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August 06, 2018 02:57:00 +0000 (UTC)


When none of Afterglow would go to the beach with Himari I almost cried. Like poor baby PLEASE go to the beach with her!!!

August 06, 2018 23:08:21 +0000 (UTC)


Why I always choose Random in Multi Live:

**Me: **"duuh where the fuck is the choco cornet song"

scrolls for 12 hours

Everyone else in the Live: COLLECTIVLEY SHITS PANTS

Me at the last second: "well damn I can't find it Random it is :3"

June 03, 2018 10:27:15 +0000 (UTC)


soo i posted a drawing of the vocalist of my fanband yesterday and here's a drawing of another member! Her name is Nagi and she's the drummer of the band! I haven't really finished her backstory but all I can say is that she's filthy rich and,,, that's pretty much,,, it sjkdskh

August 03, 2018 19:22:04 +0000 (UTC)


Y'know, it just hit me how much I appreciate the BanPa community in particular when it comes to the BanGDream fandom.

It's just... feels like such a nice place where no matter how far I scroll down the new tab, I will recognize somebody at least partly. Like, I see a name and go "Oh, yeah, it's that one person who does Something" or "Oh, yeah, hello person who Something yesterday".

And it just makes me really happy? Maybe because I've never had such an experience before where I recognize people from a forum/community/whatever and genuinely also like the site? It just makes me really happy.

TL;DR: BANPA APPRECIATION UNTIL THE DAY THAT I DROP. Really though, thank you all for being such nice people, it's honestly so nice to go here, and I think that the reason I frequent this site in the amount I do, is because of the people here.

June 02, 2018 12:17:43 +0000 (UTC)


so uhh,,, i made a fanband and they're called "ReverS" !! i'm still developing their backstories and stuff tho but here's a drawing of their leader/vocalist/guitar of the group, Mirai !!

//shameless self promote but hmu on ig yall (@/guemaru)

July 14, 2018 11:44:11 +0000 (UTC)


i had a little time today for a quick doodle, so happy birthday kasumi ⋆

thank you for always being bandori's shining star! it is because you exist, and because aimin exists that bandori is such a big franchise,, oof ily


August 06, 2018 19:38:19 +0000 (UTC)


Today's Multi Live story is this: Some person named "don't die like idiot" decides to pick Summer Wedding.

Sometimes I'd like to change my name to "I don't play with Rudes" and disconnect in such situations. Maybe that'd stop my "I can't dislike DC's and then DC myself on purpose" mentality, because names like this truly destroy my experience. I don't even die in songs like this, but I certainly hate myself a little for just rolling with that sort of mindset.

August 04, 2018 19:30:37 +0000 (UTC)


Unpopular Opinion:

I love paying Time Lapse. It is probably one of my favourite beatmaps, and I'm always happy when someone chooses it in a multilive.

August 05, 2018 04:23:37 +0000 (UTC)


"I only swim fuee..."

Haruka Nanase has always been swimming fuee for all his life, until an incident in middle school, where he stopped swimming fuee. A friend called Nagisa suggests starting a swim club so Haru can swim fuee again. There are 3 other people in the group. Makoto, who can swim fuee but is not as good as Haru, Nagisa who can't swim fuee and Rei, who is really bad at fuee. They meet one of their friends from their childhood called Rin who can swim fuee really well. Haru and Rin start rivaling each other, because swimming=rivalry. You also got Ikuya, who is also really good at fuee and Asahi...we don't know that much about Asahi's fuee skills.

Next up- Fuee- Timeless Medley- (Himawari no) Yakusoku.

August 05, 2018 18:46:50 +0000 (UTC)


honestly I'm so glad the event story on EN right now is what it is. like you look at the Rinko card and you think "oh no this is gonna be pure fanservice on the expense of Rinko's comfort isn't it" but then it's actually the complete opposite - Rinko stepping out of her comfort zone at a pace that suits her, everyone being super understanding of her boundaries, the girls working hard together at the beach hut to help Aya out, and by the end Rinko is happy that she went even though she initially didn't want to ... and Himari got her beach day like she wanted too!

Rinko's slow progress especially is so relatable and well written, I've been in similar situations both positive and negative and I'm so glad she has friends that let her be herself but still give her a hand to pull her out of her little bubble if she wants them to

this is one of these instances where I just ... [raises hands to the sky] I LOVE BANDORI'S WRITING SO MUCH