Maya Yamato

Name Maya Yamato
大和 麻弥
Cards 19 cards
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Fans 584 fans
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Costumes 35 costumes
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Band Band Pastel*Palettes
School Haneoka Girls' High School
2 - B
School year Second
Color #95e5b3
CV Nakagami Ikumi
CV (Japanese) 育実 中上
Birthday November 3
Height 161 cm
Liked food Veggie sticks
Disliked food Haute cuisine
Astrological Sign Astrological Sign Scorpio
Instrument Drums
Hobbies Tinkering with sound equipment
An equipment geek, Maya is happiest when she's surrounded by instrument equipment. When you talk about instrument equipment, she becomes talkative. Prior to joining the band, she was a studio musician. She wears glasses, which she removes when performing.
Source BanGDreaming Tumblr
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