 2 characters that I had to choose from were Tae and Rimi, and it was the hardest choice ever, because they are both my best girls and I just couldn't choose one, but I had to.

In the end, I ended up chosing Tae, I'm so sorry Rimirin T_T.

I also wanted to share some photos of my new nendo. Sorry for the low quality, but I couldn't take better photos at the moment.




She comes with her guitar, and the guitar's case, but there's no photo with the case because I didn't know how to put it, and I wasn't in the mood to find out how to do it. She also comes with 3 different kinds of arms, but there's a pair I didn't show either, 3 different expressions which can be seen in each photo,and she has one different leg whic is a bit bent. You can see that leg in the 3rd photo.

November 16, 2018 09:23:04 +0000 (UTC)


fam ... did y'all know they added a gallery in this game

and fam... they added the characters' height and a bunch of other info too......

but y'all they added the height and... everybody so small........ dont even say "chill bushido dad theyre just kids" no, sit down sir and or ma'am. smallness doesnt work like that. u cant be almost 16 or something like that and u still not taller than spongebob. trying to tell me u ready i will clap u sandy cheeks style "NO U AINT". tell me how kasumi gonna chase that star beat in the sky but she need a ladder for the top shelf . smallness is terminal. i know ppl in college as tall these girls & they dont even try to get bigger anymore. only a very small selection of the girls, kaoru, tae, tomoe, and eve are making any efforts

i feel like i been lied to this whole time. i dont think ive played girls band party a single day in my life.

they got me out here playing bang dream leprechauns band party. plankton and his cousins band party. stewie griffin band party. toadette & baby peach band party. i cant believe they had me doing top 10 and saving stars for 25 raisin girls. these raisin kids that came out of the exact same box cause they were all trapped inside. i feel like im rosalina with her giant self and these kids out here like my lumas. even my pastel kids have the proportions of a pre-new leaf animal crossing character ...

this explains so much. now i know why chisato is such a gangster y'all, shes overcompensating. i would definitely be cold and break a chair over somebody head if i had to be the same height as that chair. and why do u think arisa is so mean. i would be roasting everybody too if they were all bigger than me. yukina is actually really talkative its just that ive been too tall to ever hear her.

hina and kokoro went crazy bc the oxygen levels are too dense at their level in the atmosphere, so theyre always breathing in funky molecules and saying the darnedest things. misaki and ran are always down bc they have to look up at literally everything. moca talked slow ever since she got trapped under a blade of grass for 4 years and couldnt socialize for a quick minute. ako can summon evil crap bc shes physically closest to hell ... kanon likes jellyfish bc shes the sAME SIZE AS ONE OH MY LORDDDDD WAIT A MINUTE NO. THATS TOO DEEP Y'ALL,,

fam my mind is on some extra, "didnt know that pipe was there" super mario bros type of level right now. no one told me the characters were this complex. i need a momentttttt what is going on ,, this is way too heavy for me eEEEEEEEE

November 02, 2018 21:09:19 +0000 (UTC)

Consider this scene as Hello Happy World oof lately I been ranting about posting Spongebob on...

Consider this scene as Hello Happy World

( oof lately I been ranting about posting Spongebob on this entire website)

October 10, 2018 03:26:42 +0000 (UTC)


Since the first moment I saw this card, I wished I could cosplay it <3

Hi everyone! This is my entry for Cosparty 2018, My name is Marla, but like to be called Thabasa. Maybe I’ve been waiting this for a really long time hehehe This cosplay was made by this dates but in the past year, I wore it for the first time in the anime convention TNT of November 2017 here in Mexico.

By that time the new Afterglow set came up, with the ghost-halloween theme and I really loved it so much, it captivate my eye so fast that I couldn’t help falling in love with Himari even more. Himari was my favorite character since I started playing, but with this new costume it was just time for me to go in an uncontrollable rush for making cosplay of it. By that time there weren’t cosplayers that knew Bang Dream! at all , even the game was really unknown by most of the people here.

I bought some fabric, chains and EVA foam. I made the skirt and coat piece by piece, burning every edge of it to make the torn shape of it. The top part was a little laborious but I made it! And finally the details and chains was the funniest part, painting everything and giving shape is really enjoyable for me.

This was the first time I wore this cosplay, it needed more details but I really had fun, I got the help of my boyfriend getting a bass for me, it really felt so real! <3 Even though no one knew who I was cosplaying or showed interest in it, I was living my dream of being Himari for a day. She has been always so protective, patient, childish, and many other things I can really relate to any aspect of her in life and her role in her group of friends, it was so grateful to be “part of her” for a little time.

This are some picture I get months after the convention, I added some details and stylized the wig correctly. I really put so much effort in this costume and I’m really proud of the results, because it was all of my work for making my dream come true, and it really happened to be real! <3

Thank you for reading all my process, I really appreciate it and if you would like to see my other works I have a Facebook page:

I plan to make more and more Bang Dream! Cosplay, and I hope I could find more people to make group cosplay with me! <3

PS. So sorry for my bad English 7.7