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January 01, 2023 18:47:52 +0000 (UTC)


DokiDokiDecoration Winter 2022

Hello again everyone! Happy New Year! Our wintery room decorating event has ended and Kanae managed to decorate our headquarters with all the decorations you have all submitted that were possible to add!


In addition to all the decorations, there was also a submission of fanart of Kasumi decorating the room with festive lights!

Thank you to all participants! You can see all the submissions from the event's hashtag and a list of all participants and their corresponding entries can be found at the end of the post! As promised, all eligible participants will receive a badge for participating! Make sure to check out your badge list on your profiles to see it~

For this event, one lucky person was chosen at random via roulette and will receive a digital prize of their choice!

This event's raffle winner is Kasei_! Please check your message box for further contact!

Although only one person could win the prize, the staff team has loved every entry we got and we plan to hold more events with opportunities to receive prizes in the future~!

Once again a big thank you to all participants! Let's all look forward to this year! ❄️

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this event a success! We loved your entries!

All participants

With a total of 10 participating entries by 8 participants, we are proud to announce that there will be 1 winner!

And the winner is...


Selected randomly, one chance per user

See entry

winning entry image

Congratulations to our winner!

They will be able to pick their prize between:

  • 1 BanG Dream! Girls Band Party art commission
  • 1 BanG Dream! Girls Band Party graphic edit commission

Subject to availability

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  • I won and I didn't hear from you?
  • I didn't win and I'm sad ;_;
    • The staff and the community loved your entry so your efforts didn't go to waste at all 💖 Please join our next special event!
  • How can I thank you for your amazing work organizing these special events?
    • We always appreciate sweet comments below, and if you want to push it a little further, we have a Patreon open for donations ❤️
  • More questions?

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