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Yolo ppl, Im SomeRandomGhost (sumi, aha ha not my real name), an HHW fan! I stan pretty much every girl of the series, but Kaoru is one of my favourites (I have A LOT of favourites) My least favourite girl is No one! It is illegal to hate any bandori girls even if you don't know them well or at all according to my non existent book or bandori laws. I play bandori with my fingers (rarely thumbs, used to do only thumbs before tho) and i only do events to get the event 3 star card (sometimes top 10k, I did tp 2.5k before tho). I started playing bandori during the wish upon a tanzaku event started. Here are some interesting facts about me

  • I only get like 6 hrs of sleep everyday (I always stay up playing bandori)
  • I love EDM (electronic Dance Music) as well as bandori songs
  • I love Vocaloid songs (and my favourite vocaloid is Len)
  • I love Kizuna Ai (her vids and songs)
  • I've been watching stuff involving blood and gore ever since i was 7 I dont know why (i'm 13 now)
  • I'm Muslim
  • Mental Stability doesn't exist in my world
  • I play Honkai Impact 3rd
  • I tried Love Live, I'm sticking to bandori
  • I think it's fun to be scared (which is why i love horror movies)
  • I'm really lazy
  • I'm way to lazy to save up stars (and when I do, the gacha only gives 3 stars, even on df, I normally get featured cards out of solos)
  • Bandori is a great anime, but my favourite is Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun
  • Those are all of the interesting Facts about me

tysm for making me feel welcome here!

My favourite members of each band are

  • Kaoru Seta (HHW)
  • Hina Hikawa and Maya Yamato (pasu pare)
  • Kasumi Toyama (Popipa)
  • Moca Aoba (Afterglow)
  • Ako Udagawa (Roselia)

My favourite band overall is HaroHapi but when it comes to the music, Roselia takes the cookies (see what I did there?).

Here are my favourite chibis!

Image Image Image Image Image

I'm too lazy to put them all, lol

I'm also a proud member of the Ducky Fam


I play endori and finally jpdori UwU

also, we really need trained Misaki card (not michelle, but michelle i love you) image This is not mine, Credits to Fansmi for it!

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