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June 13, 2018 04:46:57 +0000 (UTC)


5 pulls saved for Tanabata Sayohina and hopefully more by the time the set comes out!

June 29, 2018 04:15:09 +0000 (UTC)


and this is what happens when someone older than you starts a conversation while you're in the middle of a multi-live and for the sake of politeness you put your phone down to engage them and pretend you aren't invested in your technology at all

(apologies to everyone who was playing this live with me oof)

July 02, 2018 18:12:34 +0000 (UTC)


i really wouldn't mind afterglow playing at my birthday party :3c

((aka vote for afterglow. they do not get the appreciation they deserve and are seriously underrated. please give them a chance,,))

July 03, 2018 13:16:00 +0000 (UTC)


I’m trying to reach top 1000 for this event. It’s the first time I’m teiring in EN, so I hope I get the title I want

Also, good luck to everyone who is also teiring!

July 03, 2018 18:13:29 +0000 (UTC)


Band MBTI Part 1

I absolutely love typing characters with their MBTI so I decided to try it out with Bandori characters! I'll do it by band so I'll start off with my favorite band: Afterglow!


Ran is definitely an artsy type as a lot of her character is based on trying to express herself. I have no doubt that she is an introvert (especially seen in the As Evening Clears event). She also seems like the type to defy expectations especially in terms of family which explain the rebellious streak of her personality.

Moca: INFP

Moca is a little difficult because her apathetic attitude may be the sign of a thinking type but based on what's given about her inner thoughts really makes me lean towards a feeling type. She's a very go-with-the-flow type who's passionate but won't always show it and when she does, it's only to a small group of very close friends (this is probably why she a little more outspoken with Afterglow than with other friends such as Lisa or Saaya).

Himari: ENFJ

Himari is probably the most extroverted out of the group as well as the expressive. She's clearly altruistic and puts others before herself (hence why she's a bit of a pushover especially to Moca). This also makes her more hungry for approval from her band mates and seems like she relies on them for her self-esteem (this may be speculation on my half however). She is also the planner of the group, making her more of a judgmental type.

Tomoe: ENTP

The most notable trait about Tomoe is how straight forward she is. She's the one to address someone's unusual behavior and will be the one to bring up any tension that needs to be resolved (which as seen in the band's main story causes conflict with Ran's reluctance to show much emotion). She's definitely the most logical in the group which Ako likely finds admiral (a trait strongly valued by members of Roselia) and is more direct.

Tsugumi: ESFJ

I was really unsure whether or not Tsugumi should be considered an introvert or an extrovert but I decided that based on her interactions outside of the band shows that she's more motivated by social interaction (ex. working at her family's cafe, student council). Her selfless nature is definitely a trait of a Feeling personality type. She's also the least likely to be rebellious and is very rule-abiding in general which gives balance in the band with Ran's more progressive personality.


Thanks for reading! I put a lot of effort into this, and I hope to cover the remaining bands soon! If you disagree, feel free to leave a comment! I'd love to hear other opinions!

July 04, 2018 00:48:27 +0000 (UTC)


Happy lucky smile yay!!!!

July 03, 2018 16:33:40 +0000 (UTC)


This was my last pull i just hoped it wasn’t another singel 3star pull.(I was hugging my Madoka Nesoberi so tight xD) When i saw the rainbow lights i got a mini heart attack lol. Hina mah baby came home i’m so happy ;v;

Sorry if i posted this already ;~;

July 03, 2018 10:10:09 +0000 (UTC)


i scouted hoping to get tanabata sayo (hina wouldve been fine too) and the pull had gold lightsticks but then i guess one flipped and i got a 4*

a 4* of iniTIAL ARISA that is a

i forgot to screenshot the whole pull but

July 03, 2018 18:12:40 +0000 (UTC)


Idk if it's just me but my game been lagging a lot after the update 🤔

July 03, 2018 17:50:30 +0000 (UTC)


ok but am I the only one who lowkey wants to know what Misaki's favorite and least favorite food is xD

edit: nvm i figured it out lmao

July 02, 2018 19:34:09 +0000 (UTC)


Where’s my Afterglow cover of Kagerou Daze? Or any Kagerou project cover for that matter. With how many IA songs they’ve covered, you’d think one of them would be from it...

July 03, 2018 16:45:20 +0000 (UTC)


I wanted to get at least 2★ Aya or Kanon, but I got a 4★ Tae insted. what the heck. I'm playing this since it came WW and it's my first 4★. wake me up.