May 10, 2018 00:41:44 +0000 (UTC)


So, let's not beat around the bush: there's been a lot of unpopular opinion posts.

Like a lot.

And to be real, there's a lot that have breached the line of just general hate rather than a reasonable opinion.

Because of that, this has sprouted a lot of negativity and discourse. That's not great.

So instead of asking y'all to stop and starting even more negative discussion, why don't we start making appreciation posts? It doesn't have to be just about your best girl. Talk about your best girls, your favourite band, your favourite songs, the event stories you liked, the beautiful and talented seiyuus-- anything you really truly love and appreciate about Bandori!

A lot of these unpopular opinion posts have spread a lot of negativity, and I think the only way to beat that negativity is to spread positivity!

I know some have already started doing some of those, so why don't we continue that~?


  • My best girl is Himari Uehara! I'm sure I've stated this a million times and the people who know are probably like, "Yes, Trashy, we know. You love Himari. We get it." But Himari has helped me a lot in the year GBP has been around. Around the time of Bandori's release, I had a falling out with a friend, and it was extremely devastating as it happened the morning after my birthday. I was crying the whole day and I had lots of trust issues with my other friends. Himari's bright and bubbly personality made me smile through that, reminding me that everything was going to be okay. I also relate to Himari in a lot ways, from being easily teased by some very close friends to wanting to do everything for my friends but being paralysed at the heat of the moment and not knowing what to do. Himari, as fictional as she may be, was my shining beacon in the last year and she has motivated me to keep going and to keep doing my best. Hey, hey, hoh~!

  • My two favourite songs ever are actually Poppin' Party songs: Star Beat! Hoshi no Kodou and Light Delight. Star Beat is actually the song that had me interested in the Bandori franchise, and it's what led me to meet many great people and become a moderator on this site! I love it, and do plan to cover it one day~ Light Delight is a song that spoke to me, reading the English translation of it, and I understood and felt all the emotion in it. Poppin' Party's songs are honestly very good, and are always so nice and relaxing to listen to.

  • The number of characters in Bandori was a bit overwhelming at first, but it's honestly really nice to see such different and unusual personalities! Each character is so unique and special, and their development in the last year has been truly amazing. The writing that goes into this game is brilliant, and I love it.

What are some things you guys love about Bandori~?