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My Introduction:

•My Favorite Games: Bandori, One Piece Treasure Cruise.
•My most hated food: Any type of seafoods.
•Liked Food: Sweets, Coffee, Cola, ect.
•Country/Location: Philippines
•Favorite Bandori Song: Determination Symphony
•Hobbies: Listening to Music.
•Hated Type People: Someone who dont practice what they preach, nuisance, those who shows care too much.
•Otaku(?): Hell no. I'd rather eat seafood than joining some cringey-assed people who talks about different types of animes all the time... literally...
Q.) Why are you not an otaku while you've already watched One Piece from episode 1 to the newest?
•Hell, is one Anime a classification for an otaku? I havent even watched bandori anime yet either.
Bandori Shippings(?): Yukina × Cats, Eve × Bushido, Tae × Occhan, Arisa × Bonsai, Arisa × Kasumi, Misaki × Michelle, Kaoru × Chisato (A.K.A Romeo & Julliet, but instead, Julliet brings a gun everytime Romeo appears.)


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