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Hi there! I’m StanKasumi.

Kasumi is underrated and I stan Popipa. (Even if they’re not my favorite band anymore) If a teenage girl can preach, why not preach a band filled with teenage girls?

14 / ♋️ / Introvert / Sayaka Maizono kin / Best girls are Kasumi, Tomoe, Masuki and Rimi / Cries a lot lmao!

Other than the facts above here are some more actually organized ones:

  • I have cebral palsy which makes a tendon in my right foot shorter and I cannot walk flat on that foot, but my surgery in June fixed it! I’m now in psychical therapy!

  • I love zodiacs and astrology

  • My Danganronpa best girls are Sayaka, Mikan and Kaede! I love them all uwu

  • Pansexual(?) Maybe? Dunno I’m questioning it right now...

  • Best Girls from each band: Kasumi, Tomoe, Eve, Kokoro, Sayo, Masuki

  • SHSL Popipa and Raise A Suilen stan

  • Lawful Neutral

  • Gay today, gay tomorrow, gay forever.

  • I love Girl In Red and my favorite song by her is Girls!

  • I’m a part of the Masuki cult that CookieUa started! STAN MASUKI



Bye for now uwu

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