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April 30, 2018 14:53:18 +0000 (UTC)


Appreciation post for the fact that there's two pairs of sisters in Bandori and one of them DOESN'T have the super-perfect unrealistic extremely harmonious relationship that's very common among idol-sisters and has some actual friction and I love it!

July 22, 2018 07:29:06 +0000 (UTC)


Okay I'm salty as hell right now. I spent 25k stars that I've been collecting from April and what did I get? No Chisato. Instead I got TWO MOCA 4 stars ONE AYA 4 star AND ONE KANON 4 star. I even scouted with a 3 star guaranteed ticket(of course I got a 3 star). Bandori's guaranteed rates are just ridiculous. I did get Eve at least but I'm still salty.

Edit: Okay I've calmed down a little. I did get best girl Moca so at least one good thing happened.

July 23, 2018 02:02:35 +0000 (UTC)


Reminder: Ako's voice in Passionate Starmine is heavenly.

July 22, 2018 11:38:48 +0000 (UTC)


I . . .


Okay story time: My friend (well like, we're kinda dating? idk he asked like two days ago and he's still overseas rn) video called me and he's the type of person who likes to drone on for hours about stuff so I settled down for a Bandori grind session while we talked. Since I'm the most utterly abysmal multitasker the world has ever seen I kept! missing! one flick! for no reason! in Yura-Yura but I will say that my poker face is impeccable and I hid my existential frustration like a pro.

Said poker face is not, however, immune to the gacha being too kind. I tend to be pretty reserved even in front of my close friends so I was like don't react don't react even when there were rainbow glow sticks and my fluffy angel Kanon popped up but then IT WAS RAINBOW AGAIN AND IT WAS RINKO ASLDKAJKLDS SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL and I couldn't help it and just bounced in my seat and tried not to yell too loudly and my friend was like "I've never seen you actually excited before"

So that's what it's come to guys. I mean I'm really happy (even though rate-up is a lie but who's surprised at this point) but without fictional characters I'd be nothing but an emotionless shell sigh

July 19, 2018 11:48:09 +0000 (UTC)


I kinda need to rant but it’s not about anyone here but from people in other places (also I don’t really want to cause any discourse hhh)

I find it really annoying when people complain about the lack of stars that Bandori gives you as a f2p because it’s not actually that bad if you, idk, actually play the game?? Yeah, the login bonuses aren’t that great, but if you actually events regularly, you get a decent amount of stars. I get roughly 800 (probably a bit more) per event, including event point & ranking bonuses and the event stories. That’s a bit less than 1/3 of a pull, but it adds up. I only play for like an hour a day these days but yeah. I’ve been playing endori since the beginning, and I have about 25k stars saved up, just by using the method above (I’ve gotten more stars from other things too). And I’ve not spent a single penny on the game. I don’t expect every one to have that much but yeah you can still save a decent amount if you try.

What I’m trying to say here is that it’s not that hard. It’s like any other game, you actually need to play it if you want rewards and items. You can’t expect everything to be handed to you. And if you really want it, then pay. Your money is what keeps the game alive.

Hhh sorry if this sounds stupid or condensing but I really hate when people complain about this I’m gonna go crawl back into my hole now bye.

July 13, 2018 00:23:43 +0000 (UTC)

I promised i'd draw some ducky girls : I'll draw the other bands soon!! I call them...quackin...

I promised i'd draw some ducky girls :) I'll draw the other bands soon!!

I call them...quackin party

Hello happy world

Pastel palettes



July 21, 2018 16:27:18 +0000 (UTC)


tonight is the night that my favorite pasupare song gets released on the worldwide server!!!!!!