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I just realized that my three favorite games all have a 'Kasumi' in them


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(Insert name here) step on me

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Misaki in the edgy Hello Happy World event

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ayyyy lmao i keep getting the same 3 rarity from 60 star and 2500 star pulls when there is ONE card that I want more than anything on the eng version right now which is Lisa's 3 star and she's like mocking me, even on 60 star pulls I chant LISA COME HOME and she mocks me by popping up as a 2 star... that and my lack of luck on getting non-dupe cards even after not doing pulls for 2 gachas... is making me want to give up on saving up for Limited Lisa gacha :(

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~ Change My Mind Challenge ~ (I'm not very good at expressing my feelings in words so pls bear with me aah)

When I first started bandori I thought I’d fall in love with Aya just from looking at the characters for the first time! But then I heard her bands music...I don't mean to be rude at all!! I just don't prefer their music. Then I started reading the band stories and when I got to popipa my heart was just filled with so much joy! I love popipa so so much. Watching the anime made me get an even greater understanding of popipa, so I just started falling in love with the whole band! Of course I ended up falling for one certain girl more than the rest...and that was Rimi Ushigome!

So here’s a few reasons why I fell in love with her!!:

  • Well one thing is she had stage fright and I totally resonate with that feeling of stage fright. (quick ramble: I used to be in band class and would always skip our concerts because I was too scared to be on stage, but I totally regret that now aaa) So when she faced her fears and went up on stage to help Arisa and Kasumi I literally was in tears?? She was so brave to do that and it really showed how strong she is!!

  • Another thing is that in the game you also learn more things about her through member conversations/stories. A few things you get to learn about her for example is that she loves chocolate cornets, she likes reading, playing video games is one of her hobbies, and she also loves horror movies! When I found out she loved these things I was in tears again! Because I also love all of these things!! And it just made me fall in love with her even more.

  • Ah and of course she’s also just so adorable??!?!! Her voice is so sweet and every time I hear her speak or sing...she...just makes my heart go boom boom;;; All of her songs that she's written just make my heart swell whenever I listen to them!

  • She’s so sweet and caring towards everyone. She’s just so perfect and loveable!!! When Kasumi was trying to get Rimi to join popipa Rimi never once said 'no'...this could be interpreted in many ways, but how I see it is that she also doesn't like letting people down!! Especially her friends! Of course I could just be ranting and it really was just because she was shy. Hehe oops. Another example I have is for her card Call for Courage in the first episode you can unlock on that card, O-tae gets ice cream for all the girls and Rimi is asked frist what flavor she would like and she says she'll have the one thats left over after everyone picks! If thats not caring and loving towards her friends then I don't know what is!!

also cough cough I made this ugly but delicious no bake oreo chocolate cheesecake for her birthday this year! I just felt like I had to make something for my future wifey uwuuwuuwu!! >>>

I wish I could list all the examples of why she’s best girl but that would make this too long, so I hope I was able to change your mind even a lil' bit or peak your interest in Rimi!!! ♡ (Rimi edit made by me)

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im so sorry about this

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[email protected]

Hello everyone! This is my first time making a activity so I just want to say nice to meet you! Hope we get along ^^

At first,I was initially not going to do this challenge because I didn't have the guts to do so ***(though I really wanted to)***, but all of you were showing your passion towards your best girl,So I wanted to share my reasons as well! ***(Props to all of you!)***,And... I wanted to show why Otae is so great haha ^^;, if you don't like her... then I hope I atleast made you like her... even just a little bit :)

Now all of you might be thinking that Otae is my favorite because,I relate to her or... because she acts like my previous favorite characters,But that is indeed not the case!,Infact both of those are false.

She's my favorite,Because she's unique. meaning I don't really act like her, ;; I kinda wish I do though

  • Otae may seem your "regular dork" and some may even think there's nothing great about her but your wrong! Otae is actually different than most characters if you ask me,Like the way she expresses thing's out of nowhere yet doesn't feel embarrassed about it is a skill,She says thing's right out of her mind and doesn't think twice on what she should say or not say,Do or not do and I think that kind of confidence is subtle yet... Quite admirable,Infact her idea's are out of this world as well,She says thing's that not most people could even imagine (nor say openly),Despite that,She doesn't say it in a strict nor matured way (it does not fit her persona yet she's the type to do so),She just say's thing's like that to either give people a laugh or just say it on her own part while not really caring on what other's may think. And I aspire to do that... ;; It's basically for who she is,And isn't doing it for show.

  • She's also quite caring,realistic (at times),and of course supportive to other people and to her band members,Both in the anime and in the game.

  • Though her character design is simple she stands out to me the most,All because of her personality,It's unexpected yet it's a pleasant surprise since usually she should be the "It's not going to work,give up" type. (Which I'm glad she's not btw)

  • When I first saw the anime I thought my favorite would be Arisa because she' has a "Purple Aesthetic" kind of character either that or any of the "Purple" image color in bandori,Because if you were to ask ALL of my best girl/best boy alot of them actually likes the color purple ..coincidentally,Purple isn't even my favorite color lol,So i guess you could say Otae broke the chain,As soon as she had her first cameo,She started growing on me pretty quickly because she always either puts a smile on my face or makes me laugh,I thought she was pretty easy to remember as well.

  • Other than all those reason's,Another thing I love about her is her dedication,Towards her bunny's,Her band,and of course her guitar.She said once that she used to play the guitar alone but now that she has friends to play with she's glad (My child..lolol I'm just kidding! Though I still think that's nice) (and just so you know) Remember when she just openly helped Kasumi even if they aren't band members yet and just met like 5 minutes ago? (Again just so you know lolol)

  • If Otae didn't exist (of course some thing's might not happen in PoPiPa but that's beside the point) I have my other best girl's but I wouldn't think Bandori would be as fun,I would probably not stay in the franchise for as long as I could expect... It would feel empty and incomplete. (But hey! That's why we have our best girl's right? In my case I have Otae!) So thank you Otae,For helping Kasumi,Popipa and for being there!,Your one of the reasons why I played the game as well,Thank you to for just being who you are and not letting people care otherwise


  • I didn't want to mention this earlier because I didn't want people to think that she's best girl all because of her looks... And I also wanted people to like her for her personality but just so you know I LOVE HER CARDS! infact their all my favorite! I'm so glad I have all her cards in the game so far ;; (and I shall continue to get them all!) I'll make sure to save for her limited card... It would be hard tho TT anyways I think her cards has alot of variety to it! That's one of the reasons why I love her cards so much,Her design is simple yet... perfect? Great?... i don't know...
  • She adds extravagance to her character design with her personality
other sidenote's
  • from all the gacha games she's the only reason why I don't yolo alot,Because I want to save for her next cards! (
  • I'm participating in tomorrow's event,I saved alot and I prepared my team long ago wish me luck ;;☆
last sidenote's
  • She's a pure precious child ; - ;
  • How I got her 2nd 4 star was a journey I spent more than 10k star gems but later she came home with just a yolo... I prayed alot and made her stars so I was so happy TT I was shaking lol

Well that's all the reason's I'll say for now ^^~☆ Goodluck to anyone who'll scout tomorrow! I'm just going to tier lol

Well I hope to Tae haters that I changed your mind atleast a little bit (please don't hate on her though ;;) otherwise,I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Thank you ^^

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I love these two.

May 27, 2018 03:31:56 +0000 (UTC)


For those of you who are also Love Live fans (like myself), you are aware of the existence of Nesoberi. You also know of the preexisting Nesoberi for the Poppin Party girls.

I just have one question.

Where are the Hello Happy World Nesoberi? Why don't they exist?

I just want a Kaoru to cuddle with

May 31, 2018 19:28:22 +0000 (UTC)


Kokoro has ascended, she is no longer on our platform anymore. She has become a higher being

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i’ve thought about writing something in response to this challenge for a couple days now, and it’s hard for me to truly express why i love my two best girls, but i’m going to try anyway because they’re both really important to me!! my two favorite girls in the franchise are sayo and hina. hina is my number one best girl and sayo maybe takes the one and a half spot, but i felt like i couldn’t only talk about hina without mentioning sayo as well, and as they’re both dear to my heart, i thought i’d go for it.

first things first: i really relate to hina. i have adhd which makes my social interactions awkward sometimes, so i’ve mostly stopped talking to people i don’t already to avoid being seen as strange. seeing her bear her awkward self, stay positive, and continue to just be who she is is really comforting to me. i’m also quite clueless, similar to her (and tae, haha). i guess i just see a lot of myself in her and she just… fits. she fills up empty places in me and she’s like a friend.

for sayo, i was drawn to her initially because of her pretty design and the fact that she was hina’s sister. getting into the game at first i didn’t like her (nor hina really, for that matter) but after reading about the two of them, sayo became my favorite roselia girl and hina shot all the way up to battling with my original best girl for first. i came to love sayo because, while i don’t relate to her struggles with guitar, something about the whole arc really spoke to me and i’ve been holding her dear ever since. she cares about roselia so much and wants to let others know she cares, like in the silly sweets classroom event, when she makes roselia (+ hina!!) cookies. she does that because she wants the people around her to be happy and to resolve conflicts that might happen.

the two of them together and their dynamic is a big factor too. seeing how they interact with each other and grow from their mistakes in the past has made me love them a million times more. they grew up together and they love each other so much even though they’re going through relationship problems, which is so sweet. and after certain event stories, they learn to repair their relationship and work on getting closer despite their troubles. people say hina doesn’t know how sayo feels, and while i think hina doesn’t quite understand it, hina understands sayo feels negative about herself and that something is different about her compared to how things used to be.

the both of them mean so much to me… they’ve inspired me to start my own band and learn electric guitar which has so far been really successful. i love them with my whole heart and i hope i’ve successfully expressed that through my writing!

June 03, 2018 03:01:39 +0000 (UTC)


Hello! My name is Bianca and I really really love idols. I am mostly known in the Instagram community for loving Syoko Hoshi ( pandemicalone btw, hmu.) more than anything, but I want to expand my horizons and being more active in the Bang Dream! community! My best girl is the wonderful Yukina Minato. She stole my heart faster than any Bandori character. Her voice is SO GOOD, and even though she may seem harsh, she just wants to make her amazing band shine! Also her love for cats is the cutest thing in the world. I also adore Tsugumi Hazawa, and she called my attention because she is a lot like me. I also look like I am wearing a cheap Tsugumi cosplay 24/7... not kidding. I learned a lot about her and SHE IS SO DAMN CUTE!!! Gosh I just love her to death she needs to be more confident about herself. Anyways, I love meeting fans of my favorite characters and other characters as well! Yo tambien hablo Espanol porque fui criada en Venezuela!! No he conocido muchos fans de Bandori o de CGSS o BGHS o MLTD que hablen Espanol pero me ENCANTARIA!! :)