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(Previously Kokichi_kin)


Hi I'm lii_kun! I’m a hopeless vtuber addict

I go by either Lii-kun or Lii whatever you prefer


I’m not invested into Bandori anymore, I apologize 😞

Maybe you’ll see me post once in a blue moon about Moca but that’s about it

I don’t want to clog up the feed with non bandori related artwork since this is a website for bandori, not for my personal interests.

If you want to chat I can dm you my twitter or discord @ (there’s a chance I might decline if I feel uncomfortable in any way. Sorry. )

I highly doubt people even check this page anymore but I’ll just put this out here in case.

last edited 8/29/21

kaede_’s biggest fan

Other franchises I'm interested in

• Genshin Impact

• Project Sekai

• Hololive

• Nijisanji (mostly the EN groups)

• Haikyuu!!

• Splatoon 2

Please read this!

It’s ok if you set your pfp as my art but please credit me in your profile desc.

If you see someone stealing/tracing my art please reach out to me in a DM.

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Have a nice day!

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