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hi ! my name is alanoodle but you can call me anything you want !

im a female who plays this game cause ive always loved rhythm games, i started out on 4k rhythm games. i played my first rhythm game in roblox! (oof) it was called robeats ! and i really enjoyed it! but the only thing that sucked with robeats was the community they would insult you or tease you for no absolute reason if you weren’t that good.. so I thought to myself that I should get out of here as fast as i can (i was actually pretty decent in the game ngl) until one day I stumbled upon bang dream in a youtube video, and i thought I should install it ! at first i didn’t like the health but i soon got used to it and now im in this wonderful community ! yay ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ"

i enjoy anime and shooter games as well too heh

i hope i can make friends here even if im not that outgoing and amazing like you all !!

hina, sayo and ran are just so good i love them with all my heart ♥︎

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