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December 26, 2018 23:16:13 +0000 (UTC)

This is literally...

This is literally me:


I’m crying right now


Also Happy Birthday Aya, tell Aimi that this is a lovely gift for your seiyyu

And tell her I’m sorry for missing her birthday from yesterday
May 25, 2018 01:42:42 +0000 (UTC)


before april 2018

me: i love sif, so much, honoka (MY WAIFU AND BEST GIRL!!) appeared on my screen telling me to scout and i did and i solo'd valentine's mari UR and OMG HONK IS TOTALLY GOD CONFIRMED. also i finally FC'd nicopuri EX and my GOD that was a trip. and also i did a step up for μ's 2nd years and prayed for a honoka UR and sif delivered IN THE FORM OF HER GODDAMN BROKEN NECK INITIAL but then i did another scout praying for china dress koto but got devil umi which is totally fine since i lovelovelove umi-chan desu and also have i mentioned daydream warrior is the bop of the century omg i've loved it since the preview came out also GNGK is severely underrated and a masterpiece and imo bibi kinda sucks except for the cutie panther single bc natsu owaranaide saved their asses from 6th place on subunits list taking 5th instead while cyaron takes 6th i love cyaron since chika and you and ruby are all top 5 and i love their characters and voices but besides yozora the music just doesn't sound good to me idfk. also can we talk about how deep and complex characters honoka, kotori, hanayo, nico, chika, yoshiko, mari and ruby are? well like all the characters are really deep and complex, except for maybe umi which is a fucking shame considering she had a lot of potential to be and i still love the heck outta that girl despite her not getting as much development as i'd hoped for. hanamaru also didn't live up to my s2 expectations but the manga and s1 really did enough for her imo, while they did nothing for ruby and lookie here she got a whole s2 arc. anyways i'm crocheting a blanket with little pixel designs of the lovelive characters because i love sif oh and i forgot, my honoka ita bag is complete and my naka-kon lineup consists solely of lovelive cosplays because what else is even relevant at this point and--

friend: yeah, ur so right, but like, did u hear that bandori is getting an EN release? i've never played but it looks fun :)

me: i might give it a shot seems boring tho idk, the show was a shit excuse for an anime idk

me now

me: i love bang dream girls band party, so much, every time kaoru (MY WAIFU AND BEST GIRL!!) appears on my screen or anything i feel a smile creep up my lips OH MY GOD. also i got her initial 3 star and then i saved for her phantom thief 3 star and it came home first pull along with a dupe 4 star saaya which i should have been disappointed about but oh my god??? baby came home???? kaoru is such a fake top i love it i wanna call HER little kitten to see how she reacts and have an ultimate Battle of the Baes to see who is the ultimate prince, me or her and oh ye i 4got am i the only one who prefers tsugutomo to tomohima? i like tomohima and all but the way himari is like "if only u were a guy..." it just wouldn't be healthy for tomoe yknow??? also sayohina are such a realistic and complex pair of sisters, sayo seemed super boring to me at first, like a mean-ass dia but now i see how relatable she is it's amazing!!! i can't wait for kaoru's first 4 star ahhh but my little sister got into the game and solo'd away 5000 gems UGH i hATE my lIFE there goes 5000 gems with only a rinko initial 3 star to show for it not that i don't like rinko she was one of the first girls i liked in the game it's just that i was saving for kaoru yknow and it was all solo'd away just like that i really need an app locker i guess or to get my own ipad. i finally FC'd guren no yumiya on hard and that isn't a big achievement i know but to me it was and soon i was FCing EX songs and i can't clear most 25 star difficulty songs yet but i'm getting there i promise. i love hello happy world character interactions so much also saaya and tomoe make such a strong drumming brotp i swear. also i want rimi and lisa to be like best friends, i know it's a weird combo but i feel like they'd be really good for each other and lisa deserves the validation and friendship of someone who actually realizes her worth like rimi would because yukilisa can be nice but yknow lisa is someone who needs that constant validation for her self-confidence's sake and the relationship is SOOOO one-sided she's always helping yukina and yukina does nothing for her (if you're actually reading all of this comment "bless" somewhere in your comment in the comments section c:) and you could argue that "just being there for yukina" makes lisa happy enough but dOES iT???? also i actually really like popipa, kasumi's voice is so satisfying and malleable to fit the needs of any song i could listen to it all day long did i mention that kaoru is my wife oh yeah and

friend: played lovelive lately? the new event is so much fun. also, your waifu isn't honoka anymore? hasn't honoka been your waifu for 3 years? more than half the amount of time you've been obsessed with lovelive?

me: ...

me: ...lovelive? whomst? honoka? what? not ringing a bell srry

December 26, 2018 16:13:46 +0000 (UTC)


I.. actually really want to get into SIF again because I love these girls sm but with the luck I've been having in Bandori I know I'd just be completely disappointed with the stuff I'd get there oof

December 18, 2018 03:11:21 +0000 (UTC)


it's less than two weeks until dreamfes, so i'm going to start asking for good luck now. i'll have 25k stars by then, and aya and sayo are my best girls. help ;0;

December 27, 2018 03:08:48 +0000 (UTC)



December 26, 2018 16:40:33 +0000 (UTC)

I was watching this morning the first half of the lastest Bandori TV when this decided to appear at...

I was watching this morning the first half of the lastest Bandori TV when this decided to appear at the summary of the whole program ... so i guess we are going to have operation "Rescue the Bear" tomorrow to put a happy ending to this season of pico.

December 26, 2018 14:14:57 +0000 (UTC)


yo quick question ... those really aesthetic numbers of event points the top players usually have in an event (like, idk, exactly 20 million or 33333333 or something yknow the ones) ... how they heck do you get those so accurately?? same in SIF. it's not like you can add singular points or something ... right

December 27, 2018 04:35:26 +0000 (UTC)


all right boys and girls i am devoting my existence to Maya and Aya and maybe Himari because pink haired girls

current goal is that beautiful, gorgeous, lovely Dream Festival Aya. thankfully, with aya, i do not have to worry about pulling for one until Pastel*Bloom Girls!

maya, well, maya chan. her next gacha card is during White Snow Fairy Gacha. and unfortunately for me. she is a 4 star. knowing my luck, i may paid solo gacha her like i did with Doki Doki Survivor Idol Maya, but we must remember, the Snow Misaki is also in this gacha, and i am cursed with her on JP.

himari, well, himari. she was just in Twinkling Blue Winter Sky Gacha, but i already have that one on JP. next time, she is the limited 3* in White Day Gacha, which i have already decided not to pull in favour of saving stars for Aya. i will probably attempt at Persona tho, maybe ones or twice because i need to save the Ultimate Amount of Stars for Halloween Aya/Maya, as Halloween Aya never came home. so hima, i will have to pray you are kind.

edit: im only missing 3 maya cards between my JP and EN accounts, bless.

December 21, 2018 12:39:56 +0000 (UTC)


Yea playing all perfect is impressive, but has anyone tried All great?