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December 04, 2018 21:37:14 +0000 (UTC)


whats good y'all now we got the tall survey i did to look through and wow, even more beautiful scientific revelations

for the question "are u actually tall or are u just being fake, short, and nosy" a whopping 39% of ppl confessed to being fake, short, and nosy. i also added the option of "other" responses which was a mistake:

"I'm more on the verge of tollness uwu"

  • in my experience ive found that only short people ever say uwu

"[spongebob voice] I'M SHORT AND I'M PROUD"

  • she was so short that everyone died. the end

"stop being fake tall bushidad smh"

  • i dont do no fake tall baby this 100% al naturale

for the question "how do u really feel about being tall tho. like some days i just be waking up hella happy fam bc i remember that im tall", here were some of my favorite answers

"i'm gonna answer this about how short i am. and it honestly doesn't bother me like you think i'd be pissed i'm 2 inches tall but nah. aLSO YOU CALL ME A RABBIT EVEN IN A SUR-"

  • idk why but i looked up pictures of rabbits on google and startled cackling just now. u will always be a rabbit to me

"I have not felt an emotion since 1982"

  • when u get so tall that ur brain is too far from ur heart to feel anything

"i feel happy honestly that im not as smol as the people around me. imagine being unable to reach the counter (this response was made by tol girls gang)"

  • the tol girls gang is my favorite gang hello sir!!!!

"I'm not tall"

  • neither am i, who do u think ur talkin to

"being tall sucks because everyone here is short and im trapped in an endless cycle of feeling like a GIANT"

  • ur tripping lmao thats precisely what i love about being tall

"My bed's too short"

  • one of my favorite things ever is laying under a blanket and then finding that my legs are too long to be fully covered unless i curl up

"Sometimes people will ask “what can you see from up there” and I’ll say “everyone’s flaws”."

  • this is someone who actually understands how good it feels to take advantage of being tall

"i feel fear bcuz one of my friends is over a foot taller than me and i aint bout that life"

  • i know a girl at college whos 5 feet tall and her head is barely at my chest. i roast the crap out of her but its maddening bc i'm also unable to say no to her. ive given her my food, helped her w/ writing, etc. she put a charm on me or something. i think y'all more terrifying than us

"hecc, I'm happy that I'm tall but sometimes I'm not, its difficult to explain like this but sometimes i hit my head with the ceiling of my room"

  • stop jumping on ur bed u damn orangutan we gotta do that on the floor bc we're tall

"idk but it's really weird going to school bc. I feel like I'm gonna step on everyone"

  • that feeling never goes away, im in college now and still think about that sometimes

when i asked "how do u feel about smol people" i got some concerning responses:


  • my ninja that answer is terrifying lowkey

"step on me u cowardly tall ppl"

  • is this what y'all shorties are into

when asked, "gotta go that way", only 37.5% of respondents answered correctly with "u get robbed for ur pancakes"

my last question was "im still taller than all y'all lmao u wont get meeeee" which prompted some interesting results

an astounding 50% of ppl chose "i am ok w/ this" , which made me really happy tbh. i am glad that y'all accept me and my roasts. the "other" category responses tho

"just make sure the smol's don't voltron together to from the ultimate tol and you'll be fine"

  • dont give them ideas the heck is wrong with u

"if that's what you want to believe"

  • i swear some short ppl just gotta minimize everything


  • these legs dont lie booboo xoxo

"You could be 2'2" and we would never know"

  • do i need to prove my tallness bc we can go there


  • lmao fam chill i'm only 6'2". in the u.s. that means i rarely meet anyone taller than me and i can confidently call every girl hella short even if she has heels. im one of those guys that really didnt deserve to be tall, i think the phrase i hear most is "you're so annoying" on a weekly basis. its a good thing im not like 6'6" or something i would be even more obnoxious, at least theres occasionally taller guys to check me lmao

  • shout out to aoi also i will never forget pasupantartica. tol allies to the death.

alright guys thakns for doing my surveys , to all the tols out there: i love u. to all the smols: y'all wilding

December 04, 2018 23:45:44 +0000 (UTC)


didnt check banpa for a day and surveys explode i would make one but im lazy :o

December 04, 2018 14:59:46 +0000 (UTC)


i made a survey

please take it

its very important


this one is more random but please take it

highly important

edit 2: im dying at your stories, keep em coming

November 05, 2018 21:55:38 +0000 (UTC)


tbh I'm SO tired of ''nobody's best girl'' posts. not here in banpa, but in the internet in general. today I saw someone saying ''well yeah but Hagumi is nobody's best girl lmao'', and I've seen things like ''Popipa is pure trash'', ''who does even like Tsugumi lol'' or ''who was Maya again? ah yes, that girl no one likes''. And even worse, EVEN INSULTING THE SEIYUUS OR THE BANDS IN GENERAL.

guys... stop. not only it makes you look like you're a pain in the neck (trying to keep this 'mini-rant' cold), but come on. You may not like a certain character, that's fine. My worst girl it's probably Himari (I love her too! I just like the others more), but I don't go out there saying ''HIMARI UEHARA SUCKS!''. Another example, at first, I didn't like Harohapi AT ALL. But I didn't go out there ''Harohapi is shit! Hope they disband or something!''.

there's always gonna be someone who actually likes those characters/bands/seiyuus/idk whatever you're talking about. Do you think your best girl would like to know that you harass other characters/bands/etc? I don't think she would, even if they're all just fictional characters!

plus, it's pretty mean. if we can have fun, memes, and normal convos, why do we need those people acting like this?

tl;dr: don't harass other characters/bands/etc because you don't like them. you're free to say ''hmm, I don't like Roselia that much... but I respect your opinion!'' (as an example), but don't go any further. please.

November 23, 2018 02:28:06 +0000 (UTC)

Look at the turkey my mom made uwu its so good but it was 20 lbs so we're gonna have leftovers for...

Look at the turkey my mom made uwu its so good but it was 20 lbs so we're gonna have leftovers for daayyysss lol

September 08, 2018 06:00:51 +0000 (UTC)

here is a surprise gift for my ducky children uwu i was inspired by the event badges so i made one...

here is a surprise gift for my ducky children uwu i was inspired by the event badges so i made one in that kind of style. feel free to put it on your profile if you like!! 🦆🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤💕💕💕

9 duckies are using it so far uwu im happy!!

November 25, 2018 21:03:02 +0000 (UTC)


I have barely seen my ducky children lately. Where are they? WHERE ARE MY CHILDREN???


December 04, 2018 12:02:11 +0000 (UTC)

It's my birthday and also best popipa girl's birthday!! Happy birthday Otae chan here's a dumb...

It's my birthday and also best popipa girl's birthday!! Happy birthday Otae-chan here's a dumb sketch I did

December 03, 2018 20:56:13 +0000 (UTC)


what a good day holy shit,,, I got 100/100 in English (tbh there's been ages since I don't learn anything there but hey), I got the event card (this Rimi is my first event card, I'm so proud of myself) AND...



Wait, there's MORE! I got into the top 10000 and I hope I can get to 5000!