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if you're a lesbian like this post so i can follow you. i'm starting a lesbian army

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nuf said

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I did a quick Kanon redraw because I wanted to try out rainbow lines and also this card is SUPER CUTE

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I'm so torn on the EN translation. on one hand, yay for keeping stuff like suffixes (I absolutely despise when translations don't do that, you lose a whole layer of the character, it's an important part of their speech pattern for goodness' sake)! and generally being nice to read. I especially love how they've translated Kaoru. on the other hand ... translating song titles.

first of all, either go hard or go home instead of translating some but not others. second, THAT'S NOT WHAT THE SONGS ARE CALLED. translating a song title is acceptable if you sing it in a different language, but other than that? don't fucking do that. you wouldn't translate, say, English song titles to German so why do it for Japanese?? plus some are just. wrong. it's not just "Star Beat", it's "Star Beat Hoshi no Kodou" (or "Heartbeat of the Stars" if you absolutely have to). it's not "Keep on Moving", "Mae e Susume" means "Move Forward" more than anything. "I-I never said love" is kind of a weird translation of something more like "it-it's not like it's love or anything" (tho tbf that's pretty clunky which wouldn't be a problem if they didn't tRANSLATE IT AT ALL). it drives me up the wALL why would they do this??? they're obviously aware most of their players are already familiar with Japanese at least a little bit and thus JP song titles shouldn't be a problem SO WHY

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so this is someway to start posting for me
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Got this idea from Akaoi, but I was curious as to what would happen if all of my best girls from each band made a band.

Sorry to all of the amazing keyboardists...

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Friendly reminder that someone’s voice not being to your tastes doesn’t mean they can’t sing. It’s all a matter of preference (*´∀`)♪

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feat tsugumi

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I just want Ako to sing more asdfghjkl

I love her voice as Tsubasa in Love Live, and I’ve been waiting for her to get a duet with Yukina or just more solo lines but it’s not happening otz

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Here to spread some good vibes (°▽°)

(That’s what I say, but I just want an excuse to express my love for Afterglow.)

Afterglow immediately became my favorite band after starting the game, both in terms of its members and its music. I’m not a music expert, but I feel like Afterglow’s songs have much more variety compared to some of the other bands. For example, That is How I Roll! is a pretty intense song with rebellious lyrics, but then they also have Jamboree Journey, which is imo a cute and upbeat song that highlights the fun of hanging out with friends.

And then there’s the members... All of the other bands have characters that I’m not a huge fan of, but I adore all of Afterglow’s members. With Ran, I like how under the cool exterior, she’s actually easily embarrassed and shows that she cares about her friends through little gestures. Himari is just super sweet, and she’s that one dorky friend that everyone likes to tease. But I also like that they added another layer to her (which I hope they would explore more) when she feels like an incompetent leader at a few points in their band story. Moca seems like a dopey goofball, but she’s actually really perceptive and sensitive to other people’s feelings, and she really treasures her friends. Tomoe surprised me a little - I thought she’s the cool and collected big sister type (which she kinda is) but she’s also quick-tempered, which gives stories with her in it a nice little tension to them. And Tsugu... My best girl... initially, I was a little put off by her character description, that she’s the plainest member and all. I say that because in a lot of anime/games, the plain characters always try to pull some crazy/idiotic stunt to make them seem more “special” which just annoys me a lot tbh (I understand the motives behind their actions, but just the fact that they end up causing so much trouble for the other characters...). But Tsugu, this sweet girl, she acknowledges that she’s plain but isn’t constantly down in the dumps for that. Instead, she uses the fact to motivate herself to work hard and support the other members as well as she could. She has no qualms with just being herself, and she in turn encourages others to be themselves. AND I JUST LOVE HER SO MUCH LIKE-

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Why are all the girls so sad for the chapter 2 band stories