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November 22, 2018 16:21:29 +0000 (UTC)


Everyone else: Happy Thanksgiving!

Me: What in the flying flapjacks is a Thanksgiving? UK doesn't even celebrate anything until Christmas

October 26, 2018 02:57:06 +0000 (UTC)


fam u wouldnt believe it. i was in the app store and came across this game called utano princesama, so i thought i would give it a try bc it looks similar to bandori and it has english. im going through the character profiles while its downloading, so far so good and then ?? THIS GUY POPS UP



THANK U NATSUKI for realistically repping that tall boi life. rrrgh u short ppl will never understand my pain. this dude is almost 2 cm shorter than me so he really knows what its like. that feeling when i have to look down at girls while we're talking and i want to pick them up like, why are u so smol its so cute and just?¿¿¿

how ironic for our weakness to be things so much tinier than us,, idk about natsuki but my only defense mechanism is to roast ppl for being small, but on the inside im so happy. natsuki knows exactly what im talking about and i havent even played the game but IM SO EXCITED, HES MY BOY ALREADY. BLESS U BRO U UNDERSTAND

December 03, 2018 19:22:39 +0000 (UTC)

Since I'm restraining myself from going for EN dreamfest and have already got lucky on Utapri, I...

Since I'm restraining myself from going for EN dreamfest and have already got lucky on Utapri, I will instead spread my luck and fortune to the rest of you!

Good luck to everyone when Dreamfest hits! Hope you all get good girls!

October 31, 2018 00:09:37 +0000 (UTC)


heeeyyY y'aaalLLll fam i'm in a good mood today, no reason in particular so i'm gonna share a college story w/ you cool people. also a life lesson bc its bushido dad what u thought.

ok so one thing i've noticed now that i'm back in school, is that ppl wrongly think i'm a nice person. this one person told me "you're one of the nicest ppl i know" i couldnt do anything besides smile and thank her. fooled yet another one it would appear

heres the thing fam. i'm a very friendly person, usually laughing or smiling and i say hi to ppl, especially if i have a class w/ them. i just enjoy life and socializing, very different from niceness

just yesterday i was hanging w/ some classmates at a table while we were waiting for our college success class, everything was chill. but then one of them thought it would be funny to throw a giant balloon at me as i was looking down at my homework?? I FLINCHED HARD BC I AM EASILY STARTLED ,, WHY WOULD U DO THAT

ppl like to make fun of me bc of how scared i get if something / someone touches me, and ofc these girls thought they were free to start sassing me. i sassed them back and even repeatedly hit one of them w/ the balloon. i also rubbed it on her hair, she tried to block me but she was too smol,, so i just towered over her and did it anyway lmao she was like "i thought u were nice!!!" learned too late

life lesson for u guys: dont judge a book by its cover. i think some of y'all here can attest to my true nature and for those who think i'm nice, heres a list of my crimes on banpa alone:

  • i joined this website for the sole purpose of deleting all kaorus

  • i made a post asking about everyones height but it devolved into me teasing literally everyone for being shorter than me. not even db0 was safe from my jokes

  • approximately half of all my posts are about me making the various bandori girls roast each other, or i am just directly roasting them myself

  • i compared pern to the size of a rabbit

  • i told pba_kompaku he would need a ladder to high-five me

  • i said that tsubame runs like sonic bc short ppl's legs move hella fast when they walk & they still get nowhere

  • i like responding to wingedoracle's posts / comments with putrid dad jokes just bc

  • alli is one of the nicest ppl here and yet i enjoy picking on her for various things, knowing full well she wont fight back to the same degree

  • i harass nija way too often and yet she still tolerates me. idk how to explain it at this point

  • ive threatened to throw... i think 5 different members of this community at this point

theres a reason why i used to call myself a villain. the truth is i still am one, just for different reasons. i'm the plot twist villain now, u thought i was sweet but lmao. appearance can be deceiving fam dont get played

ok wow ,, i hope u learned a crucial life lesson from this & thank u

December 09, 2018 18:12:22 +0000 (UTC)

I drew 2 times and second time I got Christmas tsugu. 3rd and 4th try I got nothing 5th try I...

I drew 2 times and second time I got Christmas tsugu.
3rd and 4th try I got nothing

5th try I got tomoe

I needed that moca so I whaled enough for two more tries 6th try still no moca or for that matter No 4 Star

7th try it loads a while but only yellow lights appear I was so upset that I skipped it.

But then I saw a got a rinko costume and I was like “wait isn’t that the 4*?” And then I saw there was a moca too and like omggggg

omg my moca came home Plus a really nice rinko that I didn’t manage to get when it came out.

I’m a little sad I skipped it and didn’t get to see her appear tho Qwq

August 14, 2018 01:11:27 +0000 (UTC)

“u already know who it is fam. its me, frickin krazy ka$h money kanon baby killa from the east side....

“u already know who it is fam. its me, frickin krazy ka$h money kanon baby killa from the east side. i know u see me lookin hella fine rn, but u still over there sippin on that grape flavored hatorade. so heres the thing. y’all aint ever finna get as fly as me and thats just a fact of life. u try so hard but fall so short and im tryin not to laugh at u

look. this outfit cost me 70k and i didnt even dent my bank account to get it. it was designed by kanye west. but this man was so blessed by my beauty that he had his long lost brothers come and help design it too, kanye east, kanye north, and kanye south. so this joint runs in all cardinal directions to ensure that i flex on every single one u crusty haters.

u cant step to me w/ ur dusty store-bought fashion. u cant ever get on my level fam. u try to copy my hair and end up looking like a ms paint cyan version of me.

at the end of the day ur man is gonna come to me and be like ‘hey ur cute’ and imma be like ‘fuee’ and then guess what girl, he get instantly took from u. and theres nothing u can do but be blinded my radiance. aight im done, ur dismissed lmao”

October 08, 2018 04:42:03 +0000 (UTC)

okay fam today we're gonna talk about tomoe. but not just any kind of talk, this is gonna be......

okay fam today we're gonna talk about tomoe. but not just any kind of talk, this is gonna be... serious bushido dad talk. i hope ur ready for a transition in typing style ...

Hello. 😉 I feel like my voice is suddenly deeper or something when I type like this, like I'm speaking through a voice editing software.

Now that I have this newly found deep and contemplative voice, let's talk about Tomoe. It's been about two months or so since my last character analysis, which was on Himari. Part of what took me so long had to do with the nature of Tomoe herself, as a character.

She's difficult to write about, because everything about her is already there from the beginning. She can't be unraveled, so to speak. Tomoe isn't a very deep character compared to Kokoro or Sayo in my opinion, but that's not a bad thing. In fact, when I first got into this game, Tomoe was actually my very first favorite character, even before Ran. I didn't know why back then, but I certainly do now.

Tomoe is simplicity done with excellence. In order for a great group dynamic to be established, it's very important to have at least one character who is a standard by which to gauge the atmosphere of that group. How is the group feeling? If there's conflict, where is it headed? Will it be resolved? To be able to ask questions like these and have reliable answers does wonders for our ability to actually relate with and care about these fictional characters; Tomoe presents herself as the reliable answer for Afterglow.

The chapter one band story for the group really nails Tomoe's role into a solid state. She's the enforcer, the impenetrable wall of the group, the character with which all drama must inevitably clash with and try to prevail against. She doesn't necessarily start any problems, as that role was left to Ran and Tsugumi. However, she's not "removed" in a sense from the drama either, as was the case for Moca and Himari.

Once Tomoe was aware of each problem in this band story, she enforced herself as the reliable answer. Tsugumi fell unconscious from exhaustion? Tomoe immediately calls for an ambulance. Ran is creating friction by pushing the group away? Tomoe immediately calls her out, forcing Ran to be confronted with the reality of her behavior. She strikes me very strongly as the "constant" in this group, the person that hardly changes and is extremely necessary for effective drama.

After all, to have such a rock-solid foundation as her--it really allows the writers to present conflict as a big deal. The implication of a question like "What would happen if Ran started pushing everyone away?" is that, at some point, there's going to be a responding force, and a strong one at that. If everyone is just passively concerned (as Moca and Himari were), Ran's problem is already not as big of a deal to us. Instead, we get Tomoe enforcing the stability of Afterglow at full force, and it makes the entire situation seem incredibly tense and worth being sucked into.

However, Tomoe is not just any old enforcer, considering the danger with these kinds of characters is that they become stale or unremarkable. They always respond, always campaigning for things to remain in their normal state. As a result, their other defining qualities may get put to the side in order for them to fight against conflict.

For Tomoe, it's two things that make her a great example as this type of character; the first thing is that the resolution of conflict does not fall strictly on her shoulders. It doesn't fall on any one character's shoulders, and this is part of what gives Afterglow such a profound dynamic. As for the second thing, it's that Tomoe is a genuinely, and very visibly, flawed character.

Consider it: How do you actually make the person, who's chiefly responsible for confronting conflict (or the flaws in other characters), interesting? One way is to make them confront conflict in an imperfect manner, which is what Tomoe does. Her presence pushes the group towards a "normal" state of functionality, but her actions and words have the potential to cause imbalance at the same time.

When she attempted to enforce stability with Ran, she heightened the tension by yelling and forcibly bringing up Ran's home issues. Instead of just confronting her, Tomoe ended up causing an even greater sense of friction within the group. Granted, Ran realized her errors, but the reunion of the group was incredibly awkward and tensions escalated again momentarily. When Tsugumi fell unconscious, it was actually Himari as a leader figure which allowed Tomoe to properly respond to the situation, not Tomoe being levelheaded herself.

That's what's so unique about Tomoe as a character who pushes for balance; she's ridiculously hotblooded for someone who's supposed to be addressing conflict. Were Tomoe able to slow down for a second and think strategically as Himari does, she would've realized that yelling at Ran was not the best approach.

Tomoe enforces group structure by responding swiftly and powerfully, which is not always the way to deal with people. Sometimes it works, but that's dependent on Tomoe herself remaining calm, which her excitable nature doesn't guarantee.

At best, Tomoe's relaxed but passionate disposition allows her quickly address most things effectively. At worst, her own emotions mix with good decisions to simultaneously push for stability and stir the pot due to her own human nature.

She's a character who's responsible for keeping Afterglow at its most stable condition, but she'll never fully be able to do that, and definitely not permanently. Tomoe's indefinite goal concerning her character role allows her not to be bound to the perpetual state of keeping things as they should be. She's allowed to have a full character apart from this role, and there's even room for subtle development, as seen in the Nurse event with Ako.

Afterglow at its core is always unstable, because there's five people who are all imperfect, bringing their varying views and opinions to one table. Conflict will never be perfectly dealt with or stopped.

For me however, I'll always be interested when it happens, because I'm keen on observing Tomoe's response in particular. When drama rears its ugly head, how will our imperfect enforcer fight to keep things normal, and what mistakes will she make along the way? At the end of the day, we know this game's writing. No one is going to die, and there's not going to be any permanently fractured relationships.

Nonetheless, Tomoe still manages to be a crucial character who, on her way to restoring balance during conflict, presents the possibility for surprises and unexpected additional drama. Even if she knows the best way to confront trouble, there's no guaranteeing that she'll do it right.

Really, that's what makes Tomoe such a strong character, despite her simple personality and inflexible role. As I said at the beginning, she's simplicity done right, and she'll continue to be... as always.

September 26, 2018 01:26:38 +0000 (UTC)


tbh since age got brought up earlier and im seeing all these different response,s it got me wondering

how tall are y'all?? fam i was 6'2" the last time i got measured, one thing i rly love about being tall is that, apparently, it means u are a playground for kids. for a while i was doing volunteer work in the elementary school section at a church i went to, and kids would just climb me w/out warning and crap. they be running up my legs and then doing flips off me regardless of how i feel bout it. those little 2 foot boogers lmaO they were so small, i miss them]

one time a little girl just straight up asked me "why aARE U SO BIG??!!?" and i had no comeback tbh, that was the one and only time i ever let a little kid roast me and get away w/ it

edit: be careful if ur coming in here and ur short. i have dad jokes for days im warning u

edit 2: i wasnt expecting this amount of tiny ppl y'all are like an army. the dad jokes are flying left and right nd everybodys catching one. theres only a few fellow tall ppl on here w/ me so far man its crazy

this is what all of u small folks gathering in this comment section be like i M DYING


edit 3: u know what. im realizing that im basically taller than all of u. i have so many dad jokes that ive been just dying to use , and u guys are like fish in a barrel. this is my final warning; if u comment in here u will get dad'd by bushido dad. and dont think u can get off the hook by being taller than me. ill still get u

August 27, 2018 17:01:37 +0000 (UTC)

bandori but the card stories are written by iloveallbandorigirls, part 2 chisato: aight eve is...

bandori but the card stories are written by iloveallbandorigirls, part 2

chisato: aight eve is the camera rolling

eve: yes chisato! find your inner bushido and unleash your greatest inward wrath unto even the smallest force of outward opposition!

aya: but chisato what are u even d—

chisato: ooooOOOOOuuuuuuUUUu whats GOOD all u bucket headed gremlin lookin haters. im at the studio rn w/ my goons we hella cliqued up on some real idol ish, we bouta hit them stages and leave w/ that extra thick check feel me.

aya: chisato our managers said we cant—

chisato: nah b IM the manager in this piece. now back to haters. i just had to flex on yall real quick know what i mean. yeah im talking to all u out there wearing crocs w/ socks, hiding ur hella ashy ankles cause u aint got no lotion. but i stay smooth baby, imma hit them folk and swag on u and i better not hear lip cause u finna get hit.

maya: talk that SMACK CHISA GET EM

chisato: lmao u a fool maya!!!! let me hit my dance real quick, hina drop a little something for ya girl!!!

hina: i mean check it check it check it check it 1 2 3, chisato in the building at the place to be, hittin’ that dance put ur mans in a trance, she cant be stopped cause shes on top, try to step to her and u finna get bopped aye!!!

chisato: AYEEE HINA U WILD BABY thats why y’all my ride or die. now to every crusty wannabe idol out there thinkin im trash, imma send y’all some money so u can try and fail to buy urselves a better outfit. pastel*palettes on some gang gang ish and u better shut up before i pull up on ur block and catch u w/ these freshly manicured hands. aight eve stop filming im done w/ these fools

eve: yes! excellent performance , tiny chisato warrior! though no physical slaying has occured, you surely have symbolically poured a dowsing water upon the fiery hearts of your “haters”, greatly damaging their morale. for what you lack in size you surely make up in verbal prowess! now allow me to channel my own inner warrior, for i too must bring an unstoppable destruction upon those who are not only ashy, but likewise wear crocs and socks! haaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!


December 09, 2018 18:55:14 +0000 (UTC)

THIS IS SO SATISFYING ~~I have an exam tomorrow and I know nothing I shouldn’t be playing...


I have an exam tomorrow and I know nothing I shouldn’t be playing Bandori

December 09, 2018 16:58:40 +0000 (UTC)



Persona had a Bandori collab

And Joker is now in Smash


Kasumi confirmed for Smash

December 09, 2018 00:34:35 +0000 (UTC)


Me: ah hey these cards are pretty cute and the outfits are cu-

My stars, my swear upon an oath to save up, and my luck: