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my beautiful angel

check out my boppin Hina loving bestie, Tsundokuu!

hmm.... what do we have here?


Welcome to my profile! Feel free to have a look around (¯︶¯)

🌸Pastel Palettes Trash

🌸Hina and Maya are my beautiful girls

🌸Idol Survivor is my Favourite set (Pastel Samurai comes a close second!)

🌸Aesthetic Crazy

Bandorisona sona

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Currently saving for: Wonderful World Hina image

Also reminder to myself that I wasted 7500 stars I could have spent on Hina on dreamfest and didn’t get any four stars :( I will never forgive myself

(Hina i swear to god I will cry if you don’t come home)

Girls who couldn’t make the top 3: Rinko





Oh yeah, and I share my birthday with Hagumi!

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