June 12, 2018 05:24:50 +0000 (UTC)


aight y'all so I don't usually talk about kpop in anime communities because I know how tense the relationship between the two is... but THIS IS AMAZING



and yes I am going to use this opportunity to promote, pls listen to both songs because they're amazing and gfriend is amazing thanks

original tweet

June 20, 2018 01:33:27 +0000 (UTC)

 not Bandori related but close communities and I want to spread my artt work  So I did this for...

[not Bandori related but close communities and I want to spread my artt work] So I did this for Mari’s birthday :3 hope chu like it!! Check it out on my IG (yea that’s it hope chu like it)

June 18, 2018 21:19:52 +0000 (UTC)


Has anyone else seen the PV preview for the next Pasu*Pare event song?

I have to say that everything there looks beautiful for me. The song is bebutiful and the CG looks really great and if the anime seasons 2 and 3 are like that then I will be very happy. But one thing I want to especially say is that Eve there looks really really gorgeous! Like, I don't know what is it, but I love how she looks.

June 20, 2018 06:38:49 +0000 (UTC)

Guys I just got Chisato in my first try I'm speechless. Rate up WASN'T a lie!

Guys I just got Chisato in my first try I'm speechless. Rate up WASN'T a lie!

April 27, 2018 00:17:49 +0000 (UTC)


Announcing the Launch of Activities!

Announcing the Launch of Activities!

It's been a long time coming, but we've finally got activities on Bandori.Party, as well as a lot of other updates that come with it.

Starting with activities, you can now post how you're feeling about a variety of stuff! Check out the tags you can attach when you go to make an activity of your own. You can specify the language of the post as well! MAKE SURE you are posting within site guidelines!

Terms of Use for Activites

There is a NSFW Tag, however it will NOT be used to solicit porn or sexually aggressive content. This is more for "the spoopy stuff" or questionable content. Post within this tag at your discretion, but know our moderator team will be checking these out! You can also opt-out of seeing specific tags within your profile settings.

Block Feature

You can now "block" users or content you do not want to see. Check out the details of the "Block" function on our wiki page. We want a happy website, so making you happy with making sure you're avoiding content you know you don't want to see was a priority for us and the Circles Management team!

Other New Features!

Our homepage has been updated to view 1 of the most recent 20 cards. This includes 4⭐s, 3⭐s, and 2⭐s! If you have a girl set in your favorite slot, you have a 20% chance of seeing any of her non 1⭐ cards on the front page! You can also see a feed of activities if you scroll down. If you see a card you don't know, there's a small "i"con in the bottom left that will take you to that card's detail page.

New "Error" pages featuring "Uwee" Kanae-chan! Now you'll see an upset Kanae chibi holding onto her tablet trying to debug an error when you can't access a page due to several error types. Who is Kanae?

New Staff pages where you can learn more about the staff and what they do! Hover over a "i"con and see a description of the jobs they do for our site! Meet us!

Additional changes made to the site include an "original" filter for the initial cards not tied to a gacha, event, or promo. We are also now available in Portugal-Portuguese, with Vietnamese on the way!

Thank you everyone for sticking through with us this past year. We celebrated our first anniversary on April 9, 2018! We will be hosting a belated contest & activity launch giveaway in the future. Stay tuned for those!! :'3


June 19, 2018 02:29:44 +0000 (UTC)


you kno what bandori should do? make a dancer-themed set (like the kotorin UR pair from sif) !! THAT'LL LOOK HELLA PRETTY HHH

June 13, 2018 23:24:04 +0000 (UTC)

A̶̯͖͍̟n͈̟͙y͔̟̗̘ͅo̮̥̠͇̱ṇ͕̖̮̭̰́e̵̲ ̤̮̰f͏̞̱̼̝ͅọ̧r̨̟̜ ͔̭̲͘ ̧̼͈̦̠̯̜b̵̳̼ͅr͇͙̬̕e̖̳̳̼̗̤á̦ͅḏ͇̝͖͚͖̻͞?̻̳̱̲̪̳̤

A̶̯͖͍̟n͈̟͙y͔̟̗̘ͅo̮̥̠͇̱ṇ͕̖̮̭̰́e̵̲ ̤̮̰f͏̞̱̼̝ͅọ̧r̨̟̜ ͔̭̲͘ ̧̼͈̦̠̯̜b̵̳̼ͅr͇͙̬̕e̖̳̳̼̗̤á̦ͅḏ͇̝͖͚͖̻͞?̻̳̱̲̪̳̤