February 24, 2019 23:07:38 +0000 (UTC)


24th day of the Bandori 30 day Challenge posted by okusawamiikun

Day 24: Favorite Overall Vocals:

Really difficult, but after a few time trying to decide, Sayo/Haruka, I like the tone of her voice, sounds pretty natural and the most memorable, followed by Kasumi/Aimi and Ako/Megu, I like when she's angry (?) and ironically, Haruka as a seiyuu is super cheerful and mocking, specially in the RADIO SHOUT specials with the other Roselia girls, and is interesting to compare both xD, I love her so much.


February 23, 2019 23:35:34 +0000 (UTC)


23th day of the Bandori 30 day Challenge posted by okusawamiikun

Day 23: Favorite Main Vocals:

Kasumi/Aimi is my favorite so far, she can sound so adorable, so emotional or so badass depending on the situation, Aimi as seiyuu is pretty charming and charismatic, so the effort that she puts in Kasumi is admirable and each time that I hear her my lifespan is doubled <3


February 24, 2019 21:16:48 +0000 (UTC)


i got sick in the middle of ranking for the Persona collab yeesh

(I have not given up though haha help me my nose hurts)

February 24, 2019 17:41:05 +0000 (UTC)


Holy shit I have been procrasinating on this even more.

Though stuff did happen on my side, but that is probably for another time.

Day 17: Favorite Event

I already praised this event on here when I played it, so this needs no introduction.

Neo Fantasy Online

Image with a link

I loved the event story so much.

If you love Roselia but never read this story, then what is wrong with you?

These events are the things people need to be reading as it gives details you normally won't find in the Band Stories or in the Anime. And this event story probably the funniest I've read by far.

I really love how Rinko types extremely fast and uses those cute emojis while in the game. EN actually put in the whole 'nihongo ga syaberanai' in the game and made it Japanese. Heck, Yukina in general is super cute in this event and it shows that while she may be one of the most powerful vocalists, she is a tad illiterate in technology.

The best part of the event has to be the Card stories, however. Sayo's ESPECIALLY. She just wanted to help the NPCs so she continued playing NFO to do so. In other words, Sayo basically got hooked into playing NFO and I headcanon that she plays with Ako and Rinko a lot while doing so.

Anyways, I really love this event and you should too.

P.S. this event is also actually the second time I broke into the Top 1k. Gotta love the bonus event points when doing Live Goals.

February 24, 2019 13:07:33 +0000 (UTC)


tbh Ringing Bloom in HARD doesn't deserve to be a 23♪? I'd say a 21♪maybe

February 24, 2019 04:59:30 +0000 (UTC)

Raise a suilen band swap! 
I’ve been wanting to do this soo..
Here is chu2

1/4 Raise a suilen band swap! I’ve been wanting to do this soo.. Here is chu2

February 25, 2019 00:53:18 +0000 (UTC)


Bandori! 30 Day Challenge Day 2: Best PoPiPa character

challenge made by okusawamiikun


kasumi~! i've always loved kasumi, but recently she ended up skyrocketing all the way into being my best girl! her optimism is infectious, and i love how she has so many layers to her personality! she's NOT just the token genki girl - one thing i love about her is that she has so many layers to her personality!

she is an optimist at heart, but in one of their songs, it is suggested she has depression? how she manages to deal with that and still be such a ray of hope is amazing to me! she's playful but knows when to be serious when it's needed. she can be an adorable goof that wants to "forget" to do homework but she is also the same girl that practiced until her hands were covered in bandages just to learn and be deserving of playing random star...

and her voice! i don't talk about this often, but aimin is my favorite seiyuu for a multitude of reasons, and she's just as lovable as her character! kasumi was and will always be my favorite vocalist and that's due to her talent in singing! she doesn't even realize it, but even if she's not the best guitarist, she's such a wonderful vocalist and that doesn't get said enough.

she's an amazing character to me and i just love everything about her, including her interactions with other characters!

February 21, 2019 23:30:11 +0000 (UTC)


21th day of the Bandori 30 day Challenge posted by okusawamiikun

Day 21: Most Relatable Character:

Maybe Lisa, I'm not someone who has a lot of friends, but I've never had problems to relate with many people at once and I like to talk about a lot of things with everyone, and in certain way, I like to hear the problems of my best friends and trying to help them as much as I can, and I play the Bass, so yeah!