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February 12, 2019 19:13:10 +0000 (UTC)


Bandori! 30 Day Challenge

Day 1/30: Favourite band

Credit for the challenge goes to okusawamiikun

Hi! I've never posted on activities before, but I felt like this challenge would be a good place to start. So here goes with day 1!


My favourite band is Afterglow! I love them so so so much. I think the fact that they're childhood friends is so adorable, and I love their whole dynamic. I would die— I mean, go broke for them any day.

February 15, 2019 04:24:00 +0000 (UTC)

I know it’s almost over but happy Valentine’s Day! Spent the last couple of hours on this Hina cuz I...

I know it’s almost over but happy Valentine’s Day! Spent the last couple of hours on this Hina cuz I didn’t know who I wanted to draw until like a few hours ago :P Hope you all had an okay day today!

February 15, 2019 18:08:08 +0000 (UTC)


Bandori! 30 Day Challenge

Day 4/30: Favourite Afterglow character

Credit for the challenge goes to okusawamiikun

Image Image

Where do I start? Not only is Himari my favourite Afterglow member, she's also my best girl overall. The reason I started playing Bandori was because I saw her initial 3★ and thought she was extremely cute and just knew I had to play for her. Funnily enough, the featured 4★ when I started playing JP was her spoopy 4★. I tried rerolling a bunch of times to get her but ended up settling for nurse Tomoe as my reroll luck was awful (this was back in August 2017 when the 4★ rates were still 1.5% orz). After learning more about Himari, I couldn't help but love her more and more. I love how kind she is, how much she loves her friends and is always there for them, how bubbly she is, the fact that she's a bit of a cry-baby (...okay, she's a big one but its adorable), how fashionable she is (I want her to be my stylist), her cheesy love for Kaoru, how good of a leader she is (even if she isn't the best mood reader at times, its okay!!!! You're doing amazing sweetie!!!!!), how she likes to rant to Tsugu, her love for cake and sweets, how easily teased she is by Moca, how absolutely adorable she is... I JUST REALLY LOVE HER. She makes me so so so so happy and I'm really thankful to have a character to love as much as I love her. Anyone who lewds her will get a backhand from me.

I have a few pieces of merch of her too (I have a thing for rubber straps as you can see), but I'm trying to cut down on my merch spending (forgive me Himari ;_;). I can't wait for her school uniform figure to be released though, and I'll definitely be the first in line to buy it ;~)

Even though she often refuses to come home, I'll never stop loving her and saving all my stars for her. EN has really ended me with pushing up her Persona 4★ and then having her white day 3★ immediately after. I may not have been able to gather much in such a short amount of time (thanks to New Years DreamFes) but I'm praying they make it home to me safe and sound (I'm desperate ;_;)

Himari, please never stop smiling ♡

wow this was so cheesy I'm embarrassed
February 15, 2019 21:59:42 +0000 (UTC)


hi! i hope you're well (a greeting is important to me, okay!!!!)!

a lot of my friends say they don't get why the untrained art for the P5 collab cards is so... "bad," and since it sees like a fair amount of people here share this opinion, i'd like to go into why i believe the cards look so "plain jane" so-to-speak. i'll be using Tomoe's card as reference because i'm biased as heckle, so if you need to look at it a few times while you read this, keep it open in a tab!

please keep in mind that i don't much care for persona 5 personally (i'm sorry); i just want to help people understand why the untrained designs are likely the way they are.

this analysis will have spoilers for persona 5, so i suggest not reading this until you've beaten the game or finished an lp of your choice!!! if you'd like a rec for a playthrough, i suggest omegaevolution's! it's commentary-less and excludes all the "boring" parts of persona games (confidants/grinding/preparations, etc). all the puushes will be from his videos! this post is also rather picture heavy, so all of the pictures are links instead. sorry for making you do so much work, but i didn't wanna clutter the page.

first things first, the text half. it's mimicking the calling cards and general "text" feel of a ransom note the game often uses. a good example of this without having anyone sit through a 30m+ video is the calendar. it's one of the most important parts of the game; it shows the very important passage of time. another good place to see this is the general ui when you're just bumming around or are in a non-cinematic cutscene. as you can see, the date in the top left corner and the deadline numbers on the opposite side are using this kind of mismatched text.

in the bottom "corner" of the card, we have the rest of the band in silhouettes. this mimics the party ui when in battle (except the other ladies don't have costume markings and they're in casual clothes, but i imagine it's a shout-out to this). the confidant ui also uses a sort of version of this, except it's more detailed than the party ui.

lastly, the backgrounds all have references to the respective character's All-Out-Attack catch cards! the cards were cool as is, honestly, so the fact that the untrained art even acknowledged them is pretty sweet in its own right. due to being support, though, Futaba didn't get one, so Moca's card instead has some of the runes that can be found around Futaba's initial persona. here are direct links to each character the girls cosplay in case you don't know your persona [5] well: Ran / Himari / Tomoe / Tsugu

tl;dr:/in conclusion, while i do agree the cards do look boring and not as pretty as the trained arts, i'd like everyone to keep in mind there are a lot of elements from persona 5 used to keep the spirit of the game within the collab cards. they were incredibly well thought-out and not a single element in the untrained arts is misused or misplaced at all, which is incredible quality for a mobage collab. when you compare it to granblue fantasy's persona 5 collab, bandori's is honestly a lot higher-quality and a lot (A LOT) of time, effort, and passion (and maybe love?) was put into it. any less and, even as a person who isn't fond of persona 5, i'd have been upset.

...anyway, sorry for wasting a ton of your time and i appreciate you coming to my ted talk! have a good one! :D
also haru is best girl in p5 i am not willing to fight because it is very hard to pick
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February 16, 2019 05:04:00 +0000 (UTC)

man i love challenge lives. good thing we're getting yet ANOTHER one as the persona event is...

man i love challenge lives. good thing we're getting yet ANOTHER one as the persona event is next!

these cards are all so beautiful and i wish everyone luck trying to pull them! i'm just going to hope and pray this box will come back one day so i can actually pull in it ;x; (why must all these pretty limited boxes be so close to each other craft egg...)

good luck to everyone tiering! it's time to steal some hearts!

unfortunately i couldn't find the english stamp or title assets anywhere, so this will have to do;;
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February 16, 2019 08:08:00 +0000 (UTC)


Day Six - Favourite Pastel Palettes Song

please forgive me for shuffling around the days a little ><

mou ichido lumious is just such a pretty song~~ i love the atmosphere of it and i tear up every time c':

and then there's /sailor moon pose/ SHINY MAKE UP KAGAYAKU YO HOSHIZORA WO ATSUMETE