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August 10, 2018 07:16:17 +0000 (UTC)


EN Bandori 2nd Name Train dedicated to Akesaka Satomi!❤


Thank you for your hard work and dedication to bring a smile to all members of the Bandori community!

Name Train V1

Name Train V2

We have been noticed by Akesaka Satomi!!


Link to Tweet:

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Personal Reply

Name Train Credits:

#1: GudSushi
#2: Ponky
#3: Chubbs
#4: NyanPoyo
#5: Deer
#6: Chloe
#7: Shiromi
#8: Lorenzo
#9: Xepher
#10: Klitart

Picture collage by: NyanPoyo

Coordinated by: Xepher


January 08, 2019 03:53:19 +0000 (UTC)

Look what just arrived today! Thankyou so much Bandori Party for the prizes from girls band...

Look what just arrived today! Thankyou so much Bandori Party for the prizes (from girls band cosparty 2018 event)😭💕 Also thankyou Suzu for choose me as 1st winner

Bless for all admins and I'm looking forward to future events!

I'm treasuring it forever💕 #CosParty2018

November 15, 2018 07:20:25 +0000 (UTC)

Congratulations to our winners! They will receive a prize of their choice among the BanG...

Congratulations to our winners!

They will receive a prize of their choice among the BanG Dream!-themed goodies we offer. You can see the prizes in the original contest post.

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success!


🏆 Most popular

Throughout the event, the community will be able to give likes to posts, and the one with the most at the end will be the most popular!

1st and 2nd winner

#1 guilty_mother


See original entry

#2 Thabasa


See original entry

♥️ Suzu's choice

Our guest judge will use her extensive experience and knowledge in cosplay to judge all the entries and pick the best!

Suzu's choice 1st and 2nd winners

#1 mayumori-

I’m absolutely in love with the outfit. There are so many cute details! The material choice is really nice, I love the mix of glitter and lace! I just can’t believe how much work was put in this! The location choice is also so creative, it’s very dreamy and totally suits Aya!

See original activity

#2 freya

This photoshoot is insanely amazing! I love location, I love photographers work, I love how accurate the costume is. I can believe she was able to find such nice and fitting fabric for skirt! I especially like the 3rd picture with a wink, the motion on it is so captivating. <3

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Suzu's honorable mentions

Suzu's honorable mentions

Wow these girls managed to make these costumes in 48 hours!!! They’re soooo cute and as a Misaki fan I’M CRAZY about their Michelle! It’s definitely the best Michelle I’ve ever seen!

I love this picture so much! The location is very fitting and the dress is incredibly neatly made!

She’s such a perfect Yukina! I love details on the costume! ❤

Staff honorable mentions

Staff honorable mentions

  • freya - See activity

    • LatidoReMe (Bandori Party staff;Developer): "While the photos could use some improved focus, they did a stunning job on the outfit! The Pirate Set is one of the most detailed and over-the-top outfits in the game, yet they managed to create a realistic version of it AND use it in a very marine setting. Alongside the scroll and bubble gun, it's a really fun set of cosplay photos that I think would be inspiring to other cosplayers."
    • violetR (Bandori Party staff): "The costume is super cute and detailed, and the photos are amazing that they had done! I feel like this cosplayer went all out on the character, setting, and costume and she should be recognised for the amazing effort!"
  • mio1 - See activity

    • db0 (Developer): "You look so happy wearing that Kasumi cosplay and it looks so colorful on you! It's so nice that you made it yourself. I looked at the WIP photos and I can see you put a lot of effort into it. Overall, I love the positive attitude and confidence in the photo, and the effort you put into making the costume."
    • violetR (Bandori Party staff): "I love that she made it herself. The costume has a ton of little embellishments that normally I think most cosplayers would prefer to buy instead of make. She also feels like a really authentic Kasumi in the cosplay. Super cute!"
  • zokuPengin - See activity

    • LatidoReMe (Bandori Party staff;Developer): "The tilted composition of the photo is eye-catching, and the cosplay is extremely well done! They captured the most defining aspects of the outfit and applied them in a realistic sense, which is a hard task indeed. For making me want to casually strut around as Pengin Kanon, I give them my top pick."
  • spacetier - See activity

    • db0 (Developer): "THIS IS SO CUTE. I love that you made your outfits together and you picked an outfit that's not cosplayed very often. It's so nice that you all went to a convenience store for a photoshoot. I think you all played the character well, both with the work on the outfits and wigs, and with the way you portrayed them on the picture."
    • kyuchiin☆ (Circles judges panel): "I love how they worked as a group in their cosplay!"
  • kieranichiban - See activity

    • kyuchiin☆ (Circles judges panel): "I love how in character they were as kaoru and the cosplay!"
  • maddychwan - See activity

    • kyuchiin☆ (Circles judges panel): "I love how they look exactly like kaoru and the progress of the cosplay!"
  • Eliicchi - See activity

    • LatidoReMe (Bandori Party staff;Developer): "For the photo, I love how well they utilized depth of field! The first photo especially excels at this, making it so that you are naturally motivated to view the focused part of the image. I also am a big fan of how the photo compositions too. Alongside an accurate version of Roselia's 2nd Initial Costumes, it's overall a great entry."
  • crmika - See activity

    • db0 (Developer): "I love how you tried to recreate both the Saaya album cover and the WEGO photoshoot. Both of your entries really stood out because of the effort you put into making them picture perfect~"
  • supercoobie - See activity

    • db0 (Developer): "We can really see all the details of the costume you made in your photos. Amazing job, it looks amazing. I hope you will have fun at Magfest and Katsucon and you will take a lot more photos for us~"
  • kyohai_ - See activity

    • violetR (Bandori Party staff): "It's a simple selfie, but the facial expression and the use of a selfie makes it feel like an Authentic Behind-the-Scenes Arisa, trying to hide admiring herself. The make up and costume are simple, but the energy behind it is just as great as any other detailed entry!"

All other entries

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December 11, 2018 05:58:04 +0000 (UTC)


Gaming terms explaination

HP/SP: your most crucial bars. HP represents your life. (HP stands for Health Points) and SP is your Spell Points (or Stamina if you are physical) if HP reaches 0 your character is practically dead. and if you got 0 SP. you can't cast spells. or use skills (three will be visible. ELF as well. Element Link Force, which allows you to cast some devastating elemental skills.)

an EXP bar is visible in the game of bandori As well. do you see that colorful bar near the level and in the other side you see boost lives? that vertical bar is your EXP bar. (short of Experience.) when your experience bar is full, you're gaining a level. So I wondered if there should be 1 for everything, or 2 for J.Lv and C.LV. (Job/Character)

Level cap is the HIGHEST level you can reach within the game. after that there are no level ups. SO~

2500 as a level cap is TOO HIGH!


a SUPERBOSS is a powerful monster you cannot beat alone. you will need a group to defeat it. or like a whole server. depends on how tough our team will decide to make it. uwu

Attributes are the stats that describe the character's weaknesses and strengthes. (like Performance/Technique/Visuals inside the game) and such. 9 billion or 2500 attributes are too many to account.

Guilds: are large groups that share the same goal together. typically consisting of several tens to several hundreds of members.

groups are the same. but typically up to 8-9 members.

A novice is a classless character. that can expertise into the desired class.

Currency is money if you didn't know. (like coins/stars in banpa. coins is the ingame currency. you can buy equipment. sell it, set up stalls. smith, smelt, compound. etc. Stars in the game. (I think Neo credit sounds good) is the premium money. you can buy boosts with it, gacha for cute outfits, pets. revival runes. etc.

and lastly: a Group quest. (Also known as Party Quest) is a quest meant to be done in a group of players. the monsters are signinficantly more powerful comparing to the usual bunch and requires taking care from many aspects. it can be an artifact retrieval. boss defeat, etc. ~

as for dimensional appearance. 2D is a flat appearance. kinda like right now in bandori. 3D is adding volume. and you can rotate. 2.5 is kinda a blend between the two.~

and GUI stand for Game User Interface. that has many components. (character stats, Target, Skill bars, Map, chat, menu, etc) a SCATTERED GUI is one that has each component for it's own. an example of scattered GUI: while all in one bulks all data in one zone. except for the map. (A good example is maplestory. you got everything on the bottom) the scattered GUI is editable. (to an extent) and all in one is NOT editable. I hope this explains about my #NFO #SURVEY

November 21, 2018 23:50:40 +0000 (UTC)


Results Banner by VioletR

Battle of the Bands V4 Results

The battles have been fought, the missions completed, and our counts are double-checked!

Poppin'Party 25159
Afterglow 23173
Pastel*Palettes 16028
Roselia 14458
Hello, Happy World! 13224


🎈 The winning band of BoBv4 is Poppin'Party! 🎈

Win or lose, we hope everyone had an absolute blast hanging out with everyone else! It's the community that makes these kind of things possible, so thank you to everyone who supported the event! 💕

We've already began badge & feedback surveying, so we hope to have more news on the rewards for this BoB soon.


Have a poppin' day, everyone!