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November 21, 2018 04:53:02 +0000 (UTC)

fam lmao im done. i opened up gbp today and i get assaulted with this. i try not to be knowledgeable...

fam lmao im done. i opened up gbp today and i get assaulted with this. i try not to be knowledgeable on future events bc it spoils for the fun for me, so i had no idea this was coming. i didnt even know what to say at first?? this is why my mom roasts these girls when they make cards like this

lisa if u dont take ur nutcracker looking headazz somewhere and sit down child. im not trying to see no kid booty get that thing out of my face . u ripe tomato headazz, mr. krabs headazz. u wanna be living like larry so bad but ur not a lobster. u damn shrimp. look at her face like she already know she hella grounded for this one. this that face u make when ur dad shows up at the mall too and ur soul temporarily leaves ur body bc ur supposed to be at school. after u get busted u sittin in ur dads car and u got this same face the entire ride home bc u know ur getting whooped later.

clearly i would make a good father

November 18, 2018 16:52:39 +0000 (UTC)


can i just say i absolutely love kokoro's voice i know it's not everyone's cup of tea?? but god damn it's impossible to be sad whenever i listen to a hhw song, she always sounds so cute and happy! their mission as a band accomplished jedjnxznkabn

November 05, 2018 21:55:38 +0000 (UTC)


tbh I'm SO tired of ''nobody's best girl'' posts. not here in banpa, but in the internet in general. today I saw someone saying ''well yeah but Hagumi is nobody's best girl lmao'', and I've seen things like ''Popipa is pure trash'', ''who does even like Tsugumi lol'' or ''who was Maya again? ah yes, that girl no one likes''. And even worse, EVEN INSULTING THE SEIYUUS OR THE BANDS IN GENERAL.

guys... stop. not only it makes you look like you're a pain in the neck (trying to keep this 'mini-rant' cold), but come on. You may not like a certain character, that's fine. My worst girl it's probably Himari (I love her too! I just like the others most), but I don't go out there saying ''HIMARI UEHARA SUCKS!''. Another example, at first, I didn't like Harohapi AT ALL. But I didn't go out there ''Harohapi is shit! Hope they disband or something!''.

there's always gonna be someone who actually likes those characters/bands/seiyuus/idk whatever you're talking about. Do you think your best girl would like to know that you harass other characters/bands/etc? I don't think she would, even if they're all just fictional characters!

plus, it's pretty mean. if we can have fun, memes, and normal convos, why do we need those people acting like this?

tl;dr: don't harass other characters/bands/etc because you don't like them. you're free to say ''hmm, I don't like Roselia that much... but I respect your opinion!'' (as an example), but don't go any further. please.

November 10, 2018 06:07:21 +0000 (UTC)


how the hell is it that adults get more time to play this game and save stars, and top tier an event, while i, an eleven-year-old middle skool first year, cant find time to play?

November 09, 2018 19:30:59 +0000 (UTC)


Okay, but why the fuck does Tsugumi and Himari only have 3 4*s BUT Yukina has 6???!!!! yall gotta be fucking kidding me

ALSO ALSO ALSOOOOO one of Himaris is the Persona Collab 4*. EN will probably not even be GETTING THAT ONE because of licensing man wtf

edit: I like my Yuki and my rosey but come on where my afterglow :(((

October 05, 2018 22:18:50 +0000 (UTC)


I got inspired by bushidori dad's post so today my mom is gonna tell me her thoughts about popipa 😂 (she said she hopes ppl dont hate her for this lol)


Kasumi: she looks like sailor moon. she's friendly looking and she has purple eyes!


Tae: she reminds me of park bom. she looks like she wants approval


Rimi: she looks like a b*tch. she looks needy


Arisa: oh she's sarcastic. she's one of the mean girls


Saaya: she looks sweet and friendly! her back hurts

October 31, 2018 02:41:47 +0000 (UTC)

Guys this is it . Kaoru officialy has killed me . It was fun knowing you all . Leave an F in chat...

Guys this is it . Kaoru officialy has killed me . It was fun knowing you all . Leave an F in chat for my death . She gagged me to death with her heels . That stare can kill many. Her reaching out is me reaching out to the light because im actually dead , i am currently seeing the light , pull the plug this is my end. She has slayed me . Those thighs have crushed my skull open , the red in her dress is the blood fucking flowing out of me right now BECAUSE IM DEAD , IVE BEEN SLAYED , GOOD BYE ITS BEEN FUCKING FANTASTIC . ( ok but seriously holy freaking sht i love her so much i had to put my thoughts into to text which caused this mess of a post , cool thanks)

November 01, 2018 00:19:32 +0000 (UTC)


me, before the current jp event: meh, i'm kinda just neutral on kaoru. i don't get the hype towards her.

me, after seeing the set: FLEET FLEET, MOTHERFUCKERS.