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September 02, 2018 11:32:34 +0000 (UTC)


Btw I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed but with the new PoPiPa 4 stars we can now make 4 star POWERFUL POPIPA °˖✧◝ヽ(・ω・)ノ◜✧˖°

So now, if I'm not mistaken, (and I'm not, I just checked on the wiki XD) we have 3 types of 4* Poppin Party bands:

Pure Poppin' Party


Happy Poppin' Party


and the newest addition....

Poppin Poppin' Party


Screenshots from Bandori Wikia

EDIT: I just realised I wrote "Poppin' Poppin Party, XDD I meant "powerful", ofc, but I'm gonna leave that there anyways. XDD

Man Markdown is fun XD

September 02, 2018 14:14:59 +0000 (UTC)


me, every time i see someone with the new kaoru in a multilive:


can also apply to everytime i have to play romeo

August 29, 2018 13:59:40 +0000 (UTC)


I wondered if someone can forbidden my mom to yell throughout home some things like "Yukina-san dinner time" or "EI EI OOOOH RAAAN" for the sake of this planet please I already gave up

Oh guys I seriously think my mom is turning into a deep weeb omg

September 01, 2018 00:55:14 +0000 (UTC)


using the power of Shakespeare to summon best grill if 20k stars doesn't work

July 15, 2018 19:21:41 +0000 (UTC)


i just started listening to goka! gokai?! phantom thief! more and ngl i'm ascending to the astral plane.... it's really good.................................................

August 23, 2018 23:39:37 +0000 (UTC)


i bet that the reason why there hasn't been angst events in a while is because they don't know how to handle kokoro for it. idk man.