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March 23, 2019 04:58:00 +0000 (UTC)


hi i live for kokohina and im a slut for fancy things and stars so heres an event idea because i need kokohina and shout out to akaoi for inspiring the format of this event-esque thing

and get ready because i? will use PROPER GRAMMAR oh my god its a miracle

Smiley Boppin' Ballroom Party!!!!!!

YES you need exactly 6 exclamation points

Attribute: Image

Type: Challenge Live

Gacha: 月夜の Masquerade 踊り (Translation: Moonlit Masquerade Dance. Pronounced Tsukiyo no MASUKOREIDO Odori)

Event Song: Galactic! Mysterious Waltz | Galactic! 神秘的円舞 | Galactic! Shinpi-teki Enbu (original by Hello Happy World, featuring major Hina vocal parts)

Challenge Songs: Galactic! Mysterious Waltz, Goka! Gokai?! Phantom Thief!, Zettai Sengen Recital, GO! GO! Maniac, Romeo and Cinderella

4★s: Image Image

Gacha 3★: Image

Event 3★: Image Image

Event 2★: Image Image


TL:DR; Kokoro's family is throwing a masquerade ball and she gets to invite four people. Since everyone in Harohapi is busy, she invites Hina, who invites Lisa, and then they all search to invite Tomoe, and then Lisa convinces Arisa to join them. They choose fancy costumes and Kokoro pays a hog-ton of money for them. They practice dancing at the Tsurumaki Mansion but Kokoro slips on a soapy slippery staircase because she's having too much fun dancing with Hina, and she breaks her ankle. Hina is sad. Kokohina fluff. Kokoro recovers thanks to rest and high-tech doctor procedures. Everyone has fun at the ball. Hina sleeps over at Kokoro's house.

That was a very watered down version of the story; if you'd like to read a much more detailed version (which I HIGHLY recommend you do), please check out this Google Doc containing the WHOLE STORY. please look at it im cryibg :(((


“An Okey-Dokey Day!” Kokoro Tsurumaki 4★

Gacha Phrase: “Let’s have the most fun, no matter what! Se, no~!”

Untrained: Kokoro is outside of the mansion with everyone else, smiling and putting her hand in as if to do a Popipa-pipopa-popipapopipopa cheer with everyone. She also is grabbing Hina’s hand, as if she had ran outside and dragged Hina with her. Everyone’s wearing their costume, but only Kokoro and Lisa have their masks on right then and there.

Trained: Kokoro and Hina are holding hands and laughing, dancing together. Hina is facing Kokoro, so you only see half her face, but Kokoro’s face and hair and body are entirely visible. The background is galaxy-themed with aspects of roses and fanciness. Kokoro is wearing a modified version of her dress, where some of the ruffles have been extended and dotted with glittering “stars”. The torso is starry-galaxy-colored, and she has white silk gloves and she has diamond bracelets. She wears half-mask that’s galaxy-colored and her hair is done in a Chisato-esque hair style, and her fringe is braided. Her costume is also fancier in other ways, but I don’t know how to explain things. She has a silky ruffly thing on the side of her skirt-section of the dress. Kokoro’s mask is the other half to Hina’s.

”Boppin’ Starry Friendship” Hina Hikawa 4★

Gacha Phrase: “Kokoro-chan, I’m always here for you!”

Untrained: She’s helping Kokoro up on the staircase, and Kokoro is on her butt, a bit scraped up from the fall. They’re in their costumes still, and Hina is taking Kokoro’s hand. Hina’s face is filled with pure concern and she has an ice pack in her other hand. Kokoro’s face is smiling, but it’s weak and slightly strained.

Trained: BG Kokoro down a stair banister, wearing her trained costume, sitting near the bottom. Hina is sitting on the bottom staircase, holding a golden rose and pastel blue rose in one hand and holding Kokoro’s hand with the other. She’s winking + grinning, her guitar pick between her lips the way all Bandori guitarists and bassists do. Her guitar is laid out next to her on the staircase. Hina’s rose-hand is extended out in a peace sign that’s tilted to the side. Kokoro is enjoying herself in a pure way. Hina’s costume consists of a blue-ish galaxy half-mask and a much flowier version of her dress, the torso colored galaxy and the lower part speckled with glitter and stars. Fancier in other ways but I don’t know how to explain™. Background is galaxy-themes but more on the fancy ballroom side of the spectrum. Hina wears white silk fingerless gloves. Her mask is the other half of Kokoro’s.

”How I Dance~” Lisa Imai 3★

Gacha Phrase: “Step left, step right, dip down, and twiiiirllll~!”

Untrained: Lisa is doing a :3c face while tango-ing with Arisa, whose back is turned towards us, but we can see the tsundere’s flustered face. Lisa is in her costume but Arisa is in her normal clothes. You can see Tomoe dancing in the background with the Suits, and Kokoro and Hina are doing the Orange Justice.

Trained: Lisa is in her mermaid-esque dress, which is fluttering in the background like a tail. Her costume isn’t much modified except for the tail is blue-er and the neckline of her torso is in a V-shape, showing her cleavage, but the border of the neckline is a violet galaxy-color. The lighting is very glowy and mysterious, illuminating her pink galaxy mask that she holds out towards us. Her pick is between her top and bottom teeth, and she’s doing a ;3 face. She wears black lace fingerless gloves, and her hair is down and curled. She has a mini braid on the side of her fringe. Her bass is held with both her hands.

”Delivery For Tsurumaki-san” Arisa Ichigaya 3★

Untrained: She looks like she’s fussing over Kokoro, all while handing her a dancing fancy-costume Michelle felt plush-charm thing. Kokoro is beaming. Arisa wears her school uniform, and Kokoro is wearing her casual.

Trained: Arisa is rocking a purple keytar while sitting on a fancy navy blue futon in a fancy ballroom. Her hair is curly and done down normally, her bangs pinned to the side with a star clip. Her pose is similar to Lisa’s VDay 4★, but Arisa is facing forward and doing a [n~o] expression. Her keytar is lying on her, the handle grasped by her hand. Her costume is modified in which the petal-skirt is now galaxy-colored but the torso is much more rufflier with chiffon. Her mask is on the top of her head, and it’s a lavender-starry-theme.

”Fun To Attend” Tomoe Udagawa 2★

Tomoe is holding her drumsticks in one hand, her hand on her hips as she stands leaning on a staircase banister. In the other hand, she holds her red starry full mask. Her costume is a smooth, silky phoenix-themed dress, and she has a nebula-themed veil covering the skirt-section of her dress. A starry jewel necklace is around her neck.

welp i put way too much thought into this but……….. kokohina amirite

March 22, 2019 14:50:36 +0000 (UTC)

this is the lucky Thomas. hate to say this but like this post to be blessed by lucky Thomas. —— I...

this is the lucky Thomas. (hate to say this but) like this post to be blessed by lucky Thomas. —— I drew this during a geometry quiz I was dying out of worry and I ENDED UP GETTING A 100 AND MY AVERAGE RAISED TO AN A YAYAYAYAYAYYAAY

March 01, 2019 16:42:41 +0000 (UTC)



oh, new gacha? wait, new limited gacha?! and you really want that 4 star and 3 star card? don't worry, i know who can help you!

meet the limited gacha kaoru! she gonna give you unlimited luck in every limited gacha! even in events! and remember, you don't need to repost or anything, she will help you anyway!

miracle crystal kasumi

star gem kokoro

cool gem yukina

guardian aya

February 22, 2019 01:02:00 +0000 (UTC)

______________________________ SO YOU WANT TO UNLOCK MORE SIDE STORIES TO GET STARS?! I KNOW...


Meet the Cool Gem Yukina! She'll help you unlock some cool side stories to get some stars from Star Kokoro and even train some other cool cards with the help of Miracle Crystal Kasumi! No, you don't have to like or repost, because she will give you luck just by showing up!


(want an extra offering? like comment and scribscrib for some extra cool gems! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

March 22, 2019 13:38:50 +0000 (UTC)


banpa: let's make lovechilds!

craftegg: y'all want a shy mayaeve lc? yes? no? take it anyways!


January 27, 2019 00:59:57 +0000 (UTC)

aaaaaa the DV yesterday was great! I went with a few frens and we had a good time. And that one...

aaaaaa the DV yesterday was great! I went with a few frens and we had a good time.

And that one guy who fueed when Kanon Shizaki appeared? Icon.

March 21, 2019 07:56:49 +0000 (UTC)

i’m late,, : i did this v fast in the past three hours and it’s very much messy and choppy but...

i’m late,, :((

i did this v fast in the past three hours and it’s very much messy and choppy but it’s 1am where i live rn so i didn’t make it in time oof..

oh well, happy birthday to the hikawa sisters nonetheless!! they are good girls and im love them w all my heart

March 21, 2019 20:58:28 +0000 (UTC)



Hey guys! Don't worry, I haven't forgotten the Pastel Palettes artwork, but there was something more important approaching that I had to finish first.

I'm participating in another design contest and this time I made a chinese Miku design :) If you like it and maybe even want it on a shirt, then please vote for me! You can do that here: VOTE!

I appreciate anyone who helps me. :)

chinese miku closeup

March 21, 2019 14:31:11 +0000 (UTC)


So, I got bored and decided to create a possible timeline for the next couple of events up to July. This should help with your saving schedule.

Disclaimer: This might not be 100% accurate. Blossoming in Largo throws a lot off(7-day periods, 2-day hiatuses, BiL has a 9-day period), but I think this is something that works. Let me know if you guys figure anything out.

Let’s Go! Sunset Adventure: March 20 - 27

2 days later

Backstage Pass: March 29 - April 5

2 days later

Blossoming in Largo: April 7 - 16

2 days later

Burning Bushido: April 18 - 25

2 days later

Fluffy Character Championship: April 27 - May 4

2 days later

Double Rainbow: May 6 - 13

2 days later

Girls Anthology: May 15 - 22

2 days later

Neo-Aspect: May 24 - 31

2 days later

Beatin’ in the Rain: June 2 - 9

2 days later

Cursed Well: June 11 - 18

2 days later

Mou Ichido Luminous: June 20 - 27

2 days later

Separated at the Park: June 29 - July 6

Hope this helped!! :)

January 07, 2019 05:37:28 +0000 (UTC)


appreciation post for y'all / the banpa community at large bc theres very few things i love more than laughing, like i'm the type of person that cant finish a joke bc im laughing too hard tryig to tell it. and fam u guys got me busting up sometimes so i just wanna celebrate some favorite moments of mine that i experienced thanks to u guys

  • iSoH just in general oh my gosh?? this dude has my sides splitting sometimes like bro ur sense of humor is so dry and ur comments especially have me howling like an organic stag beetle thank yyou for making me laugh so much i love reading everything u post

  • allicat one time roasted me for being skinny bc i was pocking on her an d i just ?? IT WAS FNNY BC ALLI IS LIKE A SWEET FAIRY AND U DONT EXPECT HER TO STAB UR EYEBALL SUDdenlY Jjsjdshg she said i would snap in half if i tried to pick up her pot of gold, she rly got me and ive been afraid to pick on her ever since

  • one time i made a post talking about short ppl and leprechauns or something and pern was like "you'd think leprechauns would share their gold w/ me bc we're the same height but noooooo" i coULD NOT STOP LAUGHING AT THAT LIKE . ITS ONE THING TO PICK ON SMOL PPL BUT WHEN THEY STRT ROASTING THEMSELVES W/ UR JOKES THATS HOW U KNOW UR A VILLAIN HDFKG

  • tsubame's post about the rise and fall of bushido dad. i was screaming bc my bandorisona looked so sad and compressed as a smol?? i literally started coughing from gow hard that made me laugh phh my gosh what the HEKC

  • i asked ambi if she would shhow me her bandorisona ajd she drew a magnicifcent bandorisona drawing of her flexing her abundantly bulging muscles and ive mever felt so simultaneously intimidated and enchanted by a woman before i'mm like [YODELING IN HIEROGLYPHICS W/ BRITISH ACCENT]

  • one time nija told me that she played duck hunt in smash 4 and i got so triggered and started roasting everyhting in the vicinity, and shes just like "dude, did a duck hunt main kill your family or something?" jHSJKS MY STOMAHCB HURts I DIDNT WNANT TO LAUGH AT THAT ONE

oh my goodness there sso many more moments i could mention but basically u guys make me laugh hella hard and i enjoy every single second i spend on this site thabk u fam <3