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I've spend like 10,000 stars just to get the new Ako card, got a buch of dupes instead Image

yeah sure it's not like theres supposed to be a rate up or smth At least I got Yukina in my first scout and made this silly edit Image with a link

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i’ve thought about writing something in response to this challenge for a couple days now, and it’s hard for me to truly express why i love my two best girls, but i’m going to try anyway because they’re both really important to me!! my two favorite girls in the franchise are sayo and hina. hina is my number one best girl and sayo maybe takes the one and a half spot, but i felt like i couldn’t only talk about hina without mentioning sayo as well, and as they’re both dear to my heart, i thought i’d go for it.

first things first: i really relate to hina. i have adhd which makes my social interactions awkward sometimes, so i’ve mostly stopped talking to people i don’t already to avoid being seen as strange. seeing her bear her awkward self, stay positive, and continue to just be who she is is really comforting to me. i’m also quite clueless, similar to her (and tae, haha). i guess i just see a lot of myself in her and she just… fits. she fills up empty places in me and she’s like a friend.

for sayo, i was drawn to her initially because of her pretty design and the fact that she was hina’s sister. getting into the game at first i didn’t like her (nor hina really, for that matter) but after reading about the two of them, sayo became my favorite roselia girl and hina shot all the way up to battling with my original best girl for first. i came to love sayo because, while i don’t relate to her struggles with guitar, something about the whole arc really spoke to me and i’ve been holding her dear ever since. she cares about roselia so much and wants to let others know she cares, like in the silly sweets classroom event, when she makes roselia (+ hina!!) cookies. she does that because she wants the people around her to be happy and to resolve conflicts that might happen.

the two of them together and their dynamic is a big factor too. seeing how they interact with each other and grow from their mistakes in the past has made me love them a million times more. they grew up together and they love each other so much even though they’re going through relationship problems, which is so sweet. and after certain event stories, they learn to repair their relationship and work on getting closer despite their troubles. people say hina doesn’t know how sayo feels, and while i think hina doesn’t quite understand it, hina understands sayo feels negative about herself and that something is different about her compared to how things used to be.

the both of them mean so much to me… they’ve inspired me to start my own band and learn electric guitar which has so far been really successful. i love them with my whole heart and i hope i’ve successfully expressed that through my writing!

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you literally cannot tell me otherwise

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i finally finished it 👌 (also im. sorry if its too big) hnnn i still wanna fight myself for not getting her

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very happy


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I made an edit owo

I made an edit owo

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i had no idea who would fit this the most

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What's wrong with headbanging :(

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"K-Kanon-chan...I don't feel so good.."

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bandori girls as the userbox on their tumblr, probably.

kasumi: this user chases shiny lights

tae: this user would do anything for science

rimi: this user would kill for some chocolate right about now

saaya: this user is a certified bread lesbian

arisa: pls go away, this user genuinely h8s u

ran: this user doesn't like u or anything!!!!!

moca: this user needs caffeine

himari: this user is probably your mother

tomoe: this user looks scary but is actually soft pls love them

tsugumi: who is this user again???

yukina: this user prefers cats to people

sayo: this user can not and will not eat their veggies

lisa: this user shops at claire's

ako: this user will welcome you at the gates of hell

rinko: this user is scared of just about anything

aya: this user loves looking in the mirror

hina: this user will sleep in class and still get better grades than you

chisato: this user is angel-kin, don't talk to them, they're better than you

maya: this user can't see straight, let alone be straight

eve: this user is a samurai

kokoro: this user supports furries

kaoru: this user makes gay jokes because they are a gay joke

hagumi: this user naruto runs everywhere

kanon: this user has no clue what the fuck is happening

misaki: this user gets chronic migraines

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I've only been part of the Bandori fandom since its WW release, but Misaki has already wormed her way into my heart with a speed and intensity that's frankly terrifying. If given the time, I could scream about her for days on end, but I've tried my best to condense it all down to something that's vaguely coherent, haha. This is very long, but I worked hard on it, so it would make me really happy if y'all could read it and give me a chance to explain how deserving Misaki is of your love ♡. Here goes~

Let's start off with a quick introduction! Okusawa Misaki is a first year at Hanasakigawa Girls' High School, in the same class as Kokoro. She is a Libra, and her birthday is on October 1st, ironically making her the youngest member of Harohapi. Her favourite food is anything from a family restaurant, since anything on their menus is a safe and tasty choice! On the other hand, she won't eat anything with cilantro in it. She's in the tennis club, and sews felt dolls for her little sister in her spare time. She's also taught the rest of HaroHapi to make them - they all gave Kanon felt dolls for her birthday recently! Misaki's motto for living life is "nanigoto mo hodohodo ga ii" (everything in moderation) - she doesn't like exerting herself. But that seems to have changed since joining HaroHapi, even if she won't admit it~

Misaki was training for her part time job - handing out flyers in the Michelle costume - when she was involuntarily scouted by Kokoro to become the DJ of Hello, Happy World! She had quite a rocky start with them at first, with Kokoro forgetting her name all the time and the sanbaka not hiding the fact that they liked Michelle much more than her.

Despite all this, despite the fact that she didn't join of her own volition, and even despite the fact that she likes to live life moderately, Misaki works so, so ridiculously hard for the band! She regularly does a physically strenuous activity like DJ-ing in an extremely hot and heavy suit, she writes both the songs and lyrics for HHW (based on Kokoro's ideas, but she might as well be speaking an alien language for how hard Misaki has to work to decipher them, haha), she books all their studio rehearsals and lives, she endures the loneliness and alienation of having to live a double life, and she does all this knowing her efforts will never be fully recognised, as long as the sanbaka don't know she's Michelle. When I first saw Misaki, her DJ and soft futch aesthetic made her stand out to me, but it was really the way she does so much and never asks for anything in return that cemented her as my best girl! (There's this one live interaction in which Kanon calls out, "Misaki-chan!" (not "Michelle", like the rest of HaroHapi), and Misaki answers, "Thank you, Kanon-san..." in such an exhausted and sad voice that my heart just broke???)

Joining HaroHapi has been really good for Misaki, though! It's so inspiring and heart-warming to watch her character develop so wholesomely because of the band ♡. Misaki used to be a very mild person who didn't get passionate about many things, and who tended to dismiss things as impossible before she tried them. But HaroHapi has really expanded her world~ It's so cute to see how fired up she was in the Hello, My Happy World event, even going so far as to help with maintenance to secure the live venue! Not only that - Misaki has also become more patient and more of a creative thinker from dealing with the sanbaka. DJ-ing inside Michelle has even made her a better dancer and tennis player!

Having said all of this, it's so, so evident that despite how pessimistic and tsundere Misaki acts, she loves her band with all her heart. When the suits were going to arrange a live for HHW, Misaki remembered Kokoro's earnest feelings of wanting to rely on their own efforts and stopped them. When she's out shopping, Misaki thinks to buy gifts for her band members to make them happy! She even cried when she admitted that she hated seeing the HaroHapi members sad (look at that red face and frustrated pout!! So cute aaa...) The Hello, My Happy World event is also incredibly significant in showing this. Misaki admits that seeing HHW happy makes her happy, that she likes doing lives with them, and outright says that she treasures them! (You know I astral projected into the stars in this moment, lmao.) Her love for her band is just so precious, and it's a huge part of why I love her so much~

Now that I've gotten the big stuff out of the way, here's a list of Misaki's quirks that I find endearing, and which really round out her character!

  • She has a strong sense of responsibility! In the beginning, Misaki only stayed in the band because she didn't want to leave Kanon at the mercy of Kokoro's antics. Misaki also worked really hard organising the live in the Hello, My Happy World event because she was the one to suggest it. And this hilarious 1koma as well~
  • Despite how blunt she can be at times, Misaki really cares about the people around her. She tried to reassure Hagumi when she was worried about liking girly things! And she's especially supportive of and gentle with shyer people like Kanon and Rimi. She praises Kanon's playing, is considerate of her tiredness after the Phantom Thief events, and helps her find her way when she gets lost! (Which is pretty often, poor Kanon, haha.) And Misaki's voice is always so gentle and warm in her live interactions with Rimi, it makes my heart flutter~
  • Misaki is an amazing big sister who's really good with kids! She loves making felt dolls for her little sister, and tries to preserve Hagumi's innocence, which ends up with her inventing this ridiculously endearing Michelle persona. Misaki is truly the mum friend of HaroHapi! (Funny when you remember she's the youngest, isn't it?)
  • Not a quirk, but I think there really can't be a better seiyuu for Misaki than Kurosawa Tomoyo. She brings out every facet of Misaki's character perfectly - her low-pitched, cynical internal monologue, the awkward stiltedness of her love confession in Phantom Thief and her Michelle persona, the gentle and patient tone she uses for Kanon and Rimi, and even the rare moments when she's happy or excited! Moyochi's voice for Misaki is so beautifully husky and honey-smooth~ i'm jsut.......... gay y'all
  • Misaki isn't good with displays of affection and gets flustered super easily! Her blushing face is just too cute~ ♡
  • Despite her straightforward manner, Misaki is surprisingly conscious of etiquette! She won't call Kanon without the -san honorific just because she's her senpai.
  • She doesn't really have much self-esteem - she thinks it's amazing that people can remember her birthday, and believes she's too ordinary to shine on stage with HaroHapi as herself, which is why she won't get out of Michelle. This hurts my heart a lot because I think Misaki is so incredible and shines so brightly and deserves everything I JUST WANNA GIVE HER A HUG AND TELL HER SHE MEANS THE WORLD... ;;;u;;;;
  • Her sarcastic smile is so cute, yet strangely terrifying...?
  • "I'm green and I don't want to talk about it."
  • Look at her adorable smirk!!
  • She has a super cute friendship with Arisa, which began in the Sakura Blooming event. They bond over how much of a handful the vocalists of their respective bands are!
  • She doesn't own any formal clothing, so attended a Tsurumaki family function (with some of Japan's most important people on the guest list) in her school uniform, haha~
  • She just?? carries around an abacus for whatever reason??? Lmao

Anyway, I think this got way more incoherent towards the end, sorry about that! There are a thousand more reasons to love Misaki that I could name, but this has gone on for long enough, holy crap. Seriously, if you've made it this far, you deserve a gold medal and ALL OF MY LOVE.

I just hope I've managed to bump Misaki a few ranks up in all of your lists, or at least gotten y'all to appreciate her more as a character! There can never be enough love for Misaki~ ♡