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Hi! I am Shelly.

-I do some edits

-I like to draw digitaly (I draw on my phone)

-My favorite bands (in order): Afterglow, Roselia, PastellPalettes, Poppin'Party & HelloHappy

-I rage at level 27 on Redo. A lot...a bit too much.

-I play osu! with mouse and with A and S

- I am 18...yay. ;^;

-I ♡ rice

-I did FC God Knows EX along with Paradisus-Paradoxum EX.

-My favorie members from each band gotta be:

Poppin'Party: Arisa

Roselia: Rinko

Afterglow: Tsugumi

Pastel**Palettes: Maya

HelloHappy: Kokoro


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