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Bandori Franchise: Heeey! NEW BAND AND 2 NEW SEASONS COMING 2019

Me: oh

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so im a part of the ''give misaki a trained card without the michelle costume'' club and i was thinking would be really nice to be an event in which the costume gets damaged so misaki has to and convinces others that michelle got ''sick'' so she will perform in her place

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Zyxrox - "Picks Phantom Thief, choose Expert, spam Just as Planned sticker"

Me - "Oh boy here we go again... change flame boost to x1, choose Easy, Spam just as Planned sticker"

And thus the result... i hate these type of people, can't even play seriously anymore

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hi I love yukisayo and someone else on this site might love this ship too so I figured I could post these doodles here~



also posted to my tumblr

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Headcanon: The three bodyguards are the biggest fans of HHW, they go to every show and wear headbands and T-shirts of the band. They also cry every show they go because they're so happy they're there.

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Slight Spoiler for PasuPare BandStory Chapter 1 (Maybe?) and Spoiler for the Mou Ichidou Luminous MV if you haven't watched it yet:

This might end up long so sorry for that.


In the MV, a lot of the off stage shots take place in a sort of makeshift doll factory, I think. The PasuPare girls, first and foremost Aya, are being shown as if they were dolls for sale, as they are being mass-produced into pretty little dolls.

Dolls are exactly what we want them to be, they can be whatever and whoever we say they are, if you want your doll to be a serial killer, your doll is now a serial killer, want the doll to be a perfect Mary Sue? Well, you got yourself a Mary Sue right there, friend.

And why is this so genius? Because that's how some people, and some agencies, see idols. Idols are supposed to be these pure, untouched goddesses that you can dream about, and they are whatever you, or the agencies want them to be. They're wish-fulfillment for people.

Usually, there's some sort of norm that the idols are supposed to fit into; Aya doesn't. In the MV, I don't know if it was intentional or not, but for the sake of this argument, it was. Aya is too small for her box, meaning that she doesn't fit into the norm/mold/whatever, which clearly she doesn't if we talk about her character.

And if we talk about the whole factory thing; If something is produced in a factory, more often than not it is artificial. What else is artificial? The PasuPare we could've had. PasuPare was supposed to lie, to be artificial, to not be real, because they were supposed to fake their instrument-playing, they were supposed to fake everything that happened on stage and Aya was supposed to lip-sync, which can be described as artificial singing.

This also links to the piñata. It represents PasuPare's, Idonno, rebellion? It's basically just there to symbolise them making a change and becoming better because of it.

What I'm trying to say with this? PasuPare is fantastic, and doll-imagery was made for them. Thanks for coming to my TEDTalk.

Edit: Upon further inspection of the MV, I think Aya being too small for the box is intentional, as it looks like the other 4 girls do fit into their boxes.

And also; If you imagine the factory as their agency, it ads a whole other level of imagery.

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This is gonna be a bit of a story so get comfy with your choco cornets.

I didn’t get into Bandori until the English release of the game. A couple of months before the game was released, I was looking through all of the character profiles, and trying to decide on a best girl.

At that point, Ran caught my eye. She seemed like a strong, fierce, yet awkward girl who really cared about her friends. I liked her character a lot, and I still do! But today, we’re not here to talk about Ran, but another girl who stole my heart.

So anyway, the night before the English release, I decided that I would reroll until I got a 4*, since I hear that it would help my teams a lot in the earlier events. At that point though, only the Poppin’ Party girls had 4*s. I hopped into the shower that night, hoping to decide who was my best Popipa girl once and for all since I had been trying to decide for the past week or so. So I went through them all one by one.

Kasumi- a genki leader. I generally have a soft spot of genki leaders. Arisa- a Tsundere. I liked the way she spoke, because it sounded a lot harsher than a lot of female tsunderes. Rimi- she wants to stand on her own two feet. She’s shy, but she wants to change that about herself, which I really liked. Tae- she seemed pretty chill, and she likes bunnies.

And then there was Saya.

I had never really considered Saya before that point. In fact, she was the one from Popipa that stood out to me the least. She had a nice design, but she kinda just seemed like a typical mom friend. She was just…there. She was neutral (like she is to a lot of people). There’s not a whole lot to dislike about her.

But anyway, I took a closer look at Saya, read up on her character a bit. Her family owns a bakery? Baked goods a.k.a. my favourite type of food in the world? I think she went a bit further up my list. She seems really nice and I like her design, so I’ll reroll for her, I thought.

On my 7th or 8th reroll account, I got her!! I got her 4*!! I was so happy I was screaming. Imgur

The first thing I learned from her card was that she likes scrunchies! Honestly, I thought that was really cute, and it was something that (kind of) came up in the anime when she had matching scrunchies with her old bandmates. Though they didn't explicitly say it, I thought it added a nice touch, and I'm really glad they added it. I thought that the fact that she wanted matching scrunchies with the rest of Popipa was really sweet as well! Imgur

The more I got into the stories, the more I learned of her character, the more I grew to like her, and she eventually ended up becoming my best girl. Which is why I find the name of this contest so ironic; Saya Yamabuki literally changed my mind.

I felt like Saya was the complete opposite of me; she cared about the people around her, she was supportive, and she was friendly. She’s mature, but she can still be silly at times. The fact that she can manage a band on top of helping out at her family’s bakery and looking after her siblings is something I really admire about her. My favourite characters have at least one aspect that I really relate to; Saya was was different. She was someone I look up to, and she’s someone I want to be like. She’s someone I’d want to be friends with, since I’ve felt like I’ve always had to be the ‘mom friend’ in my group of friends. I’ve always what it would be like if I had a mom friend. Not too long ago I started watching the anime, and I’ve gotten up to a couple of episodes after Saya’s joined Popipa.

At that point I realised maybe Saya wasn’t the complete opposite of me. Saya kept a lot of her feelings to herself. She tried to do her best to help the people around her, and to make sure that she wasn’t causing anyone problems, so she’ll decide things on her own. That’s why she pushed Kasumi away, even if she wanted to join. That’s something I really relate to a lot. I want to make sure I’m not bothering anyone most of the time, I make a lot of decisions without consulting anyone because of that. That only grew to make me love her more though, because I understood what she was going through.

I almost cried a couple of times during her arc. When Saya finally joined Popipa, when she finally decided to do something for herself, rather than for the people around her, I was almost in tears. She grew so much as a character, and I think I grew to love her more than I already do.

I made a few edits for her birthday, which I've posted on here and on twitter! I also wrote a little letter to her on my twitter post ♡

To sum it up, Saya Yamabuki is a sweet, supportive girl who deserves all the happiness in the world. I hope this mini-essay is enough to raise you’re opinion of her, even if it’s a little bit. Thanks for reading! Since you’ve made it this far, here’s a choco cornet from Yamabuki Bakery ♡

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rimi but instead of having arms and legs, theyre turned into choco coronets

edit: hi i did it


please dont kill me

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Gahd everytime I see new Ran fanart it gets better


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Yesterday was my birthday. My 11 year old cousin came over and wanted to know what game I was playing on my phone. While showing/explaining Bandori to her, she asked about my favourite characters. I show her Maya, Eve, Rinko, and Misaki. She agrees that they're super cute. Then...

Me: One of the neat things about this game is that you can see little interactions between the characters taps on Tsugu and Himari

Cousin: points at Tsugu when they pop up She's boring looking. I don't like her. Make her go away now.

I'm so sorry, Tsugu.