May 10, 2018 12:34:58 +0000 (UTC)


I just realized that some of my favorite girls are the really fucking dumb ones. I'm just attracted to absolute morons I love it.

May 09, 2018 04:17:05 +0000 (UTC)


Unpopular opinions

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May 10, 2018 20:40:28 +0000 (UTC)



All these unpopular opinions are giving this site a really bad mood, so I'm gonna start another apreciation post for PoPiPa (I alredy did one which was suposed to be an unpopular opinion).

Since last time I talked about the characters, this time I am going to talk about the songs. Unfortunatelly, PoPiPa's songs are generally the least popular out of all bands, which is a shame because I think they are amazing. There are a lot of different songs that are all really good. I'm gonna list some of them here.

-Tokimeki expeiece!: The opening from the BanG Dream! anime and the title screen song, one that everyone should know. The song has a really cool yet kinda cheerful feel for me. It's a song that makes me feel like something good is about to start, that thing being obviously BanG Dream! I really like it because for me it is the song that represents PoPiPa, and it's really good, yet underapreciated.

-Poppin' Shuffle: This song is probably the most cheerful song PoPiPa has, and it is a song that always lifts my mood. It is quite fast paced and is really catchy once you listen to it multiple times.

-STAR BEAT! Hoshi no Kodou: This is the first song to be performed by all 5 members of PoPiPa together. It is a rather calm song compared to other PoPiPa songs, that still has a cheerful feel to it. Something that makes this song special for me is that it always makes me think about Saaya and for me it represents her.

-TearDrops: this is probably one of, if not PoPiPa's most popular songs, and honestly, I can see why. This is one of, what I call, cooler songs from PoPiPa, and probably my favourite song in all of Bandori. The gutar is really good and just makes the song better. The lyrics talk about following your dreams without giving up and crying when you fail. This really represents Kasumi, since she's always following her goal without giving up. Even if she smoetimes had ups and downs, she never gives up. It just sounds perfect and has really good lyrics.

-Mae e Susume: What I like the most about this song, is that everyone has solos and they all sing alone, which lets us apreciate everyone's voices, and it makes me realize that everyone has an amazing voice. I also liked a little detail in the anime, whic was that the first time they performed the song to be able to perform in SPACE, and fail, you can tell that there is something wrong with the song and isn't perfected.

-Time Lapse: This song hasn't been released in the WW server yet, so some people might not know this,or the following songs. Time lapse is another one of these cooler songs. I especially like the start and end of the song, which don't have any instruments, and the parts where everyone sings "Oh oh... Time Lapse Starry Sky", since it adds really nice feel to the song.

-Hachigatsu no If: This is a song that came from the BanG Dream! OVA, and what I especially like abut it is how calm it is, and the fact that it is a duet beetween Kasumi and Saaya. i really love Saaya's voice and the fact thta she has a song where she sings with kasumi is really great.

-Light Delight: I only listened to this song recientlly and fell in love instantlly, and is a contenant for best song along with Teardrops. It starts really calmly, but as it progresses it shifts into a really powerful song,which even features 4 lines sang by everyone in PoPiPa, which, as I stated before in Mae e Sususme, is something I really love to listen to. I especially like the chorus of the song, because Kasumi's voice gets a really powerful feel there that just gives more emotion to the song.

And those are just some of the songs I really like. I could go on and on and on talkng about how much I love PoPiPa, but this would get too long, so I will just talk more when I feel like it. I hope everyone can tell how much I love this band through my posts and that you can also apreciate it.

P.S: There may be some typos in this post, and that is because I hurt my index finger, which i use to type, and I can't use it, so I have to get used to type with different fingers. I hope you can forgive my typos, and if you find one, you can feel free to tell me in the comments.

May 08, 2018 23:28:30 +0000 (UTC)


unpopular opinions

  • tomoe is One Dynamite Gal and i'm surprised she isn't more popular?? it was a shock to find out she wasn't at least in the top 10
  • poly poppin'party is real folks
  • yukina/lisa is my bandori otp and maybe i'm not looking in the right places but i'm surprised i can't find any fics of them? i've heard it's a fairly popular ship, but then again i've heard it's tough to find bandori fics in general so...maybe i should try making some myself? haha
  • it took me a while to get used to eve and rimi's voices, they're super high-pitched and they irked me at first (they're such sweet girls though so i couldn't totally hate them)
  • i understand where the people who dislike arisa are coming from? but i haven't had the same experience haha you can tell especially in the multi lives that arisa is just a really big nerd who doesn't know how to interact with people--i mean, just look at how tenderly she says saya's name, or how flustered she gets when she interacts with anyone from any of the other bands! i just see her as a really big dork lol
  • while they've grown on me lately, hina and chisato are near the bottom of my faves list because their behavior just really bugs me sometimes. hina may annoy me with her excessive bluntness but at least she's honest. i don't care for how incredibly selfish and rude chisato can be towards others, especially kaoru and aya. i'm probably just taking things a bit too personally in that regard though, since she tends to remind me of girls who were horrible to me growing up, and like i said earlier, she gets really good character development in the pastel*palettes band story which makes me not dislike her so much
April 27, 2018 03:11:44 +0000 (UTC)


hello im quack and i love bandori because it takes less space on my phone comparing to other mobile games!

now im in too deep

May 10, 2018 22:53:19 +0000 (UTC)

It's Kanon's birthday and I needed references when drawing so I

It's Kanon's birthday and I needed references when drawing so I

April 27, 2018 09:37:58 +0000 (UTC)


Hi everybody! My name is Sabrina, but everyone call me Syren~ I'm 21 years old and I'm from Italy✩✩✩ I know Bandori since last year, but I never played it before, so I start it when the eng server came out (ര̀ᴗര́)و ̑̑ My best girls are Tomoe, Kaoru and Saaya ♡ I love them so much, so I hope to collect ALL their cards o(≧∇≦o) See ya ( ¯ ³¯)♡

May 09, 2018 18:49:06 +0000 (UTC)


popipa are the best and if you don’t like them you’re weak

May 10, 2018 05:38:24 +0000 (UTC)




title of image

May 10, 2018 14:46:31 +0000 (UTC)

Time to Revenge

ps.Don't believe me it does not correspond to the event story XD

Time to Revenge

ps.Don't believe me it does not correspond to the event story XD