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I did a quick Kanon redraw because I wanted to try out rainbow lines and also this card is SUPER CUTE

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D DIO?! i know its a bit late on trend but better late than never

D-DIO?! i know its a bit late on trend but better late than never

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so I uh. made a fanband. I do have designs for them but I still gotta draw them out properly, so I thought for now I'd just tell you what they're all about because I definitely will yell about them. I'm sorry. also sorry for what's probably gonna be a long post

//e: I'm adding some busts for now, but they're all gonna get proper profiles ... eventually


A girls band originally founded by Iyori and Kayo. Their style is traditional Japanese but with heavier rock elements (think My Mai Tonight or Senbonzakura) and their aesthetic is usually in the Taisho era territory. Their name comes from rakugo, the traditional art of comedic storytelling (thanks Trish for that name ily). Even though they’re pretty newly formed, their members all have a bunch of experience with their instruments, so they’re decent right from the get-go.

Each member is based off an anime archetype and their sets would mostly feature Japanese stories and fairytales such as Princess Kaguya. The most noteworthy thing about them is that they do not have a second guitar like PoPiPa or Afterglow, instead their ‘second guitar’ is an electric shamisen for the added traditional touch.

Guitar & Vocals: the Bokukko (1st yr, Hanasakigawa) Yoroizuka Ami 鎧塚亜実


A girl from the countryside who recently moved here. Back at home she was known in her village for her skills on the guitar and the vocals, which she’d often showcase at community events. Nowadays she doesn’t have that amount of support, so she decides to join a band to keep making music. She has a thing for traditional Japan and history in general since her father is a history teacher who would always tell her stories when she was younger. Because Ami’s speech patterns are pretty rural, she tends to make people turn their heads when they hear her talk, but she doesn’t want to abandon them because she wants to feel connected to where she came from still.

Drums: the Genki Girl (1st yr, Haneoka) Kikasawa Kayo 気加沢嘉代


Your local ball of sunshine who goes into everything head-first. Honestly, she just wants to do things because she can and has a lot of excess energy. That’s why she got into drumming in the first place. She lives in a small apartment building so practicing there is out of the question. Because of that, she ends up drumming out in the open a lot and is considered a bit of an attraction for the people around. Optimistic and bright, Kayo’s existence always makes your day a bit happier, but she can be a bit exhausting … And forget to study over having so much fun. Her grades suffer.

Keyboard: the Yakuza (2nd yr, Hanasakigawa) Haizaki Miya みや


She’s not actually a Yakuza. In fact, she’s easily startled, quick to get second thoughts, and wouldn’t even jaywalk at 3AM on a lonesome street. She just really, really wants to get tougher and thought that creating a persona for herself would help her. Unfortunately she’s a bit too good of an actress and now most people are scared of her. She wears non-permanent tattoos and clip-on earrings and would like to use her newfound confidence (?) to make more friends. It’s not really working out. So when she’s invited to join the band after Iyori heard her play the keyboard, she’s actually very relieved. Miya is confident in her skills, but gets terrible stage fright nonetheless.

Bass: the Lolita (1st yr, Hanasakigawa) Aikawa Iyori 哀川いより


The most adorable girl in town, she does what she wants and how she wants it. Miya admires her genuine strength a lot, as this girl will not take anyone’s shit. With a sweet smile and polite words, she absolutely obliterates you if you dare say something wrong about her or her friends. She really isn’t picky about her Lolita styles but has a slight preference for classic Lolita and likes to incorporate her own touch into her outfits. She plays the bass because she likes that even though it’s subdued and not often appreciated, without it a band would fall apart. She was the first one to propose the idea of a band to Kayo after passing by her on her way home every day.

Shamisen: the Yamato Nadeshiko (2nd yr, Haneoka) – Kenmi Ouka 花見桜花


A girl tending to the temple nearby, she’s known for her grace and beauty. She plays several instruments, is well-versed in most Japanese traditions, and always gets up early to make sure everything is fine even before school, earning her the title “Princess of the Dawn”. She’s also a notorious music lover who can and will not shut up about her favourite bands and almost begged Kayo to join the band once she heard them practice outside. Ouka tends to get extremely emotional when she doesn’t have to be acting as the remote lady and loves her friends very dearly since she doesn’t have a lot of time to socialise in between all her duties.

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//edit: tried to make the art look less awful

Hi so following Bandori’s custom of using alliteration in band names—meet the five nerds of Velvet Vista!

Their music leans more towards old school soft rock and jazz, sometimes with a bit of a cutesy bubblegum sound so it’s on the quiet side, suited for small intimate settings. Other influences include enka and musical theatre. Occasionally though, they’ll go all out and cover a metal song for the hell of it and to appease their drummer.

(Two of them started out as LL! OCs shh. Also sorry about the cartoony saxophone but I can't art orz)


Vocals & Guitar: Tomomi Kugimaru (釘丸 朋実), 2nd Year

A quiet, aloof vintage fashion enthusiast. Doesn't have a lot to say but when she does speak it’s with wisdom and sensitivity. She has trouble being herself around others and so can appear stiff, blank-faced and slow to react in social situations, but that’s just the fear inhibiting her self-expression. Never knows what to do with her hands and consequently fidgets a lot. It’s hard to get through her barrier but once you succeed she’s the most fiercely loyal and caring friend you can find. Thanks to Miho, she found the confidence to perform and the stage is the one place where she can freely express herself, though she overcompensates for her usual shyness to the point of looking dramatically constipated when she sings.

Sax: Miho Yukawa (湯川 美歩), 2nd Year

The founder and leader of the band. Grew up surrounded by music so she’s dabbled in a bunch of instruments for fun, though she’s definitely most adept at the sax. Thought it’d be cool to be a drummer too but due to having spastic diplegia she can’t really operate the pedals effectively—not that it stops her from grabbing Marin’s sticks at every opportunity. She’s lively, affectionate and thoughtful and generally super comfortable to be around. Tries to be relentlessly positive most of the time but also wears her heart on her sleeve, so when she’s pissed she’s pissed and when something gets to her she bawls her eyes out for an hour before bouncing right back. Loves coloured eyeliner and weird socks.
Additional info:
Miho and Tomomi met in their first year of middle school when Tomomi stayed back to practise in the music room. She was too nervous to sing in public usually but it was pretty late so she thought no one would be around to hear her. Instead Miho wheeled in on her singing ‘For Good’ from Wicked and because they’re both musical theatre nerds a duet happened and now they’re super close.


Double Bass: Kuuki Ogawara (小河原 空姫), 1st Year

A whimsical dreamer, always wrapped up in her imagination. She lived in another city for most of her life so prior to joining the band she didn’t really have any local friends. Being taller than her bandmates, she tends to stand out and her doll-like appearance makes Asane foam at the mouth with envy. She’s amiable and sweet-natured but tends to keep to herself, and is a massive hoarder, cluttering her room with everything from childhood toys to empty chocolate boxes. Her bass is her everything—her classmates have known her to ask it for help with maths problems, and she’d probably sleep with it if she could. Really she’s just lonely and misunderstood and dreams up her little utopias for company.
Additional info:
Kuuki joined the band after running into Miho at the music store, and was responsible for recruiting Marin and Asane. Despite her eccentricity she’s pretty perceptive when she chooses to notice things and she saw something in their wacky dynamic that would spice up the band.


Drums: Marin Fujii (藤井 万鈴), 1st Year

A smol IT geek and likely the laziest person you’ll ever meet. If not for her sister’s nagging she’d probably never leave the house or take a shower. That said, she will go to extreme lengths to prank her sister (once she moved her entire drum kit into Asane’s room to disrupt her piano practice and thereafter Asane made sure to lock her door whenever she went out), program useless apps and wake up half the neighbourhood banging on her drums at 2 am. Most days you’ll find her sprawled on the couch playing video games and no one can fathom how she never gains weight. She wasn’t too interested in Velvet Vista’s music at first but eventually grew to appreciate its introspectiveness and controlled nuances.

Piano: Asane Fujii (藤井 朝音), 2nd Year

A classically trained musician and straight-A student with endless truckloads of ambition and drive. She’s a consummate professional with her brisk, no-nonsense attitude and is always busy with student council work, playing at various school functions, weddings etc. and volunteering. Failure barely puts a dent in her confidence—she just dusts herself off with spite and keeps aiming for the top. Only Marin can reduce her to a yelling three-year-old with a few words. Asane also religiously keeps up with fashion trends, wanting to be seen as sophisticated and mature, but because she has an incurable baby face and a bit of chub everyone just pinches her cheeks and calls her cute, to her never-ending chagrin.
Additional info:
These two never stop fighting. It gets pretty physical, with hair-pulling and biting and rolling on the floor and whatnot. The others have to keep breakable instruments away from them when they get like that. They live in a pretty big house (not ridiculously huge like Kokoro’s mansion, just normal big) and their parents are at work most of the time so it’s a wonder it hasn’t burnt down.
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I'm a little curious and I want to know what are your 2 tops of each band, here are my favorites


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So I won the 3rd CiRCLES Live Stream Giveaway and I asked for a drawing. The drawing is a...

So I won the 3rd CiRCLES Live Stream Giveaway and I asked for a drawing. The drawing is a collab between princesskris ( ) and Elililililili ( ; ). Nothing better than uniting two idol franchises in one picture.


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Hellooo , im new to the community page , but not new to the game necessarily , so I decided as my...

Hellooo , im new to the community page , but not new to the game necessarily , so I decided as my first post to be some fan art I made of kokoro. You can support my instagram @whatevenismypage , im a sorta new artist at posting online stuff so there isnt much art on the page , but support is helpful . Thanks! <3

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i wanted to try my hand at making a fan band and this is what i have so far.. the band is called...

i wanted to try my hand at making a fan band and this is what i have so far.. the band is called ReD ECliPSE and their style of music is a mix of indie and alternative.. so here's some info about the girl in this drawing, anya:

  • 16 years old/second year in high school
  • 152.4 cm tall (5 ft)
  • has 4 other siblings, all girls; she's the youngest of them all. her parents are bit older than most people would expect
  • birthday is january 28th (aquarius)
  • she was homeschooled as a child, and so she never got a music education until she became a teenager, and discovered her love of singing
  • since she wasn't able to pursue music as a child, she's making up for it now. although she is quiet and reserved most of the time in public, when she's alone with her best friends (aka her band) she becomes a whole different person. she talks a lot louder and voices her opinions openly
  • she can be a bit boastful at times, but it's mostly to lift up her own self-esteem. she's still fairly new to singing and feels a bit inferior to the other girls, who have all been playing their respective instrument for years. she views her habit of occasionally bragging about her talents as a character flaw and wishes she could stop doing it.