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Hey guys!

I'm Kurogaya, and I really love Bandori, just like you all. I'm just a normal player scouting for 3* event cards, nothing too hardcore. I try to read and watch everything possible to know more about this fantastic universe!

My favorite band is Poppin'Party, and my favorite girl is the main protagonist, the one who started everything, the only and one Kasumi Toyama! S2

I'm her (self-proclaimed) husband (yes, I'm male) and number one fan, and love this girl with all my might. But I also am a huge fan of Lisa Imai and Misaki Okusawa (still waiting for the most beautiful girl in the game to have a trained card)!

My favorite song is "Our Path" (Kiseki), but I also like "Star Beat! ~ Hoshi no Kodou ~" and "Beautiful Birthday" a lot!

Talking about seiyuus, it's really hard to not like someone, but if you ask me, Amita (Ami Maeshima) is the one who catches my attention the most. Common guys, we have a real Aya between us, what can beat this cuteness??? But I'm also a big fan of Aimi and Aina Aiba (even though I feel sorry for their sanity, especially AiAi).

Other interests:

  • Animated movies (Disney/PIXAR/Dreamworks), being my favorites Brother Bear, The Prince of the Egypt, and Tarzan.
  • I love dubbing, especially seiyuus and Brazilian ones (yes, I'm Brazilian).
  • My favorite animes are Bleach and My Hero Academia, but I also love romantic ones like One Week Friends, My Love Story!! and Plastic Memories.
  • I love board games! Try to play them, it's good for you! Eldritch Horror is my favorite, but I like Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition and Dead of Winter too!

I like to talk, so feel free to send me a message or something if you want, I'll try to answer! Have a nice day! :)

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