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August 10, 2018 18:01:15 +0000 (UTC)


I don’t know if this has been said, but Ran and Tomoe’s friendship is so underrated. After reading the Growing Up Sisters event, I came to have a new appreciation for how they interact.

When they get really down in the dumps or face a crisis (like Ran in the band story, and Tomoe in the event), they’re both the type to get muddled in their own thoughts, and they try to keep it to themselves. I feel like Tsugu, Himari, and Moca are more of the types to just watch over them, or are softer in their approach to help. While that could be reassuring, I think with people like Ran and Tomoe, it isn’t enough to drive them to pull themselves together.

But Ran and Tomoe are both really straightforward, and they’re not afraid to call each other out when they start retracting into themselves. The tension that results between them could be seen as potentially disastrous by the others, but their arguments help them sort out their thoughts and release whatever stress has been building up. I think they’re able to do this because they understand how each other thinks, and what the other needs to hear.

Their relationship is just really unique, but also refreshing to see, and I just love it so much <3

June 18, 2018 16:36:55 +0000 (UTC)


best girl appreciation post

title of image

that's right, Rinko is the best girl FOFF

July 23, 2018 15:49:47 +0000 (UTC)

Hey fam, so I went through Afterglow’s band story and, wow, they’re actually all my top 5 favorite...

Hey fam, so I went through Afterglow’s band story and, wow, they’re actually all my top 5 favorite girls now. The story got me pretty emotional at times, and I wa s genuinely laughing at other moments. I think Visual Novels might be one of my favorite video game genres now!

However, another user, AkaneHachi, was asking me to let them know my favorite character from Afterglow, so this is me explaining who it is and why.

Even before reading the story, I could’ve solidly said that it was Ran, but I couldn’t figure out why at first. I had the strongest reaction to her from when I initially got the game; the way she was posing + her design in their 2nd band picture, and even just playing as her in multilives. I just felt the most comfortable and natural seeing her cards and little chibi represent my name while I did my very best.

“She’s pretty cool”, I consistently thought to myself. And yet, that didn’t feel right. I felt like a stereotypical dudebro guy, just going straight for the punk rock band and the obvious cool rocker girl with the rebellious haircut. After going through the band story and “As Evening Clears” though, I’m glad to say there’s more depth behind why I was gravitating towards her.

I really relate to her in so many ways, one way being her father issues. My dad wasn’t part of my childhood at all, and I’ve only had actual conversations with him about seven times to date. Each time, we couldn’t connect and understand each other, so seeing Ran’s dad eventually come around really warmed my heart—maybe that’s something I’d like to have with my dad, although I can’t say for sure.

Another aspect I identify with her in, concerns her struggle to properly communicate. I very much prefer to keep my problems and personal life to myself, as I hate involving others in my stuff. Not a good thing most of the time, but I relate nonetheless, because my tendency to do that has definitely caused some strained relationships for me.

Perhaps what I love most about Ran though, is her outspoken artistry. I relate to it a little too well. It’s like, you take the frustration of your struggles, what you aren’t easily able to discuss with others, and you put it into art form.

For me, I really enjoy writing, and I pour my soul into it because there’s so many things I’m not comfortable to share in a normal conversation. So my writing ends up making me seem like a more open person than I naturally am, and I have a much easier time expressing myself this way. I get the same vibe from Ran and her music honestly.

She’s such a soul rebel, from the hairstyle, to the band she’s in. A lot of stuff about her speaks to her desire to stand out without actually saying much, something that heavily resonates with me. She’s not cold or distant though, and I like how she gets teased for how simple and easily embarrassed she is, while still being quick-witted herself.

I honestly love all of the five characters in this band so much and, outside of Ran, I can’t even decide how they would each line up in my top five. So, if you guys are interested, I might do a little write-up on the other four Afterglow girls and why I think they’re all well-written characters.

August 05, 2018 00:11:49 +0000 (UTC)


do you ever just casually play Multi-Live, picking Random because don't really have any song you wanna play and you're listening to something other than the game audio anyway ... a song gets picked, you look at the note ranking, pick a difficulty level based on it, the song starts, you tap away on the beatmap and in the middle of it you suddenly think ...

"wait, what song am I playing right now?"

August 09, 2018 19:15:56 +0000 (UTC)


Tbh, i didn't like arisa that much, but i think im starting to like her now. Im not a big fan of tsundere's and as sb who is kasumi trash i always thought she was kinda mean to her. Idk, lately her interactions make me laugh. Her "hell no" attitude is so funny and relatable. Also when i read that she is pretty introverted and is awkward with making friends, i really liked that about her because I'm like that too lol. Thanks dreamfest for giving me her initial. I think its cute how much she loves her plants <3


August 11, 2018 09:32:09 +0000 (UTC)

Oh well... It's my favourite Poppin Party set I think it's a miracle AND MAYA TOO, IT'S TRULY...

Oh well... It's my favourite Poppin Party set

I think it's a miracle


August 10, 2018 03:31:23 +0000 (UTC)

What did I do to deserve her thank god she’s apart of the event. All my stars went to...

What did I do to deserve her

thank god she’s apart of the event. All my stars went to dreamfest.


July 29, 2018 02:51:48 +0000 (UTC)


R is the biggest bop since Neo-Aspect and my wig is IN ORBIT Y'ALL. It's so cool getting to hear all the members of Roselia sing - they all have SUPER AMAZING VOICES. I'd give anything to have a song like this (all members singing solos) for HHW too... I'm so thirsty for Misaki's singing voice