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okay so about that chuunibyō band... they don’t have any actual instruments aside from guitar... they use drum machines, synthesizers, and a launchpad occasionally.

DARK PORTAL (yes, it has to be capitalized) is a band that produces pop-rock and kawaii metal. unlike many j-pop talents, they all do their part to play instruments in their songs.

there are two vocalists- akane and asuga ito.

asuga (right) is the older sister. her attribute is cool! she is one of the vocalists and also plays guitar. she has the evil-eye complex, acting like she has dark magical powers. wears an eyepatch and bandages around her wrists. she also wears a cape, a crop top with a pentagram on it, and more bandages on her stomach. she dyes her hair black, but it’s naturally light brown. her voice is nasally.

akane (left) is the younger sister. her attribute is powerful. she wears a cloak that reaches to her mid-thigh. this cloak has a hand-sewn pentagram patch. she wears a short dress that mimics the look of bandages. she wears boots that cut off at her knees. she practices deepening her voice in private, although her regular voice is similar to kasumi toyama’s.

kairi takahashi is the happy attribute drum machine player. she has a tendency to get nervous when playing, causing her hands to shake and play the wrong keys. she is a DQN chuuni, and she pretends to be hostile, violent, and antisocial, despite actually being an extremely kind and likable person when she drops the act.

junko fujimori, despite being a goth-loli himedere sub-cultural chuuni, has the pure attribute. she plays the synthesizer and hates criticism toward her skills. she expects everyone to be kind to her and to cater to her needs. she puts on a fake accent and mixes french words into her vocabulary.

i’ll be doing a digital version of this art later, and this activity will be deleted.

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i don't know if this is possible or if it's okay to ask this, but it would be really amazing if misaki's live2d where she's not in michelle could be added!! i really want to play around with all of misaki's cute expressions and animations and actually be able to see them haha

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few things make me as happy as thinking about Moca doing that sick guitar riff at the end of Hey-day Capriccio

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.....And this is the second scout. :D

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made a wallpaper :3 might make one for sayo too after im done grinding

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Hey I have news about a very good but obscure ship..... Arisa/Kaoru. It's like Misaki/Kaoru except more tsundere. Less tsundere than Chisato/Kaoru tho

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I never posted anything here, but the Change My Mind Challenge ended up encouraging me to state my opinion about my favorite character: Chisato Shirasagi

Yes, the character who usually divides fandom into two groups, on one side are the people who hate her and on the other those who love her

The first time I entered the game was when the Searching Stars event had been released on JP, I obviously do not know Japanese, but my experience in SIF JP made it easier to adapt

During the loading screen I was analyzing the bands and the characters, Pastel*Palettes and Roselia were the bands that most caught my attention, and analyzing the characters of these two bands Chisato ended up calling my attention, I do not know why, but I I wanted to know more about her.

And by chance, my first 3* was Initial Chisato, at the time I was already thinking "It's a sign!" and I tried to find out more about her, and during the time I played she was my best girl

Unfortunately, I stopped playing shortly after, my cell phone had broken

This year, when I launched WW, I happened to be playing Chisato's birthday again, and I had the same impression as before ... "It's a sign"

She's still my best girl to date and when I played JP a little, she surprised me with two 4* of her coming home

I love her so much, and it's like she loves me back too.

The strange thing is that I do not even think of her, my personality would be a mixture of Aya and Rinko (strange, I know, but it's true), like I said, I do not know why, but I chose her ... I love all the characters in the game, but it's as if Chisato was in the first place and all the others in second place

(I'm sorry for the bad English, I use Google Translate lol)

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Hello!! Are you interested in idols? specifically male idols? With the new Brodori coming soon I figure some people are gonna wanna branch out into some male oriented games so I wanna show you one you've probably never heard of!

Anidol Colors!


There are 4 units, 7Colors, Clarity, RUSH! and Majestic Story. All full of sweet, beautiful boys.

If you ever played mobile otome games I'm sure you've heard of the company behind it, Voltage inc.

The characters are all lovable and the story is amazing, Voltage really put their all into this game and seeing more players would make me so happy.

The game is about these boys who are animals but also boys, please don't be weirded out dhfskj and it's super sweet, the relationships are super sweet and the rates are really generous. Events are easy as well. The gameplay is not rhythm and you can just put it on auto so it's easy to farm too fdhskjdg

There are some well known seiyuu in this game as well, KENN, Masuda Toshiki, and Tetsuya Kakihara just to name a few

I don't want this post to be too long so that's it for now, if you have any questions please ask me!!

May 20, 2018 21:05:49 +0000 (UTC)


I have 2 best girls so I hope this isn't too long hfdsdk

Back on May 6th 2017, my friend solo'd initial Aya 3☆ and I fell in love with her, I started asking about her and ended up researching and she's been my best girl since.

I didn't start Bandori until July of the same year, the Tanabata event started and my friend told me she was the 3☆. I played nonstop until I got her. As I was playing I started to think that Tsugumi was super cute, so I looked more into her aswell and she was my second best for a short time until July 26th I decided they were tied.

Now, I don't have any bandori merch, at all. (Once they have omanjus watch me preorder that shit so fast though) So I don't any to show, or shrines at all so rip me so instead I'm gonna just babble about how much I love them here we go

Aya :

She's so brave and strong and fights for her dreams and never gives up and she's just such a huge inspiration to me!! She has stage fright which i relate alot with, I wanna perform too but I always fear I'll mess it up so i just dhfjksd Her voice is so amazing, her voice makes me so happy and it's so bubbly and beautiful fhdjskf and not to mention her cards!!!! She has some of the best cards in this game tbh. Her color palette is so nice, I know it's jsut pink on pink but it's so nice to look at?? she looks amazing with any hair style and outfit and she's so cute and adorable I lvoe her,, shes like the ideal idol?? super caring and just!!!!! her interactions with the other members in pastel palettes is so important!!!! She's left a positive impact on all of them adn im cyrign i lveo Aya Maruyama so mcuh fdjsfd

Tsugumi :

I love when she.. does her best... and smiles.. she's an extremely hard worker and feels like she's not as good as everyone else in Afterglow buT SHE DOENS'T KNOW HOW AMAZING AND TALENTED SHE IS HAVE YOU SEEN MY DAUGHTER. Her voice!!! it's super cute and like i love it?? and though we don't get to hear her sing often, when we do i just!! wow!!! talented baby gorl!!! her cards are also very very vERY cute and i love her simple design?? I'd love to see her in some alternate hairstyles, like some low pigtails maybe??? super cute pls djkdsfks again might i just say when she!! does that!! thing where she!!!! does her best!!!!! my heart esplodes!!!! her relationship with everyone in Afterglow is so pure and softe and i love my daughter and all her friends thank you so mcuh i lvoe them

Although they have no given me any 4☆'s I really hope someday they will, and I'm content with the 3☆'s I have now. They both mean alot to me and I really want a PasuPare/AGlow event where Aya and Tsugumi sing a song together please,, thank u,,

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hh hi my name's ophelia and i joked so much about eve being my best girl bc that's my gf's name that she actually became my best girl

May 21, 2018 02:08:37 +0000 (UTC)


~ Change My Mind Challenge ~

When I first started bandori I thought I’d fall in love with Aya just from looking at the characters for the first time! But then I heard her bands music...I don't mean to be rude at all!! I just don't prefer their music. Then I started reading the band stories and when I got to popipa my heart was just filled with so much joy! I love popipa so so much. Watching the anime made me get an even greater understanding of popipa, so I just started falling in love with the whole band! Of course I ended up falling for one certain girl more than the rest...and that was Rimi Ushigome!

So here’s a few reasons why I fell in love with her!!:

  • Well one thing is she had stage fright and I totally resonate with that feeling of stage fright. (quick ramble: I used to be in band class and would always skip our concerts because I was too scared to be on stage, but I totally regret that now aaa) So when she faced her fears and went up on stage to help Arisa and Kasumi I literally was in tears?? She was so brave to do that and it really showed how strong she is!!

  • Another thing is that in the game you also learn more things about her through member conversations/stories. A few things you get to learn about her for example is that she loves chocolate cornets, she likes reading, playing video games is one of her hobbies, and she also loves horror movies! When I found out she loved these things I was in tears again! Because I also love all of these things!! And it just made me fall in love with her even more.

  • Ah and of course she’s also just so adorable??!?!! Her voice is so sweet and every time I hear her speak or sing...she...just makes my heart go boom boom;;; All of her songs that she's written just make my heart swell whenever I listen to them!

  • She’s so sweet and caring towards everyone. She’s just so perfect and loveable!!! When Kasumi was trying to get Rimi to join popipa Rimi never once said 'no'...this could be interpreted in many ways, but how I see it is that she also doesn't like letting people down!! Especially her friends! Of course I could just be ranting and it really was just because she was shy. Hehe oops. Another example I have is for her card Call for Courage in the first episode you can unlock on that card, O-tae gets ice cream for all the girls and Rimi is asked frist what flavor she would like and she says she'll have the one thats left over after everyone picks! If thats not caring and loving towards her friends then I don't know what is!!

I wish I could list all the examples of why she’s best girl but that would make this too long, so I hope I was able to change your mind even a lil' bit or peak your interest in Rimi!!! ♡ (Rimi edit made by me)

May 11, 2018 11:15:29 +0000 (UTC)


When I first joined I thought I was going to be a Rosalia stan because I really like their music and aesthetic. Afterglow also looked like a strong competitor because of their aesthetic as well. I like a lot of visual kei and they remind me of some of those bands, but after reading the stories the HHW girls have totally won me over!! One of my friends was trashing Hagumi as a LL Rin clone. And I understand they have a couple of genki girl tropes in common but idk, I like them both so I guess that doesn't bother me? They're so cute and fun and I just fell in love with them. And Kaoru, Misaki and Kanon all have wonderful, adorable personalities too. I must protect them all. uwu ((I hope I'm tagging this right.))