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December 17, 2018 06:54:40 +0000 (UTC)


fam can we talkk about something. i need a moment

so in being part of this (i think) predominately not-male community that is banpa, and also seeing some very interesting in-game bandori usernames, i have been discovering some things that i dont think i would know about otherwise

one of the biggest things that y'all girls are capable of, that many of us guys lack, is saying the darndest stuff when speaking of someone attractive

y'all on a different wavelength with it. if u know about straightwhiteboystexting then you know the extent of guys' creativity, which y'all handily surpass. step on me yukina. gouge my eyes out kaoru. elbow me in the thorax saya. push me off a bridge tomo-chin. choke me with some pringles chips hagumi. spray me with pesticides marina-san. i just saw pern talking about being ok w/ getting body slammed. one time i added someone in-game and their comment was telling sayo to literally gore them

y'alL gOT ME ROLLING WITH THIS STUFF I SWEAR OK HERES THHE THING. y'all dont even care about trying to spit game or sounding clever / witty with your comments like dudes try to,,. it's just straight up violence and im crakcing up thinking abotu it omg

its crazy fam,, i dont even know how to think anymore. i am bugging!!! ya'll messed me up now. like, if i see a cute girl, i would've normally thought "oh wow what a cool beanwf"

but now im gonna be aware of the fact that, if she finds me attractive, theres a possibility that she like. wants me to grab her, climb a pole and jump off w/ her into a flying double bakc flip suppress ?? or since im tall like, , she might secretly want me to get some 5-inch heels and wlk across her backk/ i try to shake her hand and shes just waiting to get stone cold stunna'd ? y'all are creatively violent at your own expense and this is shocking to my guy mind

i dont kno w what to say. i thought i understood girls p well. i used to think they liked talking and sharing feelings but if we're being honest really y'all just wanna be seismic tossed into a volcano like magmar . between guys and girls' approaches tho, i woudl rather someone tell me to step on them in some high heels as opposed to getting catcalled so,, u ppl keep doing u i just wanna say i appreciate the creativity, i am inspired to step myself up too.

next time a girl compliments my appearance ill say "thanks, and you have mighty arms. you appear as though you could, and in fact, you should, beat me over the head with a fire extinguisher. after first setting me on fire of course"

edit: you guus are killing me in the comments. i feel like im being inducted into a secret girl society , few bois will ever get this privilege. i think im rly learning lady lingo out here,, peep this pick up lines ive developed thanks to y'all

"heu girl. are u a cat? because id like for you to give me a severe pet allergy reaction and cause me to suffocate"

"ayy lil mama. is it getting hot in here, or are you planning to cook me in an industrial oven? melt my flesh "

"what it do booboo. is that a baseball bat in your pocket or are you just gonna beat me to a bloody pulp with your bare hands"

" hahaaaa whats poppin homegirl. im out here looking like a lego block feel me hAAAAaaH u finna step on me OR NAH CHICK"

"did it hurt when u fell from heaven? i hope not. now plesse fall from heaven again but land on my left kneecap so that it ceases to exist in the 3rd dimension"

December 27, 2018 14:03:36 +0000 (UTC)


Its 27/12 in my country so...

Happy Birthday to our cute little pink haired vocalist Maruyama Aya!

She's not best girl but I love you too Aya~
December 05, 2018 15:02:40 +0000 (UTC)


AND NOW. introducing the rest of the members of SINGLE WING!

Because nobody else wanted to join my band. Q_Q oh well.

Vocalist OC:
Name: Aina Koiru.
CV/Seiyuu: Asami seto
Band: Single Wing.
Role: Vocals
Age: 17
Birthday&Zodiac: 9th jan/ Capricorn.
Height: 162.
Appearance: Aina has her hair colored dark blonde. it can be considered quite frequently a light brown hair. and she has soft green eyes. Fairly similar to the Hikawas bit a little bit darker. she is considerably taller than most of the girls her class. and she has fairly avarage stature. though she can compete with Hagumi over sprints.

Attire: Aina tends to go quite on the elegant and feminine style. Aina coming from a family with about the same wealth as the Tsurumakis. but comparing to Kokoro. she loves to work on her own. and not use her agents or servants.
You'd likely to see her wearing a frilly buttoned shirt. and an elegant skirt with a unique twist. and she's nearly always wearing a type of overknee stockings. in the winter she's more reserved and wearing a warm blue sweater with no unique features. but similarly to Emiri wears the same choker with the single angelic wing.
Stage outfit: Onstage Aina keeps the same as her mates. going with a dual layer skirt that dazzles the watchers. an inner short skirt covered with exteremely short pants underneath and an angelic styled outer skirt that completely reveals her legs. on top it's the same shirt as Emiri. but her sleeves are two detached sleeves. (like roselia's) colored white with some angelic theme. her temporary tattoo is on the side shoulder.
Instrument: Aina as a vocalist does not use any instrument.
School: Hanasakigawa high, second year. 2B.
Personality: Fairly cheery girl. with the will to pull everyone for an awestrucking singing. her band's direct rival is Roselia. so she and Yukina are true rivals. Outside the band she's really charismatic and interesting. Background: The person that started Single wing band. her wish to become the top of the top often clashes with Roselia. and the two fight constantly.
Favourite food: steamed barbeque
Least fav food: sea cucumbers
Hobby: Gaming, and drawing art.
Typical quotes: "There's no way we will let Roselia to bypass us!"
"Jeez, Saira. you need to be more serious about this!"
"Dang that was good. but still not enough!"
"Kanon is one of my best friends. I love hanging with her."
"I'm a hardcore gamer. besides singing I really love playing. eheh I know Rinko and ako are playing too. so we're frequently online."

Single wing's drummer: Name: Eria Sakine.
CV/Seiyuu: Haruka Tomatsu.
Band: Single Wing.
Role: Drummer.
Age: 17
Birthday&Zodiac: 9 th March/Pisces .
Height: 156 cm.
Appearance: Eria may look younger than she is for her age. but nothing can be hidden from Saira's honey eyes and purple hair. (brighter than kaoru, Darker than Ako). she IS blesses with fairly large breasts. little bit smaller than hii-chan.

Attire: You'd quite frequently see Eria in a typical sun dress colored yellow. with a cropped hoodie over it. colored green. you'll see her wearing sneakers in a way it matches her style. as for winter attire. her femininity really goes out with a long and slightly frilly warm dress with a kerchief around her neck. like Emiri and Aina. Saira carries in the winter the same choker as the others.
Stage outfit: As the band's drummer. Eria tends to go quite less restricting as the other two. she carries two wristbraces colored white. with some craving over it. and the same shirt as the other. as for the bottom. it's a blueish pants with some elements of her band.
Instrument: Eria uses the Tama Superstar Hyper-Drive
School: Haneoka high, second year. 2A.
Personality: Teasy girl with a heart'o'gold. and the best friend of Moca aside of Ran. she will do everything for her friends. and her weird way to cheer them up is to tease them.
Background: The second person to join Single wing. with Emiri afterwards. her unique teases put her band the same rank area as Roselias.
Favourite food: Buns. all kind of buns.
Least fav food: extremely sweet stuff.
Hobby: Designing the outfits of the band. reading books.
Typical quotes: "we couldn't reach were we are without me~"
"I designed the outfits! Ain't I a genius?"
"We can do better than that, were you sleeping?!"
"it's munching time with Moca~"
"Fufu, Aina really needs to take stuff more lightly~ ♪"

Silver wing's guitarist:
Name: Linor Naturaii.
CV/Seiyuu: Aina Aiba.
Band: Single Wing.
Role: Guitarist.
Age: 16
Birthday&Zodiac: 7th December (Saggitarius).
Height: 165cm.
Appearance: Linor is the tallest of the group. but her silver-blue eyes are stunning. and she has soft Brown hair. moderately sized breasts but excellent figure.

Attire: As a girl that is half israeli half japanese. her outfit is VERY western and modern. you'll likely see her with short tees and jeans. with classic short boots. In the winter she tends to go a bit more japanese. and try out thigh highs with cute skirts and offshoulder shirts that warm her.
Stage outfit: Her outfit consists of a temporary tattoo of an angelic wing near her clavicle, partially hidden under a sleeveless one shoulderstrap shirt with a zipper, colored black, she tends like Aina to have her sleeves even. so it's two detached sleeves tight and comfy. as for her bottoms. it's very similar to Emiri with some variations.
Instrument: Linor goes with Gibson SG standard HP.
Scool: Linor studies at Haneoka. 2B class.
Personality: Shy and modest. Linor is the unsung hero of the group. she tends to be rarely speaking. (kinda like Rinko) but she is REALLY passionate about her guitar and music creation. she is often the one who makes the band's videos.
Background: As SW needed someone to to play their guitar. Aina saw Linor on her way as she was back from her practice in the solo studio. before even noticing. Linor became a member of the band.
Favourite food: Hamburgers.
Least fav: Any food with pork.
Hobby: Crosswords, fashion sometimes.
"I... Just love these moments I can play with my guitar..."
"I am the videomaster of the band. fufu"
"I can get really flustered if something surprised me. don't do it"
"I used to play alone. Single wing are really heartwarming!"
"Cats are my fav. I got 3 cats in my house"

SilverWing's Keyboardist:
Name: Umi Tsuruki
CV/Seiyuu: Ayaka Ohashi
Band: Single Wing.
Role: Keyboardist
Age: 17
Birthday&Zodiac: 25th dec (capricorn. And yes. She's a christmas girl)
Height: 158cm
Appearance: she takes on chisato's hair color' platinum blonde, and gorgeous sea blue eyes. Her name derives from her eye color.

Attire: tomboy yet feminine, Umi goes with wearing a lot of hoodies in her life, but mixed with a cute skirt. Same goes for winter with a warming figure. Stage outfit: Silver wing's style doesn't skip on umi too. And she keeps the same shirt as Emiri. And Aina's sleeves. She goes for a slightly gothic styled white skirt with a gorgeous pattern in thigh highs matched.
Instrument: Umi uses Roland A500 pro custom made. School: Hanasakigawa high, second year. 2A.
Personality: hardworking and Diligent. Umi runs the student council and the girl that stops kasumi from doing any crazy mistakes while at school. She is very reliable and responsible. Excellent and talented keyboardist. Background: the only non yamabuki baker that works as a cashier in Yamabuki bakery. Excellent friend of saaya. She was the one that recommended Saaya to leave ChiSPA if she felt bad in it. Saira pulled her in when she heard her playing in the train station. Favourite food: Sushi
Least fav food: nothing too weird. Hobby: creating the melody for SW. General cheerer. Typical quotes:
"I work together with Saaya. It's Cool"
"all the melodies of Single wind are my creation"
"saira, and Moca visit a lot. I should give thema VIP"
"I tend to say this a lot: but being kind to others is like a mirror, people will always return the favor"
"people often think I am european because of my looks. Fufu little do they know~"
"Me and my keyboard are bff. We do amazing music together"

Expect also an image sometime of the band!

feel free to comment. uwu
December 25, 2018 08:50:11 +0000 (UTC)

Appreciation post for Eve Wakamiya So i will talk about our bushido master Eve Wakamiya. What i...

Appreciation post for Eve Wakamiya

So i will talk about our bushido master Eve Wakamiya. What i think about Eve the moment i saw her is that she is really Kind, Cheerful, Beautiful, Sweet, Friendly and Polite. I think Eve's position in Pastel*Pallets is really important because she is the Cheerful and Honest person.

Why you should appreciate Eve more:

  • She has an amazing voice.
  • Her passion in Bushido and Japanese culture is really cute.
  • Her overall personality is really good and precious.
  • How hard She practice for Her piano.
  • How amazing and Pure her cards are.
  • How She played her Piano.
  • She is really Humble and Kind hearted.
  • How She always hugs people is adorable.
  • Eve always tried her best to think positively and be Happy.

I really Love Eve and i hope you loved Her as much as i do, if you wan't to say anything good or positive about Eve fell free to write it and remember because this is an appreciation post please don't say anything mean or negative.

Have a Bushido day Everyone!

December 26, 2018 23:16:13 +0000 (UTC)

This is literally...

This is literally me:


I’m crying right now


Also Happy Birthday Aya, tell Aimi that this is a lovely gift for your seiyyu

And tell her I’m sorry for missing her birthday from yesterday
May 25, 2018 01:42:42 +0000 (UTC)


before april 2018

me: i love sif, so much, honoka (MY WAIFU AND BEST GIRL!!) appeared on my screen telling me to scout and i did and i solo'd valentine's mari UR and OMG HONK IS TOTALLY GOD CONFIRMED. also i finally FC'd nicopuri EX and my GOD that was a trip. and also i did a step up for μ's 2nd years and prayed for a honoka UR and sif delivered IN THE FORM OF HER GODDAMN BROKEN NECK INITIAL but then i did another scout praying for china dress koto but got devil umi which is totally fine since i lovelovelove umi-chan desu and also have i mentioned daydream warrior is the bop of the century omg i've loved it since the preview came out also GNGK is severely underrated and a masterpiece and imo bibi kinda sucks except for the cutie panther single bc natsu owaranaide saved their asses from 6th place on subunits list taking 5th instead while cyaron takes 6th i love cyaron since chika and you and ruby are all top 5 and i love their characters and voices but besides yozora the music just doesn't sound good to me idfk. also can we talk about how deep and complex characters honoka, kotori, hanayo, nico, chika, yoshiko, mari and ruby are? well like all the characters are really deep and complex, except for maybe umi which is a fucking shame considering she had a lot of potential to be and i still love the heck outta that girl despite her not getting as much development as i'd hoped for. hanamaru also didn't live up to my s2 expectations but the manga and s1 really did enough for her imo, while they did nothing for ruby and lookie here she got a whole s2 arc. anyways i'm crocheting a blanket with little pixel designs of the lovelive characters because i love sif oh and i forgot, my honoka ita bag is complete and my naka-kon lineup consists solely of lovelive cosplays because what else is even relevant at this point and--

friend: yeah, ur so right, but like, did u hear that bandori is getting an EN release? i've never played but it looks fun :)

me: i might give it a shot seems boring tho idk, the show was a shit excuse for an anime idk

me now

me: i love bang dream girls band party, so much, every time kaoru (MY WAIFU AND BEST GIRL!!) appears on my screen or anything i feel a smile creep up my lips OH MY GOD. also i got her initial 3 star and then i saved for her phantom thief 3 star and it came home first pull along with a dupe 4 star saaya which i should have been disappointed about but oh my god??? baby came home???? kaoru is such a fake top i love it i wanna call HER little kitten to see how she reacts and have an ultimate Battle of the Baes to see who is the ultimate prince, me or her and oh ye i 4got am i the only one who prefers tsugutomo to tomohima? i like tomohima and all but the way himari is like "if only u were a guy..." it just wouldn't be healthy for tomoe yknow??? also sayohina are such a realistic and complex pair of sisters, sayo seemed super boring to me at first, like a mean-ass dia but now i see how relatable she is it's amazing!!! i can't wait for kaoru's first 4 star ahhh but my little sister got into the game and solo'd away 5000 gems UGH i hATE my lIFE there goes 5000 gems with only a rinko initial 3 star to show for it not that i don't like rinko she was one of the first girls i liked in the game it's just that i was saving for kaoru yknow and it was all solo'd away just like that i really need an app locker i guess or to get my own ipad. i finally FC'd guren no yumiya on hard and that isn't a big achievement i know but to me it was and soon i was FCing EX songs and i can't clear most 25 star difficulty songs yet but i'm getting there i promise. i love hello happy world character interactions so much also saaya and tomoe make such a strong drumming brotp i swear. also i want rimi and lisa to be like best friends, i know it's a weird combo but i feel like they'd be really good for each other and lisa deserves the validation and friendship of someone who actually realizes her worth like rimi would because yukilisa can be nice but yknow lisa is someone who needs that constant validation for her self-confidence's sake and the relationship is SOOOO one-sided she's always helping yukina and yukina does nothing for her (if you're actually reading all of this comment "bless" somewhere in your comment in the comments section c:) and you could argue that "just being there for yukina" makes lisa happy enough but dOES iT???? also i actually really like popipa, kasumi's voice is so satisfying and malleable to fit the needs of any song i could listen to it all day long did i mention that kaoru is my wife oh yeah and

friend: played lovelive lately? the new event is so much fun. also, your waifu isn't honoka anymore? hasn't honoka been your waifu for 3 years? more than half the amount of time you've been obsessed with lovelive?

me: ...

me: ...lovelive? whomst? honoka? what? not ringing a bell srry

December 26, 2018 16:13:46 +0000 (UTC)


I.. actually really want to get into SIF again because I love these girls sm but with the luck I've been having in Bandori I know I'd just be completely disappointed with the stuff I'd get there oof

December 18, 2018 03:11:21 +0000 (UTC)


it's less than two weeks until dreamfes, so i'm going to start asking for good luck now. i'll have 25k stars by then, and aya and sayo are my best girls. help ;0;

December 27, 2018 03:08:48 +0000 (UTC)