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female | 13yr | english only | she/her | casual | jp player

hii! i’m alanoodle and i’ve been playing bang dream for over 2 years! i joined on like last november? so i’m not that new here.

some of my best girls are,

1 - Hina!

2 - Sayo!

3 - Ran!

4 - Hagumi!

5 - Pareo!

6 - Kasumi!

i love all the girls it’s just these ones in specific i favor just a tad bit more!!

in terms of skill, i don’t want to put myself high on the list but i’d say i’m above average honestly! i’ve fc’d a lot of difficult songs like 6ty (special), maware, teardrops (special) and a couple more!!

i’ll never fc ringing bloom though lmao

in relations to this community, i love it so much!!! everyone here is so kind and welcoming! (not to mention very talented~!) so if you have anything you want to ask, say, or even rant feel free to! (as long as it’s respectful)

if you want to add me (i only play on jp sorry) you can find my id i’ll be sure to add you back :)

and feel free to dm whenever you want regarding anything really, i’ll do my best to help


i’ll add more info about me when i feel like it ;;

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