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Y.O.L.O!!!!! humans of BanPa. I am your local ghost, the randomest ghost. I have joined sometime ago, but when did I join? I don't remember. In fact, I never really remember anything lol. Best girls are pretty much half of our bandori girls. My least favourite may be Ran, but do I hate her? No, in fact, if ANYONE shows hate for a bandori girl, I will lock you in a shed, and make sure the game glitches when you spark a card after bad gacha luck. I also find AAside pretty boppin (stan Epic gamer and handsome idiot). Of course, like everyone else here, I am le bandori stan, and seeing such a friendly community for one of my favourite games and anime makes me happy, thanks for all of your support everyone!

Here are some boppin facts about me


  • I love EDM (electronic Dance Music) as well as bandori songs


  • I tend to like wholesome anime more, but TBHK holds a special place in my heart proceeds to sob

  • I play Honkai Impact 3rd

  • I also play Genshin Impact (but Honkai Impact will always be more Boppin)

  • Project Sekai is awesome! (WON WON....WONDERHOI!)

  • I tried Love Live, I'm sticking to bandori

  • I'm really lazy

  • I'm way too lazy to save up stars (and when I do, the gacha only gives 3 stars, even on df, I normally get featured cards out of solos)

  • I also play deresute! (best girls: Riamu and anzu)

  • I don't have a big appetite, but if you give be sweet chili heat doritos, I'll be eating them with more happiness than moca has with meronpan and rimi with choco coronet

  • I cant eat spicy food (doritos are exception)

  • I don't have many consoles, I have a wii, and a nintendo dsi (the ds works, not THE CHARGER HHHHHHHHH). Thankfully my wii has lots of cool games like Super smash bros BRAWL, and a bunch of hacked mario games lol.

  • I can play violin and clarinet (you can see me suffer as I play the clarinet). Oh, btw, I can annoy the living shit out of you by playing baby shark on the violin (I learned it from my music teacher, she is a great person btw)

  • I have an O-tae nendoroid because I love O-tae and O-tae loves me back (as I have 4 of her four stars without getting a single dupe four star of her)

  • Those are all of the boppin Facts about me

tysm for making me feel welcome here!

My favourite members of each band in order (Morfonica isn't included, but when they come to EN i'll add them!

My favourite band overall is HaroHapi but when it comes to the music, Roselia takes the cookies (see what I did there? No? You see...uhm... Lisa makes cookies). But in terms of aesthetics, PASUPARE (i love pastel colours!)

Here are some of my favourite chibis!

Image Image Image Image Image

I'm too lazy to put them all, lol

I'm also a proud member of the Ducky Fam


I play endori and finally jpdori

also, we really need trained Misaki card (not michelle, but michelle i love you) image This is not mine, Credits to Fansmi for it!

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