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July 13, 2020 18:01:50 +0000 (UTC)

Party time!!! Time to jump into the bandwagon!!!
Best Girl/ Best Boy: I...

Party time!!! Time to jump into the bandwagon!!! ———————————————————————- Best Girl/ Best Boy: I know that Chihiro’s a dude but I needed to include both Mondo and Chihiro on here it’s my calling,, Chihiro’s so so cute and I love their development through chapter 2, and I also rlly like their relationship with Mondo, I know everyone calls them toxic but their interactions through the games, anime, and mangas rlly warms my heart, they’re so sweet, same goes with Mondo he has the tough and serious persona but he’s honestly so cute 🥺🥺

Guilty Pleasure Character: Aniki from Death March Club, I know it’s weird liking a character from a game that hasn’t come out yet, but I ADORE his design it’s rlly pretty, and judging from his bio he’s going to be pretty similar to Piers who I absolutely adore, why is he a guilty pleasure character though??? You have to remember that everyone in Death March Club is 12, so I feel rlly weird liking him, even though I don’t rlly like him romantically.

Character with the best voice talent: Ran and Felix!!! Their voices are so pretty I could listen to them sing all day.

Character everyone likes but you don’t: PLEASE don’t take this personally, but for the most part I just really hate their personality and I think they’re pretty annoying, except for Yukina, I can see how she’s interesting but I don’t rlly like her personality, but the one character that I stand by hating with ALL of my might, is KLARA, I cannot stand her she’s super irritating and annoying and besides that, unlike Avery, she has no REAL motive to be mean to you, Avery’s league card states that he was thought of as a failure in his family, and only tried to drive you away from the dojo since he felt loved there and didn’t want to be forgotten (he also apologized to you and promises to work on himself which I think is super sweet) and besides all the motive that Avery has, you know why Klara is so mean? SHE WANTS CLOUT, she even chose poison type just because there wasn’t much competition, she had potential to be a good character but her motives were rlly weak and doesn’t help her AT ALL.

Character everyone hates but you don’t: DO NOT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON SAYAKA. She’s so sweet and nice but due to the motive video it made her grow mentally unstable, and that’s why she did what she needed to do, even if it wasn’t a success. She is by all means NOT A SNAKE, her friends are the most important thing to her, and she felt that she needed to do what she did. She did not come into Hopes Peak a manipulator, due to the things she was put through, she became one. Thankfully the hate on Avery is starting to die down, but it’s ASTRONOMICALLY stupid that people have him because of his design, he’s such a STRONG character and his development is very nice, but people don’t like his design, and honestly I think his design is super pretty, it fits the weird and psychedelic character that both Avery and psychic type as a whole have. Hagumi isn’t a rip off of Rin, she’s her entirely different character, she’s super sweet and kind, I love Hagumi with all my heart.

Sexiest female design: Kaoru and Masuki, they need me explanation, they’re gorgeous and I love them

Sexiest male design: I have SUCH a thing for pretty boys with long hair, I love them I could keep going forever, I love them so much, they’re so cute and pretty and I will devote my entire life to them. Specially Piers, Avery, Miyuki, Pinga, and Luca. All in all, boys with long hair >>>>>>>

Character you wish you could cuddle: EVE, FELIX, KANON, AND AVERY!!! THEY ARE SO CUTE AND SOFT, I desire that a lot. (And Avery deserves one ❤️)

I don’t think much explaining is needed for the Despacito ones they’re pretty self explanatory

Great character, crappy fanbase: As a Luca main, I’m very disappointed with how people portray Luca, specially when they reduce his whole character as a rat, like,, it doesn’t make any sense, he’s very canonically nice and friendly to everyone with no evil intent, and the way he got the title of the “Prisoner” is due to him accidentally killing somebody, and it wasn’t his intent, he tried to block the shock he gave the person he killed which resulted in his black eye, and honestly explaining why he isn’t a rat would take a long time, it’s faster if you watch his character backstory. And also HONEY. LUCA. I can understand why everyone is so thirsty for Luca, like he’s definitely very cute, but the extent this fandom will go to lewd Luca is very, very, surprising.

(I apologize for so much Avery I love him so much and I want to show others why I do)

July 12, 2020 12:57:00 +0000 (UTC)

If I had a nickle every time this happened, I'd have 2 nickles which isn't a lot but it's weird that...

If I had a nickle every time this happened, I'd have 2 nickles which isn't a lot but it's weird that this has happened twice now..

March 11, 2020 17:43:55 +0000 (UTC)


The "man of culture" Bandori Version Has Arrived! Use it to your hearts content😉



July 11, 2020 23:45:53 +0000 (UTC)

Guess i'll join the bandwagon as well...As for my reasons to make it look like this...


Guess i'll join the bandwagon as well...As for my reasons to make it look like this...

Best Girl: I think it's no secret to any of you at this point that the untrained Tomoe's initial 3 stars art was the one responsible for getting me into bandori, from that point on, her personality, the fact that she is a drummer, and her Seiyuu do the rest.

Best Boy: Real talk fam, it took me my good ten minutes to decide on this one until the final decisión was left between this fine man and our adorable, and completely vanish from our memories, Debeko. But since maybe there could be people who still doesn't met the latter i opted for the safest option.

Guilty pleasure character: To be honest, i actually had to check the definition of what a "Guilty pleasure character" is because I didn't have the slightest idea of what i was supposed to put here. And after learn it CHU² was the first optión that cross my mind (I guess i should thanks Kaiton for show me all the strenghts she actually have (?))

Character with the best voice talent: I could give you another good wall of text with the reasons for which i choose Ayaneru over the other stunnings voices that bandori have, like Aiai, Aimin, Raychell, Miku or even Amita, but instead i will refer you to the Birthday post I wrote for her, so we can both save time.

Character everyone like but i don't: Pretty self explanatory... next!

Character everyone hate but i don't: While she isn't either my best girl in Haro Happy i can't understand why so much people seems to hate poor Hagu, she is a really empathic girl that only wants to se everyone around her happy and well, please give her more love, she deserves it.

Sexiest Female desing: if we talking about dressing with style we could have several options, but if we talking about dressing with style and looking goddamn hot while doing it i think not even Kaoru is capable of make as many heads turn as Lisa.

Sexiest Male desing: Although I am just another straight dude, I have no problem in admitting when I see beauty in another man ... and this good sir is one handsome devil (if I had decided to add characters from other franchises, chances are you would have found Camus or Syo from Utapri here) ... also you all know that I'm a sucker for Drummers so ... yeah ... move on to the next one.

Character you wish you would cuddle: If Lisa is the queen of sexyness, Tsugu is her counterpart, she is the most pure, precious and wholesome character in the whole franchise and every time i see her i just want to squeeze her and don't let her go.

Character who's ironic favorite song is 'Despacito': This choice was more the effect of a reflex act than that of rigorous scrutiny ... but i can actually picture Chisato saying that she like the song just for the memes somehow...

Character who's unironic favorite song is 'Despacito': This can be explained pretty quick...Is Kokoro who we are talking here, she likes everything!

Great character, crappy fanbase: Another one that is pretty much self explanatory. Luckily, i have to give my thanks that here in Banpa anyone can find a community as great as the characters. But don't want to check how are other communities in places like facebook, twitter, or other social media fam...

And that's all for now, i'm going to take a rest now, but i'll be back soon.