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Band MBTI Part 1

I absolutely love typing characters with their MBTI so I decided to try it out with Bandori characters! I'll do it by band so I'll start off with my favorite band: Afterglow!


Ran is definitely an artsy type as a lot of her character is based on trying to express herself. I have no doubt that she is an introvert (especially seen in the As Evening Clears event). She also seems like the type to defy expectations especially in terms of family which explain the rebellious streak of her personality.

Moca: INFP

Moca is a little difficult because her apathetic attitude may be the sign of a thinking type but based on what's given about her inner thoughts really makes me lean towards a feeling type. She's a very go-with-the-flow type who's passionate but won't always show it and when she does, it's only to a small group of very close friends (this is probably why she a little more outspoken with Afterglow than with other friends such as Lisa or Saaya).

Himari: ENFJ

Himari is probably the most extroverted out of the group as well as the expressive. She's clearly altruistic and puts others before herself (hence why she's a bit of a pushover especially to Moca). This also makes her more hungry for approval from her band mates and seems like she relies on them for her self-esteem (this may be speculation on my half however). She is also the planner of the group, making her more of a judgmental type.

Tomoe: ENTP

The most notable trait about Tomoe is how straight forward she is. She's the one to address someone's unusual behavior and will be the one to bring up any tension that needs to be resolved (which as seen in the band's main story causes conflict with Ran's reluctance to show much emotion). She's definitely the most logical in the group which Ako likely finds admiral (a trait strongly valued by members of Roselia) and is more direct.

Tsugumi: ESFJ

I was really unsure whether or not Tsugumi should be considered an introvert or an extrovert but I decided that based on her interactions outside of the band shows that she's more motivated by social interaction (ex. working at her family's cafe, student council). Her selfless nature is definitely a trait of a Feeling personality type. She's also the least likely to be rebellious and is very rule-abiding in general which gives balance in the band with Ran's more progressive personality.


Thanks for reading! I put a lot of effort into this, and I hope to cover the remaining bands soon! If you disagree, feel free to leave a comment! I'd love to hear other opinions!

July 06, 2018 06:06:49 +0000 (UTC)


Band MBTI Part 2

Time for part two of the MBTI post series! This time I'll be covering Hello, Happy World!

Kokoro: ENFP

This was a no-brainer honestly for Kokoro. First of all, she's an extremely open person. Secondly, her goals are rather idealistic which is a common part of an intuitive personality and results in her lack of worrying about the details of how to reach her goal (hence why Misaki is the glue of the group as she is good with details).

Kaoru: ESFP

Kaoru can be divided in two different types: ENTP (her persona) and ESFP (her true self). It's very clear that she does not completely match the image she portrays to others such as her interest in philosophy despite not understanding most of what she's talking about. She wants to appear as someone who can be logical and understanding of the abstract (NT) but in truth, she is only providing listed details. Another interesting factor is how Thinking types are considered a more masculine trait which Kaoru seems to use for her androgynous appeal.

Hagumi: ESFP

I honestly don't have much to say for Hagumi. She seems to be a very lively person who lives in the moment much like Kokoro but I think she's more practical in comparison. She wants to accomplish her goals but probably will think more of how to meet them. (I'm sorry this one isn't very detailed. Her character is a little flat in my opinion based on what I've seen so far.)

Kanon: ISFJ

Kanon is the shy one of the group making her the easiest to be pushed around. However, she is quietly passionate meaning that she's willingly to go along with the band (as seen with her interactions with Chisato outside of the band). She's altruistic like the rest of the group but believes in more structure than the others which is why she is considered trustworthy to Misaki. She thinks that the band is working towards a good cause but realizes that it can't happen with luck alone.

Misaki: ISTJ

As the only truly logical member of the group, Misaki has a lot of difficultly dealing with the FP types Kokoro, Kaoru, and Hagumi. She is the planner and takes the required steps that no one else really wants to do. She works behind the scenes which makes her reliable and trustworthy. Without Misaki, the band would not have any structure. Outside of the band, she's rather introverted and limits her time to close friends and family like Rimi and her little sister.



Thanks for reading! I hope I did okay for HHW! It's a little hard to explain the band's characters in my opinion because their rather simple based on their rather caricatural personalities (Kaoru was fun, though). Leave a comment if you enjoyed this or if you disagree! I'd love to hear your opinions on the matter!

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maya has one of those profiles that most famous people have and for some reason im really happy.

god is indeed a woman and she goes by the name of maya yamato


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Hello y'all! I'm Rukyako, a huge Bandori fan from Finland! I'm 20, currently in job training and graduating from a lower college in under a month, and also burning in rarepair hell. Some of them include Kaomisa, Lisahina, Sayolisa (well technically not a rarepair but very underappreciated compared to Yukilisa), AriEve, and so on. I just always find a way to like the rarepairs/less appreciated ships more than the popular ones, lol.

Also I really, REALLY love Crunchy's art and their Tomoran and soft Moca pictures, please follow them on Twitter. (

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i don’t even wanna repost the original rimi because it can’t get worse

i don’t even wanna repost the original rimi because it can’t get worse

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Have you ever been seized by a crazed desire to rip your own skin off bc that's been me on and off for the past week. Not that it would do anything except kill me but hello Aussie summer I'd very much appreciate it if you'd kindly get out of my face, I'm sick of the gross itchy sticky eczema that forces me to wield chopsticks with acrobatic talent no other fingers can match sCREW YOU

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this is my puppy steve he is the most precious thing in the world everyone loves him hes super...

this is my puppy steve he is the most precious thing in the world everyone loves him hes super friendly and will literally chase after people just to give them kisses

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oml hey fam i was thinking about it and since p soon im gonna make a youtube channel for doing bang dream and other anime / video game drum covers and u guys are gonna end up seeing me anyways, like what if i just make it a full-on bushido dad x banpa hangout channel??

would u guys be interested in that ? it would basically be a cool little channel specially for y'all and bandori where i just talk to y'all about like. whatever banpa / bang dream stuff we want lmao like we could talk about cards, events, characters, songs, bandori fashion oOooO etc it would be super chill and relaxed i am surprisingly a lowkey bean irl. like u guys can get to knowme for the confused but placid hair-snatched dad that i am before i start banging on drums like an acute angel, what do y'all think?? if not i'll just keep the channel as a cool drum cover thing probably either way i will def be doing my best to make lots of (questionable quality) music

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