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My Sukutomo My Carrd

EN 20,000/20,000 Stars saved for White Day Himari

JP 450/5000+ Stars saved for White Day Reprint


I'm Rini, you can also call be Sophie if you want, I'm a 16 year old girl who's caught a case of the gays and I want a really tall girlfriend, specifically someone like Sun Jing from Tamen de Gushi. Himari is my best girl and Afterglow is my favorite band! Afterglow stans please interact.

Also, if you're new to EnStars I will teach you everything you need to know! Just ask away, I love helping people!

I'm also staff for the upcoming EnStars site, Ensemble Festival so hmu once it's up!!

List -

1. Himari 2. Tsugumi, Aya, Arisa 3. Ran, Rimi, Hina 4. Moca 5. Tomoe 6. Lisa

7. Kokoro 8. Misaki 9. Kaoru 10. Sayo 11. Chisato 12. Saaya 13. Hagumi 14. Maya 15. Kasumi 16. Eve

17. Yukina 18. Ako 19. Tae 20. Kanon 21. Rinko


Band Ranking

1. Afterglow 2. Pastel*Palettes, Poppin Party 3. Hello, Happy World 4. Roselia

JP Ranked 25734 in Girls Anthology Event

JP Ranked 7503 in The Look Of The Sky, Connected Event

EN Ranked 3669 in Past Aspirations & Pastel Futures Event

EN First Himari 4☆ (Persona Collab) gained 2/17/19

JP Reached Level 30 for Afterglow 5/4/18

EN Reached Level 30 for Afterglow 2/19/19

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