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I closed the survey at 40 responses and. let's see

For the flag question, sexuality flags and the Swiss one are the most popular, but Canada's and Nepal's were also close. Shoutout to the person who said Spain's, good to know people know we still exist

Colour took the lead in the 2nd question!

Most of you said that Geography is interesting, however thd best response was "rock shiney"

The smol side won by a landslide, however we all know that that's a big lie

Most of you are short, however someone said "I'm bushidori dad", however he didn't take the survey. don't even try

... yeah, "Aoi what are you doing" did indeed win.

Black pens take the lead followed by blue pens, red only got 10% though

Everyone is the best vocalist!

Shoutout TO EVERYONE, hope y'all get your dream cards!!

The TWICE fanatism is strong here,,, yAY

Everyone loves English... well most of you

Pretty much everyone loves surveys except for the one person who said "someone stop them"

Everyone except a few recognise Pasupantarctica, however the 2nd most voted option was "idk but it has pasupare on it so it must be something good

Only 12'5% of you picked the correct option: everyday, through movies, books; but 60% of y'all said "what I feel towards my best girl" that's... pure

shoutout to:

-yeah you can get a waffle (yes I know that's a meme, I'm not that dumb)

-"i don't understand the "tol/smol" discourse going on but can we all try and just get along?"

-thanks for the recommendation, however I already stan red velvet so 🤷‍♀️

-"it's 11/10. flags." the one and only true option

-sorry for not having "baby don't hurt me"... it was out of stock

I should do this stuff more often

December 10, 2018 13:50:05 +0000 (UTC)


Okay so basically here's an analysis of response from the worst survey every made yet!!!

Ranking-wise, most of you guys are above 100, two people had the exact same ranking, one who has the same rank as me, and one having the magnificent rank of YELLOW.

Most have not and never will do the tapjoy star offers, the next up are ties between the No, Yes because desperation, and Yes with the possibility of still doing them. Two of you guys only watch the 1* ads. I've fallen to the desperation too in my times, Insert Sayo's 'I'm sorry' sticker

Out of all the songs, Chocolate Bass recipe is the most Full-Comboed song on expert. Behind that is Doki-Doki SING OUT. Only one person each has FC'ed Hey-day Capriccio, LOUDER, and Sugar Song and Bitter Step. 0 people so far have FC'ed Y.O.L.O!!!!, Re:Birth Day, and Goka Gokai Phantom Thief.

Out of the 5 girls I randomly listed, Rinko was chosen the most, following behind the tie between Ran and Eve, and then Kasumi, and then Kaoru with only 1. ;-;

A lot of you guys said that Tsugumi was underrated (staight facts my fellows), behind it was a tie between qt and a whole cookie, and then best girl behind that. 1 person said she need more love and appreciation. (straight facts pt.2) One person each said that she was an angel, and the other one simply said God. Tsugumi rules over us all.

Most people are players who mainly like the music, then behind that were people who delete friends in-game for inactivity. Tied for least are diffculty FCing easy due to slow beatmap, Friend list is full, and only there for their best girl.

People mainly liked Kanon's "Fueee..." sticker, because fueee. Others commonly use the "I'm sorry." sticker of Sayo's (me too.) Others said Himari's, Rinko's, Eve's, Kokoro's~, Michelle's, Lisa's I'm not ready yet!, and Tsugumi's Amazing! stickers. Although my straight favorite response was exactly:

Anyone for bread? bc it's a high-stake gamble. Either you're met with enthusiasm, shunned or rejected and forced to eat that sorry stale bread yourself while you cry over a bucket of gacha salt


Most serious part of the survey ever time

Yamato's was popular, and yes, it's actually a restaurant that's in my hometown, although I live in the midst of yeehaw time. Tied for 2nd is unforgivable gacha luck, sleep-deprived, and forfmite suck. Someone said what's poppin b, and I say nothing much fam. One person mentioned Hawaii, It's not Hawaii, it's uhhhhhhhhh insert hometown. I'm sorry for deprived that one person of a toga pic, and I meant to only put an image for Yamato's, but it messed everything up. x.x Woof to the fellow woofer, and Maya loves you too, to the admirer.

In response to the Option 1 question, most of you guys chose Option 1, others chose the THERE'S AN Option 1, in order goes Option 1 is the fruits of our labor, neko would NEVER put Option 1, and Option 1 is the scariest animal. TunaSalad chose their own quote along with everything else.

Most of you guys think I am Option 1, and that I enjoy memes. You are right. 11 put thanos, one person cursing me for killing a particular character. Also with 11's put Always tired and short. These are both true, all of them are probably true to an extent tbh. 9 people put the most embarrassing truth, that I am a fujoshi who writes stuff. Let's not talk further about that. more 9's were uwuneko and very quiet but louder around friends. I would have never thought it... I am uwuneko. I forgot I even put Yukina Minato on there but six chose that. I'm too lazy so I'll come out and admit that I'm all of those things, except Thanos and Option 1, sadly. For the Other option, someone put that I was on banpa way too much, but they wouldn't have it any other way (I'm touched, crying in the club rn), another put much yeet, which is much true. Someone said I was awesome, but no idea how I'm awesome other than being awesomely unlucky. glasses emoji someone admitted they chose every option without reading them, another person put 'there's no such thing as too much' but what am I? And I'm rather touched by the person who called me a heart of gold sugarcrazed cutie, I am honored, and I do love sugary things along with anything that's not good for me mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Most of you guys picked the or, I'm offended.

Math is to you guys a mixture of frustrating, infuriating, smart, and only useful to an extent. A lot of people put in the other option things such as Fun, Easy, I like geometry, one poor person has a geometry test, and then others saying that it comes naturally to them. I envy those people.

For Question 1, most people chose the correct answer, Option 1.

For the last question most of you guys said okay, then next to please end their suffering, sorry for not answering thou question. Someone told me a story about them trying not to fall for 5 minutes, I feel you. One person pointed out I did not put a question mark, you have discovered my master plan. Surveys never end... oh wait. One person said that lying will curse with crappy dupey gacha luck, but what if I already have that? and then there's the Ayyyyyyy and the Fuuueeeeeee.

Exactly 50% of you guys said Option 1 in response to the wait why did i question, one person used the other to say that they would have chosen Option 1 and said that it wasn't a bad quiz, someone asked me if I was okay, someone asked why, someone said it was a terrible quiz but they loved it nonetheless, the superior being stated that they had the upper hand, the last question. Another person put Option 2, and one person used the Other to it's bestest, they put Other. One person needs to finish drinking their tea.

To the 'what' question, some put okay, someone freaking rickrolled me with the lyrics, multiple people put what, one person put what but backwards, another one was shuwa shuwa, and yeet, and yes, and parsnip, and... oh my god... Option 2. I hope whoever said the savage beast was there to kill them survived, and you're welcome to the person who actually found some kind of humor in this low-quality survey.

It is sleeping time now. It's STILL snowing.

EDIT: someone literally just turned in a blank form what in tarnation
December 10, 2018 14:45:09 +0000 (UTC)

kuraftoeggu why don't you increase max live boost to 12 or something

kuraftoeggu why don't you increase max live boost to 12 or something

December 01, 2018 20:32:09 +0000 (UTC)


Research Results!

Thank you to everyone who filled out the form!

Mkay, so first things first, I got a pretty wide range of ages! So far the youngest I have right now is 12 and the oldest is 29, and there's a whole variety of people in between. The average age is about 18 years old!

As mentioned in a previous post, we're pretty much all introverts with a few ambiverts sprinkled in. Unsurprising, we're all too busy playing a rhythm game to interact with actual human beings.

Now the fandoms question was pretty cool. Obviously, the most common shared answer was Love Live!, with a grand total of 11 people having been in the fandom or currently in it. The runner ups are Pokemon and Danganronpa.

About half of the people who answered have never played a musical instrument but want to learn one. Of the people who have played an instrument, 7 have stopped playing and 6 are currently still playing.

In terms of favorite foods, the most common shared dish is fries! We also seem to really love asian cuisine (especially sushi), and Italian is also very popular along with crepes and ice cream.

Most people here are pretty mediocre at singing (that's fine). The other largest group is people that can't sing along with people that are too shy to share it with other people. There's only one person that answered that they were confident about their singing. I got a bunch of other responses that go into more detail, like how one person likes to sing but their range is weird so it hurts all the time (keeping out names for privacy reasons). Some advice for that person- try using a powerful head voice instead of belting everything. You sound much more natural and you'll have a much better range!

A surprising amount of us are avid artists, a little bit more than a third of the people who answered! 25% goes to people that can't draw at all and 12% are mediocre. Most of the other responses I got to that questions were complaining about anatomy. Yeah, I don't know what to tell you, I can't draw >.< Another person said they covered their schoolwork in tiny michelles and I personally think you should have an A plus in every class if you constantly produce that beautiful artwork.

Bandori people really like English! I got 9 responses saying their favorite was English, which is surprising, I was expecting it to be music or art or something but MOVING ON! Aside from the cheeky people that said breakfast and dismissal, everything else is spread pretty evenly between music, math, science, art, and history.

For the animal questions, the two front runners were cats and birds! I got 9 responses for cats and 5 responses for birbs. I would have answered cat, I just want to lie down and be petted all day :3

For the check of lists, the most popular choice was "music lover", with 19 responses, followed by currently procrastinating, likes fluffy things, and shy potato in second. There were 13 smol responses and only 3 tol responses (we're taking over the world I tell you). Also, only 1 person said they were flexible and I got 9 people that act half their age and 6 moms of the friend group. Not surprised, we're like all 5 at heart here.

The shortest person I got was 4'9 (smol) and the tallest person I got was 5'7. It's clear bushido dad is nowhere to be found. Average height was around 5'4!

A lot of people mentioned christmas in their favorite things section, that's really the only commonality though.

OOOOO BOY THE NEXT SECTION THOUGH. Ok I got 2 responses that legit just said "everything", about half of the remaining responses had something in their complaining about school, and the other half was complaining about gacha luck. I got two responses complaining about terror in the world and how their country is in shambles, and honest to god I agree with you SO MUCH like can't we just be friends ;-;

Most people would suck it up and act nice if someone they hated walked in, don't blame you, being mean is a lot of effort. 5 people said they'd fail at being nice and be passive aggressive, which is also understandable, being actually mean is a heck of a lot harder then just saying things you know will provoke them. 4 people chose to ignore and 2 people would punch in gut or kneecaps. Most of my other responses said they have never despised someone. I've got one word for you: hOW????

Most of us are single, more than half of us actually. Most of the single people are not ready to mingle, which is fine. I got 6 responses that people are currently in a relationship, to those people congratulations! Tell me your secrets owo.

also someone said "single and if someone mingles and if i mingle back then we jingle" and i just wanted to let you know that makes me extremely happy

A surprising amount of us write, I got 6 responses talking about fanfiction alone! The other front runners are art/drawing (5 responses) and various musical things! (7 responses all together)

Most people would go to the fanmeet and just bring a lot of water, and a lot of other people would go with a group of friends big enough to protect them. 4 people in total said they wouldn't go, I agree, I have the WORST crowd anxiety (can it just die please)

I screwed up the next question, I added autumn and fall and forgot summer (thank's for letting me know btw), but the current breakdown is 9 for autumn, 6 for spring, 2 for winter, 3 for summer, and 4 for no preference.

Thanks for all the silly stories! I got a good chuckle out of them and it helped me feel closer and more comfortable w/ everybody!

Like 99% of the people that properly answered the regretted purchase question was gacha. I've never whaled before and reading these horror stories I am definitely not doing so in the future.

The question about changing your life was mostly split between school related things (grades, people. teachers. etc.) and giving yourself more motivation. Both are things I'd love to change too!

When it comes to cooking, in short we all suck. 10 people answered either mediocre or can't cook at all, only 3 people said they could cook and 4 people can only use a microwave. Also, to the person that invited me for the PB and J party, heck yes.

Welp that's all I'll edit this as I get new responses thank you to everyone who's filled the form out thus far!

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My favorite thing about Hagumi is that her name sounds like a Japanese person saying “Hug me”.

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Everyone else: Happy Thanksgiving!

Me: What in the flying flapjacks is a Thanksgiving? UK doesn't even celebrate anything until Christmas

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fam u wouldnt believe it. i was in the app store and came across this game called utano princesama, so i thought i would give it a try bc it looks similar to bandori and it has english. im going through the character profiles while its downloading, so far so good and then ?? THIS GUY POPS UP



THANK U NATSUKI for realistically repping that tall boi life. rrrgh u short ppl will never understand my pain. this dude is almost 2 cm shorter than me so he really knows what its like. that feeling when i have to look down at girls while we're talking and i want to pick them up like, why are u so smol its so cute and just?¿¿¿

how ironic for our weakness to be things so much tinier than us,, idk about natsuki but my only defense mechanism is to roast ppl for being small, but on the inside im so happy. natsuki knows exactly what im talking about and i havent even played the game but IM SO EXCITED, HES MY BOY ALREADY. BLESS U BRO U UNDERSTAND