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I think the low-quality chaos that makes up the photo below tells you a bit about me already...

i appear

hello fellow bangdreamer! just your friendly (abeit awkward >>) person on the internet!

I don't know how to create flashy, interesting profiles just yet but I'm working on that-

we need trained misaki!

Yukina's #1 Fan (I love her so much!!) and also a huge fan of AiAi (and Roselia in general, both 3-D and 2-D). Every band is best band but Roselia is just on another level for me both because it's the band that introduced me to Bandori, also because this band just touched my heart... same with characters, I love all bandori girls (they're all really awesome in their own way!)

I like a lot of things but you can catch me screaming about Genshin Impact, fangirling over Revue Starlight, and excitedly waiting for the EN release of D4DJ (yet another game to trap me in Bushiroad/Gacha hell lol). I keep up with anime too, but don't watch it all the time. Demon Slayer, Bloom Into You, Wonder Egg Priority, A Place Further Than The Universe, all those and more. Outside of fandoms and the likes, writing is my main hobby (though I can still get much better at it) and reading. So. much. reading :p. During summer break I'm gonna try and pick up the keyboard and learn Japanese too! Or maybe acoustic guitar...

Aaaaa I wish if I had more time for my passions but when you've got parents who get disappointed at A-s... rip. Grades, yayay. I'm 13 almost 14 but don't worry, as messy as I might seem I'm not immature by any means.

catch me on Ao3 for some Bandori/Genshin fanfic (same username, Chutaku)

If you wanna play a game together or tier, or just chat about anything, feel more than welcome to hit me up at discord!

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