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July 25, 2018 07:35:36 +0000 (UTC)

I found this Tae on the floor at the bus stop, and it’s honestly the cutest thing ever! It’s not...

I found this Tae on the floor at the bus stop, and it’s honestly the cutest thing ever! It’s not Saaya, but I’ll take it.

July 26, 2018 18:26:44 +0000 (UTC)


I like how so many of you just instantly accepted me as your ducky mom like "sure okay". I love you guys so much!! It really feels like a little family here lol uwu


July 27, 2018 18:02:17 +0000 (UTC)

are u frickin m e im jsut now learning that theres a gacha called “misaki in da house” and....

are u frickin m e

im jsut now learning that theres a gacha called “misaki in da house” and. everybody is literally wearing blinged out hip hop outfit s

do u even realize how happy this makes my soul?? like. look at misaki’s ice on her neck y’all... shes rolling hella deep. this reminds me of how like sonic the hedgehog or samurai champloo would play around w/ hip hop and i’m an actual sucker for this kind of thing

im putting two and two together tho... this is the event w/ that hip hop HHW song. idk if i can take this y’all. this might be the gacha set that makes me cut my hair off and sell it for extra money. look at everybodys chaINSSS.

i bet u this is what kokoro is actually saying in sekai nobbinobi treasure when shes rapping

kokoro: “pull up w/ the whole gang ay, all my queens got gold chains ay, (OOO), we baggin them girls ay, kaoru baggin them girls ay, (YUH)

ice on my neck u see me shining like a star (yuh), pull up on flex on popipa im in that foreign car, (dAB!) a-glow do not want it man they know i got that gas, hah,, milly rock on pastels cause they know my clique too fast “

and then they flex so hard that all the haters die & the song just gets all happy after that

im fa lling badly for this band and its all misakis fault. why did she just have to be in da house!!! fuee my life

July 26, 2018 05:05:52 +0000 (UTC)

Hmmm... Something about this feels like false advertising...

Hmmm... Something about this feels like false advertising...

July 10, 2018 22:14:27 +0000 (UTC)


did you know? the deltofleetoid beetle has recently been discovered. i would attach a picture but it is so terrifying in nature that i don’t want to disturb anyone’s peace.

this fascinating beetle has a voracious appetite and is parasitic in nature, constantly seeking out prey to refuel its energy. the only flavor it can taste is what scientists call “fleeting”, and so basically it only eats kaoru lol. it strips any kaoru of all the fleeting it has, turning the kaoru into an unimpressive and generic anime filler character.

this beetle, again, was randomly discovered. it was, in fact, not manufactured nor developed by me nor my evil laboratory, which is called FLEETER DELETER.

i repeat, this beetle just happened to get discovered somehow. any who further question the validity of this statement will be called into my evil laboratory so that i may thoroughly convince (and or brainwash) you into believing this. hahaha just kidding... possibly...

who knows what else the scientists may uncover these days

July 27, 2018 14:16:10 +0000 (UTC)


I'm kinda tired cause I just set up my account and it took me about an hour but here we go~


Hai! I'm Sasha!

I've been playing BanDori for 2 months now and...

I guess I was too lazy to make an account here orz

But I'm here now!

Introductions... Introductions...

Okay, let me try doing a list thingy~

  • I'm 17 years old
  • I've been born a boy but I'm currently transitioning, so my pronouns are she and her
  • I love Moca so much! She kinda looks like me and I want to cosplay her someday!
  • My band ranking - Afterglow > Roselia > PoPiPa > HaroHapi > PasuPare
  • 5 favorite members - Moca > Ran > Rinko > Tae > Tomoe
  • I play with Note Speed on 10.0 and with sound FX and voices off
  • I've FC'd all songs on Expert up to Song Level 25
  • The game has cursed me with lots of good PasuPare cards when all I wanted was Afterglow TwT


I know a few robust and also a few scripting languages, but the main ones I work with are Java and C#, and I'm still an amateur uwu

But yeah, being a programmer I'm kinda good with logic and stuff. I enjoy doing wiring stuff in Terraria and I would love to play Factorio (if I could afford it orz)

Buuuut being good with logic doesn't mean I'm not kinda stupid / dumb ;;

I might look into BanDori APIs and try to make something later on! That would be fun!

I've been playing rhythm games since I was 5. I started with Guitar Hero 1 on PS1~ But I always end up playing a rhythm game for a few weeks or months and then just leave it behind cause I get tired of it ;;

I'm pretty sure the rhythm game I've played the most in my life is osu! (4 years got me to rank 15k \o/)

Buuut I've retired (for now, ufufu)

Aaaand now I'm playing BanDori and might start playing LoveLive! soon!

So yeah, I think that's it for my introduction!

now have a moca for good luck

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