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May 17, 2019 21:34:12 +0000 (UTC)


Are you really fed up with spending so much stars on a gacha just to get dupe 3 star and 4 star pulls and you really want to choose what 3 star or 4 star card you get?

Well, look who's here! It's Miracle Moca! image

They say that demons and devils aren't good, but this one is! Miracle Moca realized that people don't like it when they keep getting dupe pulls so she decided to use her smugness so she can get the power to give people miracle tickets! She is doing this because she wants to, and as you know, there is no reason to like nor repost this.

She has many good friends that also help out!

  • Guardian Aya cares about you so much! She will assist you with pretty much anything you need help with!
  • You'll need stars to do all sorts of things! So here comes Star Gem Kokoro!
  • it's hard to train a 4 star card without shards! Attribute Shards Yukina is willing to assist you to help you train your cards
  • How Fleeting! Limited Gacha Kaoru will help you get those fleeting limited cards before they're gone!
  • Miracle Crystal Kasumi will grant you with miracle crystals so you can train your cards!
  • It takes tons of time trying to tier an event without live boosts! Live Boost Wizard Rinko will use her magic to grant you live boosts
  • Studio Ticket Hagumi will help you bring your cards to max level by assisting you with studio tickets!
  • Ticket Master Waitress Hina will grant you studio tickets and skill tickets so you can get higher scores in live!
  • We need challenge points in challenge live events to get extra points! Challenge Points Ran wants to help you achieve your challenge live dream!
  • 3⭐ Gacha Ticket Tae has realized that her rabbits aren't the only thing she must take care of! She wants to help you get that guaranteed 3 star or 4 star!
  • Dreamfest Luck Ako shall use her necromancing skills to ward off the spirits of bad luck so you can get that dreamfest 4 star!
  • It's really hard to concentrate when you're really hungry! That's why Ramen Master Tomoe is here to give you the best ramen you've ever tasted so you can full combo that song in no time!