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Name Rimi Ushigome
牛込 りみ
Band Band Poppin'Party
School Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy
3 - B
School year Third
Color #ffc0cb
CV Nishimoto Rimi
CV (Japanese) 西本 りみ
Birthday March 23
Height 150 cm
Liked food Chocolate, meat, whipped cream
Disliked food Mint-chocolate flavored food
Astrological Sign Astrological Sign Aries
Instrument Bass
Hobbies Video games, reading
During their high school entrance ceremony, she heard Kasumi's intro that was filled with boundless optimism, and this sparked her interest in Kasumi. Even though she wants to change her cowardly and shy personality, she has been unable to do anything about it. The pink bass that she uses is a hand-me-down from her elder sister Yuri, who is 2 years older than her and studies at the same high school. She is a huge fan of Yamabuki Bakery, and especially loves their chocolate cornet.
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