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April 28, 2018 01:55:56 +0000 (UTC)

i luv Kokoro but...

This Kasumi almost make me cry everytime i see her smile... i don't know why but yeah i know i'm the only one

April 29, 2018 10:37:13 +0000 (UTC)


Hi, I'm Miki. I'm toxic and cancerous like someone said about me, but I still play this game.

April 28, 2018 12:59:41 +0000 (UTC)


I just want to say the new cards for PoPiPa has me reaffirming my sexuality yet again. Thank you Tae and Rimi for reminding me of how gay I am. Amen.

April 27, 2018 14:03:20 +0000 (UTC)


bandori girls as the userbox on their tumblr, probably.

kasumi: this user chases shiny lights

tae: this user would do anything for science

rimi: this user would kill for some chocolate right about now

saaya: this user is a certified bread lesbian

arisa: pls go away, this user genuinely h8s u

ran: this user doesn't like u or anything!!!!!

moca: this user needs caffeine

himari: this user is probably your mother

tomoe: this user looks scary but is actually soft pls love them

tsugumi: who is this user again???

yukina: this user prefers cats to people

sayo: this user can not and will not eat their veggies

lisa: this user shops at claire's

ako: this user will welcome you at the gates of hell

rinko: this user is scared of just about anything

aya: this user loves looking in the mirror

hina: this user will sleep in class and still get better grades than you

chisato: this user is angel-kin, don't talk to them, they're better than you

maya: this user can't see straight, let alone be straight

eve: this user is a samurai

kokoro: this user supports furries

kaoru: this user makes gay jokes because they are a gay joke

hagumi: this user naruto runs everywhere

kanon: this user has no clue what the fuck is happening

misaki: this user gets chronic migraines

April 30, 2018 23:28:22 +0000 (UTC)


alt text

woah! i didnt know they added activity to so heres some fanart i did of moca. i also might as well introduce myself! hi im zeryn and im a big ll fan artist but ive been drawing some bandori too <3 my best girl is moca and i love afterglow

April 29, 2018 12:57:08 +0000 (UTC)


since everyone is introducing themselves, I thought I should do it too...

hi! you can call me iris! I'm 16 years old and I'm from Italy.

I started playing bandori just for the worldwide release. previously, I played a bit of JP but decided to uninstall it and wait for EN to start a serious account. my absolute best girl is kaoru, but I love tsugumi, aya and lisa too.

outside of bandori, I'm pretty into love live, the tales of series, danganronpa (as you can tell from my embarrassing in-game name) and literally all of yuhki kamatani's works. I'm sure I'm forgetting something else but,,, uh,,, I guess this is all for now??

April 29, 2018 12:16:37 +0000 (UTC)


is is that c̷͖͍̱͎̎̀ô̴̘̩̘m̷͕̮̠͗̒̂͝i̴͚͓͍͐c̷̥̃̏ ̶͚̇s̴̭̙̓̂̂a̵̻̮͌͐̿͑n̶̘̣̮̼̎͌̍͘s̸͖̓̌ ̴̛͍̠͉̈́͋m̶͕͘͝s̸̰̺͠ cursed

May 01, 2018 07:22:24 +0000 (UTC)


Since we all know everyone here plays Bandori, do you guys play any other games?

Besides Bandori, i also play IDOLISH7 (currently suffering in wait for Part 4) and SIF JP! I play mostly i7 and Bandori now since a lot is happening in both games~

May 01, 2018 02:43:06 +0000 (UTC)


the peak of bandori will be when they start doing covers for touhou music (specifically the fanmade vocals from circles like iosys and soundholic) and the ultra meta will be when they do love live and idolmaster covers

April 29, 2018 05:58:29 +0000 (UTC)


im just gonna drop something. cursed in the comments.

i swear its not all nsfw but just be warned its.


April 30, 2018 22:03:32 +0000 (UTC)


I'm curious - if you've changed your live settings in any way, how did you change them?

personally I have off-beat colouring on and I'll put my aesthetic settings on JP in the comments! I hope this feature comes to EN soon aaa. I also play on 9.0 live speed right now but occasionally scale it up when I'm starting to get too used to it

May 01, 2018 00:26:51 +0000 (UTC)


The app doesn't give me notifications when I get full on live boosts help