December 30, 2018 10:49:53 +0000 (UTC)



Good morning I woke up and cried over these two girls today how’s everyone doing

December 30, 2018 21:42:03 +0000 (UTC)

after a hundred of years  some months since i was bored and didn't know what to do  I finally did...

after a hundred of years (some months since i was bored and didn't know what to do) I finally did another wallpaper!

December 31, 2018 04:11:39 +0000 (UTC)


My DreamFes Scouting Results!!









SAYO LOVES ME YA’LL!! <3 <3 <3

December 19, 2018 21:26:17 +0000 (UTC)


I might as well join in the Bandorisona thing but I have no image bc I'm male and I have no laptop fuee...

If you need an image, just imagine Kirito but tol and with glasses.

Name: Keahi

School Year: Finished (Bachelor's in International Trade)

Image Color: Forest Green and Neon Green (or just Green in general)

Age: 23

Birthday: November 6th

Astrological Sign: Scorpio ♏

Height: 191cm est. (6'3")

Liked Foods: Spam and Rice, Hawaiian Food, Mochi

Disliked Foods: Jalapenos, Natto, Kaiseki Cuisine

Hobbies: Video Games, Math, Sports

Sorry that this is half-assed fueeeeeee.... Thx to Pern for this trend!

November 25, 2018 01:38:07 +0000 (UTC)

here we goooooooo

1. favorite girl: tomoe and kaoru!! as said on my profile i’ve got a thing for...

here we goooooooo

  1. favorite girl: tomoe and kaoru!! as said on my profile i’ve got a thing for masculine girls,,,
  2. favorite vocalist: ran!! ayaneru’s vocal range is impressive as hell, and i really like her aesthetic/tsundere tendencies. she’s so cute when shes flustered dskfjfkhl
  3. favorite bassist: himari!! i like her aesthetic too! (cutesy AND rebellious)
  4. favorite guitarist: kaoru!! shes a big lesbian icon
  5. favorite keyboardist: tsugu!! shes a good girl who always does her best
  6. favorite drummer: tomoe all the way!!
  7. favorite popipa songs: original: natsuzora sun! sun! seven! POPIPA! PIPOPA! POPIPA PA PIPOPA!!! (i also like star beat hoshi no kudou and poppin’ shuffle!) cover: days!! its such a pretty cover, saaya’s voice is so heavenly,,,also life will change bc im persona trash
  8. favorite pasupare songs: original: yura-yura ring dong dance!! im not a big fan of pasupare (i dont hate them!! its just that their aesthetic isnt really my thing ^^;) but this song BOPS HARD cover: hanamaru pippi wa yoiko dake!! i love osomatsu san, and im still salty its not on the en server >:O
  9. favorite hhw songs: original: goka! gokai!? phantom thief, wacha mocha pettan koushinkyoku and fuwa fuwa yumeiro sandwich cover: HAJIMEMASHITE OJOU SAN, NISHI NO KUNI KARA, AI NO TAME NI ANATA NI AI NI KIMASHITA (oh and shin takarajima)
  10. favorite afterglow songs: original: y.o.l.o!!!!!, jamboree journey, and comic panic!!! afterglow is like my favorite band so i can’t choose just one favorite sjdfkgkgl cover: ready steady go (fma is god tier) great escape, reach out to the truth
  11. favorite roselia songs: original: determination symphony, oneness, r, sanctuary cover: hacking to the gate, eternal blaze, cruel angel’s thesis, kimi no kioku
  12. least favorite songs: original: mae e susume and yumemiru sunflower :P cover: i will fight anyone who picks fuwa fuwa time during multi lives
  13. dream cover song: craftegg pls let afterglow do a bnha cover for the love of god i beg of you
  14. dream card: let’s see...literally every kaoru thats a 3★/4★, starlight journey ran+kasumi, dreamfes sayo+kaoru, taiko drummer tomoe, all of the persona cards...i cant wait to waste my stars next year
  15. favorite event story: happy phantom thief and the luxury cruise, a rose’s name in a transient world, umbrella for the autumn rain (sayo’s character development was EXCELLENT)
  16. ships: kasumi/arisa, rimi/tae/saaya, moca/ran, tomoe/himari, hina/aya, maya/eve, yukina/lisa, ako/rinko, sayo/tsugumi, misaki/kokoro, misaki/kanon, kaoru/chisato
  17. favorite band: afterglow!! i LOVE their aesthetic
December 30, 2018 11:05:33 +0000 (UTC)


That moment when your best girls are Aya/Lisa and Ran but you also want to scout in the revival Kokoro/Eve new year on JP

F for me 😅

See stars count : 7000

This is fine I am fine hehehe 😶

So because of that I have made a plan , not great but it can work

Dreamfes Ran/Lisa : I can always get them so I can skip but if the new year banner is with it I will try to get them

New Year Kasumi/Aya : I only need Aya sorry Kasumi, I can try now if I don't get her I save for her next year in EN

New Year Kokoro/Eve : I can't scout for them on EN so I can only do that on JP and I might have to drop everything for it since it's a revival gachas and might never ever come back except neither Kokoro and Eve are best girls so that's tad tricky 🤔

To conclude I am screwed thank you cracked egg

I want to die ugh

December 30, 2018 19:35:56 +0000 (UTC)


i can't remember right now but i have either 23k or 30k stars saved

and alllllll of them are for lisa's valentine event

she will come home

i will cry if she doesn't

and i really hope she comes home early bc dang am i gay for that white day kaoru

than yall know im saving again for the beach event!!!!!! dazzling sunlight lisa, im coming for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank u eggu for making lisa the event card for the new beach event bc im!! gunning!! for!! ocean!! blue!! summer!! skies!!

December 29, 2018 19:35:47 +0000 (UTC)


Starts in 1 days 5 hours 24 minutes

hello my name is SCREAMING AT ALL TIMES